Testimonials - Fashion

Read some of the opinions of those driving Smitten innovation & fashion.

Melinda - December, 2017 - Sydney, NSW

I just wanted to let you know that my Smitten clothing worked wonderfully well in the Northern Hemisphere winter (and that included a trip to the Arctic Circle!)

The merino wool singlet and tops I wore daily didn't need washing the entire time we were away and I found myself turning to the fleece leggings over and over again. They really did protect me from the wind and cold, even at minus five in Tromsø, Northern Norway.

Susan - December, 2017 - Sydney, NSW

For your customers info – Smitten dyes beautifully – I have sent a number of my White Smitten pieces to dye (at a professional dyer) and they came up a treat. I was going through a White Smitten stage a few years back but that didn’t work for a “food spiller” like me. Got the White Flutter Top dyed a yellow/orange shade and it goes wonderfully well over the Orange Multi Stripe Maxi Dress.

Pam - December, 2017 - Hobart, TAS

OMG! I'm stuck for the right words to express my gratitude at your exceptional Customer Service Skills and the lovely surprise I received when opening my carefully wrapped Smitten garments. It was so unexpected! THANK YOU, "to the power of infinity!"

Mary - December, 2017 - Kialla, VIC

I am very impressed by the quality if your garments and service. I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.

Delyna - November, 2017 - Cambridge, UK

Your attitude as a business is flawless and your attention to customer service impeccable. Thank you again.

Annette - November, 2017 - ACT

Just writing to say how much I am enjoying wearing my Smitten garments, not to mention the wash and wear convenience! I especially like my maxi dress which has transitioned well from winter to summer, my Mary dress and leggings. Of course my teal cardigan has been great when travelling for work and several people have asked me ‘Is that a Smitten scarf?” Who would have thought a striped scarf would attract attention. Oh, and did I say I love the comfort and style of my palazzo pants and the cowl neck long sleeved jersey top. I am proud too about wearing Australian made garments from our merino wool.

Sue - November, 2017 - Fairhaven, Victoria

I viewed your site for a number of years before l took the plunge. I have now purchased a tulip dress, 270g leggings and cotton Mimi top. I love the simplicity of your styles, vibrant colours and soft feel of the fabric. The garments are always beautifully wrapped. I have been travelling in China and the leggings have been just the thing.

Kali - November, 2017 - Sydney, NSW

Thank you very much for your beautiful clothes and your personal and efficient service, it makes such a difference to still have this experience today. As I said before, I am very impressed with Smitten Merino, and will look forward to more purchases from you in the future.

Anita - November, 2017 - Sandy Bay, Tasmania

For Winter warmth and Summer cool - there is no substitute for wool!

Esther - November, 2017 - Sheffield, Tasmania

LOVE ...... that my excitement doesn't have to wait long, to receive my new goodies!

Paul - November, 2017 - Sydney, NSW

We were down in Hobart recently and visited your new boutique. We bought some of your beautiful clothing, including my jumper. We love the gear so much that the following week we invested in more goodies! So comfortable. It feels great.

Jane - October, 2017 - Ocean Grove, Victoria

I am smitten with my new Asha Dress!!! Love the colour, fits like a glove and I look fab (no-one else will say it so I will!!!!!!!) ha ha ha

Nicole - October, 2017 - Adelaide, SA

Nicole loves our Merino Wool Scarves

…it has been my scarf, a blanket, a “jumper” when I misjudged the temperature on cold days, my “go to” for indoor air-conditioning environments and so on!!

Susan - October, 2017 - Sydney, NSW

One small carry-on piece of luggage for me… only containing Smitten pieces – light, stylish and versatile!!

Jan - September, 2017 - Canberra

I received my fab Smitten zip neck top, beautifully wrapped and all. It will be my favourite jumper. Thank you all.

I feel like ditching my current wardrobe and replacing it with all Smitten gear. However I'll just mix old and new. You are my favourite online store now. It took some searching and careful choosing to find you.

And I look forward to my tax cheque coming when I can order a fab light blue cardi!

Have a great day - I will as I'm traveling to Melbourne wearing my fab new top!

Marlene - September, 2017 - Adelaide Hills, South Australia

I just wish let you know that I'm extremely happy with my first Smitten order, although I have been a long time website watcher.

The red keyhole scarf is lovely and I have been wearing it already. I also chose the heavy weight long drape cardigan in camel. While it's a colour I would normally not wear in such a large block, hopefully I can carry it off with the right accessories. It seems the perfect item for the changing seasons, especially in the light colour. (I have had a long black cardi for a while so didn't need another, might have to upgrade to a Smitten one next year). I spoke to Carl prior to ordering due to sizing concerns and he was spot on with his advice. Thank you Carl.

I hope to be ordering again from you but in the mean time I will wear my Smitten with pride.

Monique - September, 2017 - Warrnambool, VIC

I think your business and customer service are outstanding, it is a joy to browse on your website and purchase from you. I often get asked about the lovely clothing of yours that I wear, and am delighted to direct them to your website. I hope as a result, your business is thriving.

Diana - September, 2017 - Bungendore, NSW

Smitten clothing is lovely and can be mixed and matched and everything in between - you really understand cool climate people!

Ellen - September, 2017 - Chicago, USA

I got my first date in seven years - all thanks to my new Smitten outfit!

Smitten clothing is top quality. The garments are very easy to wear; they're light yet super warm. They pack easily when...

Posted by Kristyn Harman on Monday, 28 August 2017

If I could award 10 I would! I was originally gifted a scarf that has travelled the world with me and is simply amazing....

Posted by Laura Lloyd on Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Christine - August, 2017 - New Zealand

Your kindness and wonderful service will never be forgotten and I will wear my Smitten always with love.

Sandra - August, 2017 - Bolwarra Heights, NSW

The Swing Dress is excellent & very versatile. I like to wear it as a dress with leggings & boots; or a long top over jeans; or as an under-layer, like a warm petticoat. Wearing 2 dresses together adds warmth & creates extra thickness & density so the outer fabric is not see-through. This dress is flattering & fits my short, curvy, big busted figure well; stretching where needed and still loose enough for comfort.

The Sleeveless Drape Cardigan is now my favourite item, in fact I would recommend this as a must-have purchase. It is so convenient: it folds up small enough to fit in a handbag & is that light, extra layer to keep the chill at bay. As a vest with style, I find it perfect for the office when the air-con is being contrary & it is unexpectedly cold. The Sleeveless Drape Cardi' keeps the cold off my neck, shoulders & back without the extra bulk of sleeves.

Thanks for a wonderful, practical & beautiful product - I cant wait to wear my next purchase!

