How To Care For Your Merino Thermals

May 23, 2023 2 min read

How To Care For Your Merino Thermals

How To Love Your Thermals 

Falling for your merino wool thermals is the easy part. But keeping those cosy thermal jacketstops, or leggings in prime condition takes a sprinkle of dedication. Because while the odour resistance of merino wool means we don’t have to wash our thermals all the time, they still need some love. Welcome to merino thermal care 101!   

Keeping Your Merino Thermal Stash Safe

Half the battle of looking after your merino thermals is the way you store them. Because you’re not the only one who thinks our merino wool is delicious! Moths and silverfish are the main antagonists to people’s wardrobe woes. It’s best to store your merino thermals in our breathable and fully enclosed garment bags and for an extra touch, use our huon pine bag as a deterrent (it smells divine!). You can even use our garment bags as packing cells for travel.

Wash Time! 

There’s nothing glamorous about having to handwash your stash of wool clothes. But the good news is that you don’t have to. All our merino clothes (with the exception of our gorgeously chunky knits) can be machine washed. Wash them on a gentle, cool cycle recommended for wool and only use products approved by Woolmark.

How To Avoid Disaster

There is a list of absolute no-nos when washing your merino thermals. Never be tempted to wash wool with hot water - it will come out a few sizes smaller. Avoid sending your thermals into a fast spin, as this can cause the wool to stretch, distort and shrink. We like our base layers to be snug, but no one wants to wear a bear hug! And you wouldn't want our merino ⅞ high waisted leggings to suddenly transform into ¾ length leggings. Another tip is to avoid using fabric softener, as this coats the fibres and interferes with their moisture management and body temperature regulation. And lastly, don’t reach for the bleach! This will wreak havoc on the merino wool fibres. If you’re washing a thermal with a zip (like our 170g top) make sure that you zip up the neck before placing it in the washing machine to avoid damaging the drum. 

Top Drying Tips 

It’s best to dry your merino thermals flat, rather than on a clothesline or coat hanger - particularly the heavyweight thermals which can stretch if hung up to dry. If not dried flat, you could risk ending up with coat hanger bumps on the shoulders or peg indents. Choose a well ventilated spot that doesn’t get direct sunlight, and don’t dry outside on windy days - or else the neighbours might receive some free gifts!