Women's Wool Ponchos

High quality, super-soft merino wool ponchos are a stunning, elegant complement to warm outfits. Style over jeans or leggings for an effortlessly chic day or night look.

Lightweight wool ponchos are simplicity and elegance at their best. No outfit is complete without one! You won't find more comfortable or stylish wool ponchos in Australia!

A superfine merino wool poncho from Smitten is the perfect outer layer of clothing - designed to fit and flatter every body shape. We have thick winter wool ponchos as well as beautiful lightweight (200g) wool ponchos. Our lightweight merino wool poncho can be worn all year round, perfect as sun protection in spring/summer and ideal as the final fashionable layer in winter. Once you've layered up with your wool camisole, scoop top and cardi, top it off with a poncho or scarf for extra warmth.

The wool poncho is also the perfect travel item as they fold up easily and can be popped in your handbag. You can even use them as a travel pillow when you fly! A poncho really is the most versatile of fashion items! Browse our huge range of colours and styles made from locally sourced merino wool.

Find your perfect poncho!

Australian Wool Ponchos Made of Luxurious Merino 

Our lightweight wool ponchos are simplicity and elegance at it's best. Drape over any outfit, use as a knee blanket or roll up as a pillow on your next long haul plane flight!  

Wool Ponchos for Women | Made in Tasmania, Australia. Inspired by Nature.