Sue - August, 2017 - Utrecht, Netherlands

We have arrived in Europe and are grateful for warmer wear and long nights after Perth's rain and cold. Of course my Smitten gear accompanies me. How else could I go for 8 weeks yet stay looking fresh with mixing and matching my Smitten for new looks.

What a great product 😀👏

Belinda - August, 2017 - Midway Point, Tasmania

I would like to thank you for creating such a truly wonderful brand! I discovered one of your tops during my search for more sustainable and ethically sourced clothing and I have never looked back! Not only can I trust that you are sustainable and ethical but the fact I get to give my hard earned cash to a local business is fantastic. Your clothes are flattering and gorgeous to wear and have made my life, especially my mornings so much simpler! As a single mum of two kids with a full time job, trust me that is a total life saver!! As a teacher you have made school yard duties so beautifully warm and stylish.

Thank you for the wonderful customer service online and at Salamanca! I am forever a loyal Smitten customer and if you ask my friends, I won't be quiet about how awesome you are!

Jennifer - August, 2017 - Baxter, Victoria

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived today. What great service!! Love the garments and looking forward to some more.

Mary - July, 2017 - Geraldton, Western Australia

I would just like to let you know when in Hobart at Easter time I purchased a black classic poncho, knowing that I was going overseas in a few weeks.

It was wonderful as it fitted in my handbag and where ever I went the poncho went. I also found it very handy on my flights. Thank you.

Kirana - June, 2017 - Balmain, New South Wales

I am writing to thank you for the very beautiful items in my order and especially for the handwritten thank you note and the beanie, it made me smile lots. A very beautiful parcel to receive.

Christine - June, 2017 - Alice Springs, Northern Territory

Thanks so much for all the help on the phone and all the measuring of dresses and seam lines – so much appreciated, when I can’t try things on!

I love all my Smitten and honestly never thought I would have purchased so much as I don’t buy any other clothing brand online, and have never spent a lot of money on clothes, but wearing your wool clothes makes me happy and I love that everything’s made in Australia, that you are a small family business, and your wonderful customer service!

Kari - May, 2017 - Brisbane, Queensland

I wanted to say a huge thank you for your wonderful service and kind gesture of the birthday card.

I absolutely love my poncho and have worn it already. You and the Smitten team are an absolute delight to deal with and I will definitely be purchasing more beautiful clothes.

Jo - May, 2017 - Melbourne, Victoria

I absolutely love everything I bought. And Holly was right... the leggings are brilliant. I only decided to get them last minute and I have barely been out of them since. I'm not sure how I have made it through Melbourne winters without your products before this.

Miranda - May, 2017 - Ulverstone, Tasmania

Thank you
Thank you
Thank you

You are amazing

So so happy with my recent parcel full of soft warm garments and to receive a free treat makes it super special

Arrived so quickly and beautifully presented
My favorite shopping
Thank you all

Nicole - May, 2017 - Forestville, New South Wales

I was so excited to receive my wool long coat in the mail today, also delighted with the powder blue scarf as a gift. I expect lots of people may ask where I bought my coat from.

Kerrin - May, 2017 - Hurstbridge, Victoria

I have just received my Carrie Dress and I absolutely love it.

Your size guide is very helpful. I am usually a size 8 dress but using your guide I purchased a size 10 and it fits beautifully, has a lovely feel (not scratchy at all!) and is a perfect length falling below the knee. The colour is gorgeous and fairly close to what is depicted on the web site. It looks very elegant with heels or a more casual look with flats or ankle boots.

Thank you for the information on how to care for merino wool. I have a lot of merino wool clothing and have had issues with moths. I did not know lavender oil was the best solution having tried many other options. I will definitely opt to seal my wool in plastic containers now especially after winter has passed.

I will definitely be purchasing more clothing from you and thank you again.

Claire - April, 2017 - Bilgola, New South Wales

A huge thankyou for your astoundingly speedy delivery of my order - the very fine Lana Dress will layer perfectly with my Smitten cardigans and your generous gift of a wide grey scarf finishes off an edgy monochrome outfit!

Smitten is my go to label for high quality fine fashion, ethically made and a joy to wear!

Rachel - April, 2017 - Port Sorell, Tasmania

Just opened my parcel from you - it was one of the best parcels I’ve ever opened!!! Smells divine, beautifully wrapped, lovely hand written note on the little dog card (and you a supporting a wonderful Tas photographer)… AND a gift scarf that is truly exquisite in one of my favourite Smitten colours… plus the clothes I ordered which are all absolutely wonderful.

You do Tassie proud!!

I hope I can come down for a styling session sometime soonish.

Many thanks for such a wonderful experience, such a generous gift and beautiful clothes and for doing it all here in Tasmania. So thrilled!

Helen - April, 2017 - Burwood, New South Wales

I have been meaning to write for sometime to tell you how much I love your products. I first came across them in August 2015 when I had to come to Hobart for work. I tried on two Smitten dresses, couldn't decide which one to buy and so I bought both. They have become my favourite dresses.

Since then I have bought quite a few products directly from you and have been very pleased with them. Last year in September, my husband and I went to visit friends in Orkney at the north of Scotland. I bought a couple of tops for him, and leggings, a top and your fantastic vest for myself. Orkney is a very windswept place - our Smitten clothing was perfect! George wore his tops every day, and we were able to wash them and have them dry overnight. In the blustery winds of Orkney, the tops and vest were perfect to wear under our raincoats (the rain blows sideways in Orkney).

In February this year, we went for two weeks to the South Island of New Zealand - although officially summer, it was very cool and again, I was pleased that I had packed my vest which I wore every morning in the cold.

I am forever raving about your products to my daughter. She loves flowing cardigans and simple but stylish tops, so I bought her a cardigan and top for her birthday which is today. I know she will love them. When you sent the parcel, you included a grey beanie and I gave it to her before she left for a trip to Japan - she said she wore it almost every day.

Like you, I have a commitment to supporting good quality clothing made in Australia. Keep up the good work!!

Wanita - April, 2017 - Midway Point, Tasmania

I absolutely love your product which is why I have purchased so much of it for quite a few years now. I find it so comfortable and easy to wear that rarely do I buy clothes that aren't Smitten Merino! I am slightly addicted :) The fact that Smitten is a Tassie-owned family business adds to my satisfaction. Thank you for looking after your VIPs, the personal touch goes a long way. The only problem I have is deciding which item to order next! Heartfelt thanks to all of your team.

Margot - April, 2017 - Sydney, New South Wales

I just received my Black Tube Skirt and I LOVE it! Have put it on and it will definitely be coming out to dinner with me tonight. I grew up in the country and am a passionate supporter of Australian wool. Thank you so much, I can tell this will be a wardrobe staple.

