Merino Wool Yoga Pants for Women (USLP - TBD)


Starting your new Yoga or Pilates class and aren't quite sure what to wear? Our range of wool yoga pants fit all shapes and sizes. We have merino wool Palazzo pants, merino wool Yoga pants, and wide leg pants.

Our Palazzo pants are a relaxed, yet tailored, wool style and are perfect for transitioning from your workout, to your brunch date. Our Yoga Pants are super comfy and have a wide leg to enable total movement and ease. If you are after high performance activewear, our Leggings are a must have. Durable, lightweight and made from natural fibres, they will meet your every fitness need.

Choose the right clothes to match your every activity with these great looking, comfortable yoga pants. The 100% superfine merino wool fabric results in a garment with a luxurious finish. The rich colors are sure to become a favorite in any fashionable collection and the flattering patterns are an easy way to update your wardrobe this season. Look and feel your best with warm, sophisticated and always stylish wool. Ideal for year-round use, the yoga pants are an all-season design and sure to be a hit.

Wear your favourite wool socks underneath and you will be toasty and warm. Heading straight to your next appointment - no problem! Our yoga pants are the perfect merino wool base layer.

Merino Wool Yoga Pants for Women | Made in Australia. Inspired by Nature.


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