Winter Wool Knit Sweaters for Women (USLP - TBD)


We adore our Smitten lightweight merino wool layers but felt we also needed some wool knit sweaters in the Smitten collection. All our sweaters are absolutely perfect on chilly winter days, over our leggings, dresses and scoop tops, or even with your favourite jeans and boots. So warm, cosy and super stylish!

These chic winter sweaters give you both the warmth and fashion-forward style you appreciate in a comfort top. They are a good all-season choice, and the 100% merino wool knit benefits from wool's natural absorbency and durability. Wear a turtleneck folded down or unrolled to the chin for cozy comfort when it's cold outside or a versatile v-neck design - a classic choice that provides breathable comfort. The range of colors and styles provide cool choices to goes with anything in your wardrobThese warm winter knits are a fun and fashionable way to update any outfit. Get a beautiful handmade look when you choose this wool fabric.

Dress for the US winter season in a flattering winter style that feels as good as it looks. The long sleeves can be rolled up for versatility depending on the weather and the activity.

Winter Wool Knit Sweaters for Women | Made in Australia. Inspired by Nature.


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