Kerryn - April, 2017 - Hamilton, South Australia

My order was delivered today and with a huge smile on my face I am happy to tell you that… I am Smitten - Fabulous product, thank you very much!!

Anne - April, 2017 - Bowral, New South Wales

I have just received my most recent order and wanted to tell you how delighted I am with everything. The speed and efficiency of your service is commendable and the fashionable and comfortable clothes are fantastic.

Thank you too for the camisole you gifted me...it's perfect! I have no doubt I will submitting many more orders to Smitten Merino and have already recommended you to many friends.

Amy Jo - March, 2017 - Cairns, Queensland

I want to thank you for the order that I just received. This is my first Smitten purchased and I am thrilled with it all- the quality and timelessness of it all is much appreciated. You have made me happy to part with my money, and that is saying a lot!

Maureen - March, 2017 - Shepparton, Victoria

I have received my order today and I'm thrilled. Looks great and lovely quality. Delivery was so quick as well. Happy customer.

Sue - March, 2017 - Adelaide, South Australia

I would just like to say thank you to the lovely Smitten team for my Birthday voucher again this year. I always look forward to adding to my 'Smitten' wardrobe. The garments are just beautiful and I am hoping to slowly build a wardrobe to take with me on my travels Thanks.

Claire - March, 2017 - Bilgola, New South Wales

Thank you so much for the super-fast delivery of my order - I have just unwrapped my parcel and tried on both the Mary Dress and Drape Cardi which feel and look amazing, and fit me perfectly! Thank you also for the thoughtful surprise gifts :)

Smitten is my favourite fashion - so easy to wear and always looks great!!

Anna - March, 2017 - Tuncurry, New South Wales

I received my Smitten order this morning and am delighted with how quick it came. The clothes are lovely both in colour, quality, style and fit. Also thankyou for the beanie. Great to support an Australian company and product. Will be ordering more clothing.

Patricia - March, 2017 - Wollongong, New South Wales

Thank you for your wonderful service and product.

I bought the Audrey Dress online in my lunch hour yesterday and my order was delivered midmorning to Wollongong NSW today – I am totally “smitten” with both the dress and the speed of delivery – how excellent!! I look forward to adding to my winter wardrobe as the cooler seasons roll on.

Linda - February, 2017 - Southbank, Victoria

My new clothes have arrived already!! I love them- can't wait to wear them!! They were all beautifully wrapped and I'm delighted with the beanie that you "threw in" for me!! Thank you so much!!

Back to the catalogue; got me now!!

Esther - February, 2017 - Sheffield, Tasmania

A Big Thank you, To the amazing Anissa for making me feel special as I looked at the range online and for looking after me with my phone queries; For your prompt delivery service on my recent two orders; And for the generosity of Smitten with my gift.... as well as the superb quality of my new purchases.... All these things make it an easy option to order with Smitten again in the future.

Thank you also for the recent addition of the Fleur dress, with Armani wrap.... I will be proud to wear it as I'm Mother of the Bride in March this year. Keep up the good work ...

Ruth - January, 2017

Hi Smitten Team, My order arrived on Friday - so quick and it's like getting a present.

Wendy - January, 2017

You guys are awesome! I ordered the cotton swish top about 2 days ago, and it has already arrived! Super impressed, as always, with the speed of delivery, quality of the clothing and personal attention. I have purchased a few things from you guys over the years, and will definitely continue to do so. Oh, the swish top looks great with my Chalkydigits Hot Spot skirt- how lovely to have great fair-trade, ethical clothing available.

Catriona - November, 2016

I just wanted to send a hug and a big thank you for all being such lovely, beautiful special people.

Thank you for processing and sending my ‘birthday order’, and for the birthday wishes. I really appreciated this.

I love ALL my Smitten items, and love wearing them.

Jenny - September, 2016

Just a quick note to THANK YOU for your beautiful gift wrapping and note. Before opening all our Smitten “gifts”, the unwrapped package undergoes a “photo shoot” then it sits on the dining room table to be admired! YES – I absolutely adore my new Swing dress - the colour is gorgeous- so unusual (Moon Mist) and the style feels so comfy. Thanks again and look forward to my next purchase

Jeanette - September, 2016

I just wanted to thank you for your amazingly prompt service, cannot believe I received my green peplum top today, so soon after ordering it. I will certainly be recommending your company to friends. The sleeves are not quite as long as I thought they would be but otherwise, I am very happy with the fit and appearance of the garment. Love the feel of the material, I'm looking forward to my next purchase. With so many lovely styles it is difficult to choose.

Erica - September, 2016

Love your products. Already have two long cardigans in red and black. Wear them a lot. Looking forward to receiving dress.

Vivienne - September, 2016

I've been wearing the grape dress all weekend. Perfect! You guys have THE best service ever and you are now my favourite brand. I'll spread the word.

Maria - September, 2016

My dress arrived today. Thank you for sending it so promptly and for wrapping it so beautifully, just like a real present. Much appreciated.

Jennifer - August, 2016

Just received my charcoal poncho and had to let you know how thrilled I am. It looks gorgeous on, feels lovely and the detailing is superb!!

Susan - August, 2016

Received my first order of Smitten products this week and are so happy to have found your brand. The clothes are beautifully crafted and lovely to wear, I am now telling everyone I know about your products.

I am yet to wash them but the easy care is very appealing as is a home grown Australian owned and manufactured product. I live near Pemberton in the South West, so many chilly winter days are now sorted.

I want to buy everything on your website, but will probably have to limit myself to just say 100 things.

Sallie - August, 2016

On Monday my purchases from Smitten Merino arrived and I just wanted to let you know how much I like them. My partner, who is very difficult to please, loves his T shirts so much he asked me to get him some more. I bought two dresses for myself and I am impressed by the quality of the fabric and the fit. They are lovely to wear and the sleeveless Black Scoop Dress makes me feel like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. I hasten to add that I don't look like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, because I am a fifty-something old crone, but my partner is thinking of banning me from wearing it outside the house… at least I think that is what he was saying; he was stammering and seemed to be having difficulty breathing when I put the dress on to show him.

Thank you for the complimentary beanie (does that make it a freebea or a freenie?), it was a nice touch.

Nicole - August, 2016

Oh you are too kind. And that is one of the many reasons why I love Smitten and sing your praises to anyone at any given opportunity. The beautiful clothes, the 100% Australian owned family run company and the unsurpassed customer service. Smitten is always truly a pleasure to deal with at every interaction.

