One Scarf, So Many Ways

Our Smitten Scarf Is So Versatile

Our best seller, it can be a beautiful pashmina, scarf, beach towel, travel rug, shoulder protector from the sun, superwoman cape, turban, sarong, picnic rug, baby wrap - and so much more... It's a versatile and stylish addition to your smitten wardrobe - looks great with our Swing Dress and Drape Cardigan especially.

Wide Smitten Merino wool scarves measure approximately 2 metres in length, and approximately 60cm (striped) to 75cm (solid colours) wide in luxuriously soft 100% merino fabric, choose from over 30 striped and solid colour options.

Striped Wide Merino Scarf

  • $139.00

Wide Merino Scarf

  • $139.00

Cable Infinity Scarf

  • $149.00