Sleepwear & Home for Men

It’s proven that wearing superfine merino wool pyjamas helps you fall asleep faster. Our collection of men’s merino wool sleepwear will support you in getting the best night’s sleep possible. The natural qualities of merino wool help regulate your body temperature, providing you comfort throughout the night. With its antibacterial qualities and skin healing benefits, merino wool is the perfect natural fibre to have on your skin while you sleep. Our pyjamas offer breathability, protection and comfort. Our men’s merino wool sleepwear range also includes luxurious dressing gowns, which offer the same benefits of our pyjamas and keep you super cosy. Invest in amazing sleep for yourself with Smitten Merino’s sleepwear range.
For a better night's sleep in supreme comfort, spoil yourself in superfine merino wool. It's science!
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