Susanna - July, 2016

Thank you for processing my order so promptly, for packaging it so beautifully, and for including a lovely handwritten note! I felt like I'd received a present!! :)

Anne - July, 2016

Amazing! I ordered about 2pm yesterday afternoon in Sydney and my order arrived at 9. 15 am this morning. I am delighted with the order especially as I hadn’t realised it is all Australian made. I will be back!

Pam - July, 2016

I would like to let you how pleased I was with my recent purchase & how impressed I was with the speedy delivery of my order. I did not request Express Delivery but I ordered my Drape Cardigan on the morning of Tuesday 19 July and it was delivered the next day!! I call that excellent service, thank you very much!!

And, the cardigan fits perfectly & looks great. I already have one in a different colour and length so I knew it would be fine. The colour is great & should look good with all my clothes.

Once again, thank you very much & I look forward to more purchases from your company.

Bev - July, 2016

Just really wanted to say a great big thank you for the prompt delivery of my latest order. Really did not want to get changed out of my inca band skirt yesterday. Wore it with black scoop top, black leggings, flame long cardi and the new flame stripe scarf. Was so toasty and warm, never mind the comfort. Great shaped skirt. Noticed later that we were 1 deg cooler than Hobart, so Smitten needed here too.

Thanks again for your great Aus made products.

Madonna - July, 2016

I received my order and wanted to say thank you for the beanie! I loved the clothes, so much so I've made another order. Thanks so much for the quick turn around, it's greatly appreciated.

Claire - July, 2016

I received my order today and wish to say a huge thank you for sending it so quickly. Every Smitten item is beautifully stylish with the colours co-ordinating perfectly. I adore the black and Dragonfly blue peplum tops, which are so versatile.

Thank you so much also for your gift of the very sharp black and pinstripe scarf - a very lovely surprise and one that will get lots of use.

Janice - July, 2016

I received the jacket in the post yesterday, (you are very efficient) and wore it out last night.

It is gloriously warm and comfortable. Many thanks also for the scarf that you included, which was a nice surprise and will get a lot of use.

Well made clothing, that transcends passing fashions and is so easy to order online, ethical and sustainable. Too good!

Corinne - June, 2016

Just a note to let you know how happy I am with your efficiency and the quality of products.

I ordered 3 items at about 3.30pm yesterday and they arrived on my doorstep at 4.30pm today.

I haven't tried anything on yet but am very impressed by the good quality of the clothing. I certainly will be toasty in those leggings. I have been freezing at yoga lately but won't be now.

I loved getting the gifts and thought that the hand written note was a thoughtful touch.

Diane - June, 2016

Just wanted you to know I received my order of cardigan and scarf and am absolutely delighted! The cardi fits perfectly and is sooo comfy and warm. Many thanks for the beanie gift too, how very kind. Great service too, my parcel was posted only two days ago... brilliant!

Brigid - June, 2016

The day after I ordered my Inca dress and black top they greeted me on my doorstep when I arrived home from work the next day – both fitted perfectly and I wore them out that night – and again last night; I was warm and received many compliments!

Your products are fantastic and I love to be able to wear clothes that are produced sustainably from beginning to end.

Thank you too for my complimentary beanie and the information about caring for our woollens

Tegan - June, 2016

Once again, thank you for organising my Smitten order - you do such a fantastic job with the presentation and the little gifts always put a smile on my face :).

I am in love with all my Smitten gear - It wears so beautifully, washes easily (although I hardly ever have to wash it), and I've been the warmest I've ever been in a winter.

Looking forward to saving for my next purchases.

Jane - June, 2016

I just wanted to thank you so much for the very quick delivery of my wonderfully comfortable and perfectly fitting clothes. I am thrilled with them all and appreciate very much the addition of the lovely grey camisole.

Many thanks also for the help and advice I received over the phone with regard to colours, style and sizes. A great service. Look forward to my next purchase which I'm sure will be very soon!

Wendy - June, 2016

Today I wore my Wave Top with the Long Sleeve Crop Cardigan over the top, with 360g Leggings underneath my skirt. I was comfortable and fresh all day :) I ordered the Sleeveless Crew Top for my husband to wear as a singlet layer underneath his work shirts - he loved it…

Your service is so prompt, the clothing is fantastic and I am looking forward to placing my next order- it will be an Ivory Coco Jacket!

Victoria - May, 2016

Looking forward to gifting this (Smitten Round Neck Top) to a wonderful wool lover in our community. I purchased one during my lovely Hobart visit in Feb., and it's now my second skin. I'm fishing for wild salmon all summer here on the Gulf of Alaska. Won't leave port without!

Kerry - May, 2016

Thank you very much for your parcel. Wrapped in your product.

Having been fine wool growers I appreciate the quality and fit. Thank you. Also thank you for the beanie.

Great product. It's a pity that the wool board didn't get this right forty years ago.

Therese - May, 2016

My charcoal marl long sleeve crop cardigan arrived so promptly yesterday (the day after I ordered it in the early afternoon in Melbourne!) and I'm really happy with it.

Thank you for the good advice on sizing (usually a size 8 but the 10 fits me perfectly across the shoulders) and colour - I'm really glad you suggested the charcoal when the black wasn't immediately available as I think it's a more versatile colour - in between a black and a dark grey. Am also really happy not to have the gathered sleeve top, as that was the reason I hesitated buying this style previously.

I bought my first Smitten item about 4 years ago whilst on holiday in Tassie - a black swing dress - and it's still looks as good as new. Rediscovered your products this year and have also been happy with the classic cardigan purchased in April - simple design but stylish. Once again, the advice I received over the telephone then re sizing was knowledgeable and friendly.

I love the fact that the products are Australian made and high quality. Just wish there was a stockist in Melbourne as I prefer to see colours in the flesh before choosing.

Annette - May, 2016

On Sunday I had a "Skype" session with my brother and sister in-law who have just been in Tasmania for two weeks holidays coming over from New Zealand. Part of the conversation was "what have you bought?".

My sister in law held up a dress and drape cardi from your winter collection. Wow, I said to her they are great and asked her what brand. Smitten was the reply. As soon as we finished talking I went on line and looked at your collection. Coming from NZ we know our merino! Within an hour I had placed an order.

Coming home from work after a stressful day I was pleasantly surprised to find my parcel on the door step. I am amazed at how fast you deliver and the scoop dress and short drape cardigan are fabulous. (The cami enclosed as well was a pleasant surprise) All fit perfectly and are beautifully made.

Thank you for your amazing service and such quality clothes. I now wait for Sydney to get some winter weather!! It's always nice to buy home grown and sewn clothing and I shall help spread the word to my girlfriends. Well done Smitten!

Annika - May, 2016

What an apt name! I am smitten with joy for my wonderful dress and cardigan. They fit beautifully.

