Base Layers For Winter Running

August 01, 2023 2 min read

Base Layers For Winter Running

Winter Base Layer Essentials 

Nothing beats the thrill of a winter’s run on frosty footpaths, with the biting wind and bright red cheeks! While you’ll need to watch your step, your biggest worry should be your wardrobe. Because what’s more confusing than needing to wear something warm for winter, that’s also designed for a hot workout?! Any runner will recommend clothing that’s comfortable, odour resistant, and keeps your temperature regulated – so you can stay in the goldilocks zone of ‘not too cold, not too hot’. Just ask one of our Smitten tribe and they’ll share the secret to running in winter.

Collar Comfort 

Zip Neck 

It’s winter, so we’re opting for long sleeves. You’ll want something that’s not too tight so that it can be pulled up to the elbows when you get hot, and left down when you’ve just started running, or have stopped for a breather. 

Our first contender for best base layers for winter running? The classic zip neck. What more can you ask for than the ability to choose from multiple levels of ventilation without a wardrobe change? Zip your merino base layer fully up at the start of your run, and zip it down once your heart starts bumping. Simply zip it up again for a snug cool down afterwards. We’re loving the versatility of zip necks as a base layer for winter runs! 

In the depths of winter, you’ll want to try our heavier 270g Zip Neck Top – particularly if you’re a (very keen!) morning or evening runner. Towards the end of winter, you can opt for our lighter 170g Zip Neck Top.  

Crew Neck 

Yes, we love a zip neck. But one woman’s practical zip can be another woman's nightmare. Not everyone loves the feel of a cold zip on their skin on a frosty winter’s day, or the movement of the collar when zipped down. For runners who haven’t warmed up to the zip neck design, crew necks are for you. 

Our 170g Long Sleeved Crew Neck Top can be worn as a single layer that’s well suited for high performance exercise in early or late winter. If you’re more of a cold blooded creature, we recommend that you go for the 200g Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top. Smitten fans, grab a merino crew neck thermal for your next wintry run – you’ll be wondering how you survived without one!

Bring On The Cami 

Throw your Smitten cami under your top to survive those seriously chilly winter runs. Believe us, our merino camisoles are a lifesaver on windy days when the wind chill can cut right through you. You can even wear your base layer cami for days without needing to machine wash it. 

Check out our neutral V-Neck Camisole Top if you’re looking fabulous in one of our zip necks and don’t want your cami to peek out. But winter already paints the world in dull colours, so why not BE that pop of colour? With our deliciously fun Zero Waste Cami, you can!