Women's Thermal Wool Outdoor and Activewear

<p>Ready to hit your fitness goals? At Smitten Merino our active and outdoor wear has you covered! Wool is one of the best fabrics for the durability required in not only every day fitness, but also next level fitness. Our Round Neck Tops make fantastic base layers. Add to your activewear wardrobe with a pair of wool pants or wool trousers, such as our Yoga Pants or Lounge Pants - your legs will thank you! If a wool jacket is what you are after - look no further. We have a range of Zip Neck Tops and Zip Jackets in a range of fabric weights depending on your needs; lightweight, heavyweight or in between - the perfect matching thermals for women who love the feeling of soft merino wool.</p>
Our Crew T-Shirts are a fantastic merino wool shirt and can be layered under your wool sweater and wool jackets to give you extra warmth and protection against the wind. Wear bike riding and summer kayaking to keep you cool and dry. We have woollen underwear too! Perfect under your wool tights or leggings for utmost comfort. Smitten Merino outdoor and activewear will have you ready for your next morning run, Pilates class, Yoga class or gym session. Browse our range now - you won't regret it!</p>

<h3>Women's Thermal Wool Outdoor and Activewear | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.</h3>