I wore it at school the other day where I first spotted the dress on a young teacher, who told me how to find you - and two of my colleagues also want to order the same dress.

In time I will order more of you wonderful products.

Thank you for the lovely presents, very much appreciated.

Kathy - May, 2016

I just wanted to say thank you so much for making my purchase so fuss free and also for the thoughtful packaging and hand written note. It is so rare these days to find such hands on service, people who are genuinely interested in the products they sell and the customers who buy them.

I also found ordering such a breeze… just fabulous! My order arrived the day after, right to my door.

I originally came across the “Smitten” brand at the Hobart airport whilst waiting for my flight back to melbourne. The shop did not have my size, but the sales person generously allowed me to take a picture of the brand name, hence my ordering online. I have since passed on your brand to my friend who is always interested in good quality, good service and who is a small business supporter.

Thank you again, I just had to write to say thanks!

Suzanna - May, 2016

Thank you so very much guys, much appreciated, my daughter loves her new winter top, I hope she gets to wear it a lot. Once again, great service. I love shopping Smitten.

Anna - May, 2016

I am delighted with my purchases! I will be investing in more! I have long loved merino wool. My parents have a farm upon which fine merino sheep are run. I love the way your product is light weight. I am most grateful for the caring tips. On a final note thank you for the gift it was unexpected however appreciated. I am wearing it now as I am about to head outside to feed out silage. All the best

Sharon - May, 2016

I received my lovely Smitten items in Friday's post. Super fast! The items all fit and I am impressed with the beautiful quality of the fabrics and the sewing. That orange multi stripe scarf is gorgeous! Love the Jenny top, such a nice cut and fabric. Also love the t-shirt and zip neck top from the unisex range. Glad I followed the sizing chart carefully because I can see myself wearing those items regularly on my bike and everyday.

Thanks for making such great products.

Tegan - April, 2016

Thank you so much for my Smitten clothing. I cannot believe how quickly my items arrived.

Every piece I ordered is perfect. The size 8 fits amazingly and I'm glad you called to arrange it all. I love being able to support ethical and sustainable, Australian-made products - even more so when the customer service is so fantastic.

And on the topic of customer service - thank you also for the personal touches - the wrapping, the note, and most of all the beautiful gift (what a wonderful colour!). It goes perfectly with my new Indigo Shift Dress and was a very welcome surprise in my parcel.

I am really looking forward to wearing everything and I will definitely be saving my pennies to order some of the other items I am lusting over.

I look forward to buying Smitten items in the future.

Vicki - April, 2016

I would just like to thank you for my order being delivered so promptly. I'm very happy with my fan dress and jacket they both fit perfectly and will be going to Europe on holidays with me. I'm sure I will have many people asking where I got them and I will be very proud to say they are made in Tasmania Australia.

Shona - April, 2016

My lovely black skirt + scarf (present for my daughter) arrived this morning. What amazing service! I'm thrilled to have the items. I love your garments!

Jodie - April, 2016

Thank you for my new clothing, ordered yesterday, received today! Amazing!

I have now bought eight different Smitten items over the past 12 months and love them all. Great quality, Tassie made, no ironing, fold away to nothing, light as a feather… I could go on. I am heading overseas in a few weeks, and confess Smitten will make up quite a bit of my wardrobe whilst away. Thanks for the free gift also.

Jill - April, 2016

Hi - great service thank you! Ordered yesterday and received this morning and I love the cardigan too 😍

Clare - March, 2016

I do love my Smitten clothes! It's always a delight to click through the order payment process, knowing a parcel will soon arrive! Smitten ticks all the boxes as far as I am concerned: made from a renewable resource, made where people are paid a decent living wage, easy to care for (no ironing!) stylish, easy to mix and match and did I mention the no-ironing?! Ha ha!

Meliza - March, 2016

My Smitten order arrived today (super fast!) and I love, love, love my new clothes! I now can't wait for the cooler weather to come!

Thanks for making such high quality, beautiful garments. And thanks for the free scarf - what a lovely surprise! I'll be back!

Kaylene - March, 2016

Many thanks for your highly efficient service, ordered mid afternoon Monday, received mid morning Tuesday, Grose Vale NSW. Could not be happier with both product and service, a real credit.

Joanne M - March, 2016

Dear Carl, my Smitten parcel has arrived already, as promised, thanks so much. I'm very impressed with how it was wrapped and how many items fit into quite a small parcel, which also shows the benefits of taking it traveling.

The skirt and dress are just perfect in size and look great. The ruffle cardigan is ok in size I think once it settles on the body. I might try a 10 when I come down just to be sure. The long sleeved crew top probably needs to be an 8. The sleeve length is good though, so I will try an 8 and see.

Did you realize that the dress actually looks rather good layered over the black twirl skirt and long top? The effect of the Abbey floral over it is even better! Good for cooler weather. Thanks again.

Sue - February, 2016

I just wanted to say how impressed I am with you! I was looking for a warm, blue long sleeved top, and found a few possibilities on other websites. Although they were cheaper, I'm sure none would have been close to the beautiful quality of yours. I have a top I bought from you on a visit to Hobart about 4 years ago, and it looks as good as new.

Your shipping was prompt and I loved opening my package. Congratulations for doing such a good job. It's brilliant to be able to buy Australian from businesses like yours.

Bobby - January, 2016

I have already received the red Jackie dress that I ordered only yesterday afternoon. Totally surprised and totally thrilled. What great service and lovely packaging.

I only discovered Smitten this last weekend on a 2 day trip to Hobart. I bought the same dress in steel/grey from Salamanca Place and love it - so much so that I went on-line, once back in Sydney, to look for more!

Thank you for a great product.

Pat - December, 2015

Many many thanks for my birthday discount, a lovely surprise I have been a Smitten tragic since you began, such a long way from my first basic wardrobe ordered at Taroona.

Almost my entire wardrobe is Smitten: 2 dresses, 1 skirt, 5 crop cardi's, 3 long cardi's, leggings, 5 tops, zip jacket, 4 scarves, 1 coat and I love them all. I absolutely could not survive winter without my zip jacket and leggings.

Your products are fantastic quality and never seem to wear out. I think I would have to shoot them.

Thank you both for producing such great products. Keep up the good work and I will continue to be a happy loyal customer.

Alexandria - November, 2015

Thank you for my order. I placed on a Thursday, it arrived the following Tuesday, all present and correct.

I've hesitated and hovered for months to place an order with you, fearing it would be too expensive and complicated to have it shipped to me in France… I am soooo glad I took the plunge.

The sizing guide was perfect, the colours true… all in all, completely satisfied. The website has been improved too. You'll be hearing from me again!

