Corporate fashion ideas

January 11, 2023 2 min read

Corporate fashion ideas

Happy new year to our gorgeous Smitten blog followers... somehow Christmas and New Years is all over, hot cross buns are for sale at the supermarkets and we are already back at work.

Buttered hot cross buns
Mouth watering?

Well we can’t do anything about the fact that life seems to be on fast forward x100 but we can help you do it in style and comfort...

So let’s start by looking at the huge and overwhelming positive about getting back into a new working year.. a brand new wardrobe. A reason to sort out years of accumulated clothing and slim down your options making dressing for work an enjoyable and exciting prospect.

It has been proven that people only wear 20% of their wardrobe so lets remove that unwanted 80% and focus on our favourites- then add a couple of new complimentary items to make your wardrobe easy to navigate and style outfits.

We have mentioned some of the key corporate items below that would be the perfect addition to any wardrobe.. so why don't you have a sort though your old clothes and then treat yourself with a new purchase.

Let’s start with a firm favourite work item- the SKIRT

Oh the skirt - has the ability to give us a waist, enhance our best features and float around our legs swishing as we walk tuning the sidewalk into a runway. We are loving the Straight Skirt - a corporate favourite with its chic look and thick ponte fabric - this skirt works well with anything from white shirt to a fitted tank, depending the occasion. 

For the cooler months try the Long Straight Skirt in warm to wear 360g Ponte Fabric. Tuck in a streamlined office blouse and pair with a smart blazer or jacket for the perfect corporate appearance.

The Twirl Skirt - it’s name says it all! Lightweight fabric flows around your legs and swishes as you turn, making you feel feminine and fabulous. 

Mini Drape - where style and comfort collide!!! You will feel like you are wearing a hug and look like you are wearing a chic drape lusciousness!

And we are going to finish off with tops... we have so many new arrivals and some gorgeous, versatile options but we have chosen our two new favourites to share with you:

The Capri Top - this top has such an elegant neckline and can seamlessly integrate between your corporate and casual wardrobe with its simplicity. Plus it's straight shape makes it a perfect option to tuck in or be worn loose without being figure hugging.

The Cowl Neck Top - this top comes in both a long sleeve and sleeveless option. The sleeveless can be more versatile worn by itself in the warmer months and with a long sleeve underneath when it is cold. It also looks a little more elegant paired with wider legged pants or flowing skirts and makes a better corporate option as opposed to the long sleeved.

We have decided to focus on two-piece items this blog as we all know dresses deserve their own write up.