Kathryn - September, 2015

Simply wished to say thank you. Received my delivery today, you officially have a new fan. The dress is fabulous and look forward to purchases in the future. It is nice to finally find a good quality Australian company to buy from.

Maggie - August, 2015

It arrived yesterday and it is great, all fits beautifully and feels even better. As a fine wool grower I am so impressed with what you are doing, fantastic designs and great help.

Julie - August, 2015

I've received my parcel containing the straight leg pants and the wave top, adding to my supply of Smitten.

Naturally, I'm very happy with the 2 new garments. They are comfortable and cosy to wear and very elegant.

Thank you also for the surprise gift of the beanie. It is so soft, as are all the Smitten garments in my wardrobe.

It is such a pleasure to be able to buy high-quality pure merino Australian-made garments.

Belinda - July, 2015

I have arrived back from Hong Kong to Melbourne thrilled to find my parcel from you! You are wonderful to have designed and produced such beautiful garments. I grew up on a merino sheep property in the Western District of Vic and it's so exciting to see lovely designs in wool! Thank you again

Rosemary - July, 2015

Thank you so very much for your prompt service! I have just received my order & am over the moon, my products are just beautiful!! Particularly in comparison to a well known brand of women's sports wear I recently purchased & am unable to wear due to poor quality & shape! I am looking forward to many compliments on my tops & will be proud to tell about them! Thank you for your lovely gift as well, the beanie is much appreciated!

Ann - July, 2015

I have 8 Smitten items in my wardrobe now, all lovely to wear, and the originals are just like new. Thanks for your beautiful garments, and for your excellent website and service.

Emily - June, 2015

Thank you Nic & Carl and everyone involved in the supply chain. Please also send my love to the merino sheep when you see them :) Thank you also for the little surprise hair that band came in one of the recent deliveries :) Smitten light up my world. The design, fabric & colour are simply divine soothe my heart & soul :)

Heather - June, 2015

Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much I am loving my Smitten garments while we are travelling in Western Australia’s chilly South Coast during the cooler months. I am wearing leggings as PJ bottoms at night, also wearing another pair underneath heavier outer garments or when walking, and layering an assortment of my other Smitten garments, including wide striped scarf, for daywear... so beautifully warm and stylish!

I will definitely be ordering more garments when we return home in September. Thanks so much for a wonderful Tassie product.

Joy - June, 2015

Thank you so much I have received my beautiful new tops, also a big thank you for the surprise gift (beanie), everything fits perfectly - totally smitten :)

Susan - May, 2015

For a great new look try wearing the Black and Cream Stripe and Black and Ivory Stripe Merino Scarves together as wraps over each other. They just work so well together and, of course, as the winter draws in it means double the warmth.

Both go beautifully with the wonderfully well cut Wave Top. And as suggested by the Smitten Team - go down a size when you order the Wave Top and it will be a perfect fit.

Lisa - May, 2015

Hi Nicola and Carl
Got my order today. Uber fast! Thanks so much, it's perfect. Love your stuff. Keep up the good work

Virginia - March, 2015

Thank you so much for your fantastic and speedy service. I received the tops today and I'm thrilled. Already wearing it :)

It is lovely dealing with you and your company. Always very helpful and the service you provide is amazing. I don't know what I would do without your products.

Jenni - March, 2015

My beautifully wrapped parcel arrived today and it was very exciting trying everything on together. It all fit perfectly and looked just as it had online and the cami and knickers you included were very much appreciated.

I discovered Smitten on a recent Tasmanian holiday (I bought a cardigan) and was pleased to be able to order a small yet complete winter wardrobe online. I intend wearing it at home and use only these items for a European holiday in December.

Susan - November, 2014

I have just returned from 2 months in Italy/France with SMITTEN in my small carry on luggage. Which comprised of:

1 × Fan dress; 1 × Maxi dress; 1 × Gathered dress; 1 × Swing dress; 1 × pair leggings (all in Black); 1 × Short Drape cardigan; 1 × Long Drape cardigan; 1 × Button cardigan (all in Stone), and 1 × Camisole top (White).

This was it for two months and it all mixed and matched and, of course, washing was a breeze - all wick dry after washing, hung up overnight (in the bathroom) and dry the next morning. Not that I had to do much washing as I was wearing things over and over again and no smell! Even though in the south of Italy we were up to 35 degrees some days. On the days it got cooler just layer up - so easy.

And, I like to think, I did not look like a tourist... I hope, more like a stylish traveller.

Handy Hints:

  • The Drape cardigan is fantastic just thrown over your shoulders like a wrap.
  • The Button cardigan goes beautifully (buttoned up) over the Camisole and Leggings
  • The Swing dress is perfect for the beach (and the Long Drape is a great cover up at the beach)

Sandra - July, 2014

Just wore my smitten ALL weekend. Kept me warm at the farmers market from early in the morning; kept me classy looking (!) on a date, Sat nite; then kept me warm but allowed me (and my skin) to breath while bike riding on Sunday! fantastic stuff. love it! Thank you smitten.

Rachael - July, 2014

I am writing to you as a complete Smitten obsessive. I am currently 32 weeks pregnant and have worn only Smitten my entire pregnancy.....truly! Not only is it the most wonderfully comfortable clothing any expecting mother could possibly dream of but it has washed and worn better than I could have ever expected. I thought I was hooked on Smitten before my pregnancy but now I am truly obsessed.

Natalie - June, 2014

Thanks so much for my red cardi, it's gorgeous. And a huge thank you for the beanie! I love it and will wear it with my other smitten gear over winter. As I said on the phone, I love your clothes and was so happy to discover them on our holiday in Tasmania. Some people think the fabric must have silk in it. Funnily enough I am usually not able to wear wool as it makes me sneeze etc, but as your fabric is superfine I have no troubles.

Diane - May, 2014

I do love my cardigan. I bought one earlier this year when we visited Hobart. Now that the weather has cooled (somewhat) in Sydney I realised that I needed to have a second drape cardigan as I want to wear it every day it's just so light and warm and perfect for layering.

Keep up the great work producing well designed and constructed beautiful merino products.

Susan - May, 2014

I have just received the new Short Drape Cardigan in "Stone" - this new length is just so stylish and versatile. Whilst I love my original Drape Cardigans this new shorter style is now an added bonus. As the cooler months approach the Short Drape can be worn layered under the original Drape Cardigan for extra warmth and you still have a really sleek silhouette. And the Stone works so well with all the other wonderful Smitten colours.

Once again, Nic and Carl, a super design that is a classic!! And I LOVE the option of being able to opt for Express Post, for only $5.00 more, and having my Smitten the very next day.

Linda - May, 2014

At the end of 2012 we were celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniversary by spending a week in Richmond, Tasmania. My husband lavished me with lots of Smitten gear then and again at the end of last year when we returned for another well-earned rest. We get a copy of the rural newspaper here, so I was excited to see an article about you and your venture last week.

I just wanted to thank you, because I’m pretty sure I wear Smitten garments or scarves at least two or three times a week here and everyone comments on how lovely they are. Last night I was able to dress up for an Information Night by throwing on a black Jackie Dress with some drop earrings. Otherwise I have a Flame Millie Dress which I love too. The scarves double as blankets which are great when you’re menopausal and keep changing temperature!

Thanks for seeing the potential of a great Tassie product!

Jeannette - April, 2014

I luurrve Smitten Merino - the product & the service.

Claire - March, 2014

The parcel arrived this morning - amazingly fast delivery!!

All of the Smitten clothes look wonderful; the pants fit perfectly and feel fantastic. The coffee bean colour of the cardigan is really lovely.

Thank you so much for making beautiful, high quality clothes from Australian merino wool. My Smitten items from last year will co-ordinate perfectly with the new ones. I cannot wait to wear my latest Smitten outfits!

Jude - March, 2014

I have just received my Smitten gear and I'm again impressed with the quality of the fine merino used to make the items. I am also really pleased with the fashionable and elegant design of each item. I have enjoyed wearing the first pieces of Smitten wear that I purchased while on holiday in Tasmania and I'm delighted that I have added to my collection.

Your team must be proud of their product because you have used good Australian fleece to make a high quality, attractive and durable product.

The service you provided when I used your website was efficient and personal and my goods arrived in record time.

Susan - November, 2013

Sydney, Australia

I just got back from a two week holiday in Tasmania and all I took was one small piece of carry-on luggage that held the perfect, complete SMITTEN wardrobe. All I needed was three black smitten dresses, two sleeveless drapes , two long sleeve drapes, two scarves, one pair of yoga pants, one sleeveless scoop and one long sleeve scoop top. No need to wash anything for two weeks – everything stayed fresh, no creases from packing and no heavy suitcase to carry. I was able to layer for really cold days and then just wear a Smitten dress with a sleeveless drape and scarf to accessorize on warmer days. I can recommend Smitten for anyone going on a holiday where you need to look great, pack light, stay warm or cool as the need arises and without the need to be constantly washing. This exact Smitten wardrobe combination is going with me to Europe in Autumn 2014!

Annette Loudon (MMedSc)

I "discovered" Smitten while living and teaching yoga and Pilates in Tasmania and working in particularly cold venues. When I complained of the cold, one of my students recommended I try the woollen pants she wore....I've been wearing Smitten yoga pants ever since. During my 20 years of teaching they are by far the best yoga pants I've ever worn. Moreover, I travel all around Australia presenting yoga workshops and training yoga teachers...I travel in one pair and teach in my other pair and know my pants will always look good without getting creased.

Recently, I thought I'd try other items...tops and even undies! Now I love them too. I'm of the age that I've always hand-washed wool - my Smitten clothes get thrown in the wash and still look great - no wonder I'm a convert. As a committed Australian-made shopper, I also really like wearing locally made clothes and my Smitten clothes remind me of the wonderful three years I spent in Tassie!


Dear Smittens,
Thought you may like to see what I got up to last weekend in my comfy, stylish Smitten long maxi dress. The label on the helmet reads NUTCASE
We're loving the cardies.


My dress and leggings arrived safe and sound. You pack them so beautifully. It is easy to be a Smitten customer as the product is such high quality and so easy to wear and maintain. Absolutely no pilling! I am so pleased that I found your brand whilst wandering Hobart on holiday. I wear leggings every day.

I do also want to say how much I like the fact that your product is made in Australia. I sometimes buy from a New Zealand brand. I like the New Zealand aesthetic in women's clothing, like yours, made for real women and timeless but it is made in China whilst still carrying the New Zealand price tag!

Keep up the good work, will keep buying your stuff, love it.



On my final day in Tassie, before flying back to the 'North Island', I purchased a long sleeved black cardigan at the airport store sold by a very enthusiastic staff member. What a beautiful thing this garment is. Sad to say that it is the first Australian wool garment I have owned and I am 58 years if age. I am afraid to say that wool once meant itch and discomfort. No more.

Well done to you all. I will be promoting your product whenever I can.


Thank you all at Smitten

I received my parcel on Monday and it was beautifully wrapped with obvious care and love of your product.

It's just another lovely item for my wardrobe from a beautiful range of quality Tasmanian clothes. My first encounter was while I was visiting my parents in Hobart and we were taking a trip down to Bruni Island and I fell in love with a dress and long cardi which I wear on regular occasions. Every year for my birthday I browse the website and catalogue for another cherished item.

Thanks for the help I received from the staff member who helped me sort my order online.



I've been meaning to email for some time to tell you how much I love your clothes! The wicking properties of merino make the fabric ideal for hot and humid Hong Kong. I am really impressed and so have just placed another order! Smitten items are taking over my wardrobe. Thank you for making such fabulous items and thank you also for the extra gift items in each order: knickers and a beanie! They are much appreciated!


Smitten by Smitten

Wow! The FAN dress is FAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTASTIC! It covers ALL selection criteria! I have it in black and have ordered the red. Being "over 50" and having a "not-so-slim" figure, I am often limited in my choice of clothes, but the FAN DRESS solves all my problems. I was pleasantly surprised that the Size 14 fitted me perfectly and there is no need to wear slimming undergarments. It hides the love-handles! The feminine and elegant hemline is a nice touch and is a perfect length, hiding my knees and legs "like copper's logs!" I can safely walk up stairs carrying a tray and don't always need to hold up part of the hem if I walk carefully. The armholes and back are carefully designed so as not to show any bra straps. However, the FAN DRESS can still be worn without a bra or using the "stick-on" bra cups. I have worn it on consecutively scorching hot days, but still able to wear it the next day because there is no odour or sweaty feel. I have worn it a lot in the last four weeks and still haven't needed to wash it! I have worn it casually around the house on a very hot day but also worn it out the same night by just adding some bling.

Some mornings have been cool so I've worn the short green cardigan and green long sleeveless drape cardigan over the top. They look like one long-sleeved cardigan. As the weather got hotter I was able to remove the layers, so it is correct to say that it's an "all-year" garment. By adding leggins, pashmina/scarf and boots, it's also ideal for winter! The versatility of Smitten garments in being able to adapt them to any type of weather condition or occasion (casual to formal) making them a must for any wardrobe.


Many, many thanks for sending my fantastic maxi dress by Platinum Post. I cannot believe it - I ordered it yesterday morning got the notice this morning and picked up the dress this afternoon! Wow - what service. And...I am wearing the dress as I type and I love it - the website doesn't do the indigo colour justice. It is the best blue!

Also, I think I forgot to say thanks for the lovely pair of red underwear you sent with the Cranberry Fan Dress. They are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn.


My partner ordered a Black and Grey striped dress from you, for me, for Christmas. I would just like to thank you all for making it to order and for the wonderful customer service you and Eco Haven provide.

Your product is absolutely fantastic and I am 100% addicted! To date the majority of my regular wardrobe is Smitten and I've just spent the past 40 minutes on your website picking the next four items that I'm going to purchase. I love it! Not only are your clothes the most comfortable, reliable and oh so cool, but they are totally Tasmanian! What more could a girl want!

So, thank you Smitten and please, please keep up your amazing work!


Thank you for Top Service. The dress is perfect as all other Smitten Merino products are I bought in various Tasmanian shops in the past. Thank you also for the beanie. Very much appreciated.


As always – perfect product, perfect service and once again thank you so much for my gift of the undies. I’m glad I found you guys at the Sheep and Wool Show in Bendigo last year.

Thank you so much for the beanie I found with my order. It’s gorgeous. I love the new cardi so much I have ordered another one! I will then have 7 pieces of your fabulous clothing.


I received the yoga pants and just wanted to say how thrilled with them I am. I have worn them almost every day since they arrived. They are comfie and look great.


I just want to say how fantastic you are for producing these fabulous garments in Australia. When everyone else is leaving for cheaper manufacturing. Keep up the good work.


I received my leggings two days ago. The love and care in your garments is very evident, and they are a pleasure to wear. Thank you also for the lovely beanie. I look forward to purchasing more of your lovely pieces in the future.


Just had to write and tell you how MUCH I love the wrap top and red scarf- the red is so beautiful!!!the computer screen doesn't do justice to it. The quality of the merino is lovely and love the elegance of the wrap top.


I am so excited about finding your Smitten Merino garments! They have solved my wardrobe problem. I'm not having to do the washing every day. They are so versatile in that I can wear the same garment for camping during the day, as well as dressing it up for evening wear by adding jewellery and other accessories. I can also give it the professional look when working as a relief-teacher.

Smitten Merino garments are a Traveller's Dream! Minimal garments need to be packed, even for a long trip because they probably won't even need washing for the whole trip! One small overnight bag will suffice for a long holiday.

Thank you Cheers from Pam..."who is smitten by Smitten!"


I’ve been meaning to write and let you know that I received my lovely dress in super-quick time and have been wearing it a lot ever since.

Thank you so much for sorting out my gift voucher organising and getting the item in the post so promptly – It was really great.


Pipers River, TAS

I would like to say thank you for providing a truly great tasmanian product! I purchased a beanie, a pair of leggings and a long sleeve zip up top and a pair of boxers at Agfest this year, my wife purchased a short skirt (and previously bought a long skirt - she'd always bragged about how warm she is!). As the winter days have crept along, I cannot go a day without wearing my merino undies and don't want winter to end to be honest.



Just to say hello and Happy New Year and to let you know that the lovely big bag of clothes I bought from you has been coming in handy in a big way in London as we go through the coldest winter in 100 years or so!

Anyway, the point of all this is to say that despite the cold, the clothes have been fantastic - hard wearing, comfortable and WARM! The yoga pants are the best and I just seem to be able to wear and wear them before I think perhaps I should give them a wash! The wrap dress has been very versatile and makes for a good neat casual outfit to wear when visiting and meeting people of an evening or on weekends. With the scoop neck underneath, leggings, boots and a nice big necklace I am pretty well presentable! The skirt has been great to wear with coloured tights and matching skivvies to add a bit of colour to what are the fairly black and shades of grey that everyone seems to wear here. Long cardigan wrap added for warmth or glamour!

Until they had seen the whole collection, for a while there my children kept saying "is that more merino?"! While they were happy with their jumpers, they decided they wanted some more of their own so I guess at some point I will have to order some more for them too!!

So, I guess you could say I am totally Smitten with London - and proudly telling people about my Tassie merino whenever there is an opportunity (or a cheap Italian imitation lurking!)

All the best for 2011


We received our jumpers and we love them, I am wearing mine now and my husband says his will be perfect for his trip to San Francisco in a few weeks. Thank you very much and if you want a testimonial at any time, just let me know..



I find it hard to think of anything I don't love about Smitten! Honestly, if I didn't have to wash it every now and then I'd probably never take it off! I wear it working, walking, riding, socialising, I even sleep in it! I love that there are styles to flatter all shapes and sizes. I love that you can just chuck it in the washing machine and I especially love that it doesn't need ironing! The thing that seals the deal for me is that it is designed and made right here in Tassie.


Western Australia

On a recent holiday to Tasmania for the Art & Craft Fair at Deloraine I came across Smitten superfine merino clothing I was so impressed with it I bought three pieces, they are warm, light, comfortable whilst still managing to be stylish and perfect for travelling.

I was so impressed I purchased some more garments on my way home to Perth whilst travelling through Hobart. I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your clothing line and also the service provider, Carl.



I bought a black long sleeve scoop neck dress from your very first collection. I took it to a very cold Italian winter to wear as a stylish piece of clothing when not on the ski slopes. I can honestly say I wore that dress to death and was warm comfortable and always felt stylish even in the very fashion conscious Italy!

I now have quite a few pieces to take again for this Euro winter to wear when i am not on the slopes - so I look forward to being warm and stylish again!

Dr. Kellie Rawlings, Move Osteopathy

Patricia Reid

Providore 24, Stanley

I purchased a gorgeous Smitten zip dress at the Deloraine Craft Fair, it is the yummiest, most comfortable garment I have worn in years. I popped on a wide leather belt with a big buckle, some red elk jewellery and WOW. I can't wait to stock this product in my shop, Providore 24, Stanley and it will compliment my belts, bags and scarves. Just love this Tasmanian made product. Well done!!


I have received the two scoop tops. They are fabulous and I have worn them most days. Luckily I now have 3 so I can swap them around.


Just a quick note to say how impressed I was with the service I received when I bought new zip tops for my husband and myself. I had seen an article about Smitten Merino whilst on a trip to Tasmania and thought how good the products looked and how much I liked the ethos of the company. I had missed the opportunity to buy while I was there so I contacted them via the website when I got home. I was truly impressed with the level of service I received and how helpful they were. My order arrived extremely quickly and I have not stopped wearing my new top since! I will definitely be coming back for more.

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