How We Wear Cardigans in Winter

June 29, 2022

How We Wear Cardigans in Winter

AS you know we LOVE cardigans at Smitten in winter. They are a classic and timeless layering garment. There is no other item so versatile. We have some new ideas on styling your cardi for Winter, and our teams current favourites:

Alice loves the Long Drape Cardi - often paired over jeans and a fitted top and gorgeous boots.

Holly goes for the Coatigan; looks fab over the Jenna Dress, and also over straight jeans, Scoop or Rana Top, and sandshoes.

Rachael likes both the Boyfriend Cardi and the Coatigan. - she says both are great longer length cardis for a rounder body.

Lesley wears the Boyfriend Cardi - it is brilliant for her as on her tall frame it is an ideal length - often worn with Long Tube Skirt and a Round Top and leggings.

Carla loves the Brooklyn Cardi, and makes it work double duty by buttoning it up back to front over her Sofia Dress - it looks amazing!

Grace's fave is the 3/4 Crop Cardigan "perfect over any dress"

Styling your favourite cardigan, five style ideas

  1. Wear your Coatigan as a duster coat over your Tube/ Long Tube skirt/ top and leggings. The fitted under layer looks polished with the floaty long coatigan.
  2. Try the Brooklyn Cardi buttoned up as a top over a cami, tucked into jeans or wide leg crop pants - and slightly unbuttoned for an evening look.
  3. Belted- Layer your Drape or Long drape over a skirt or dress, and belt it on the outside, helps keep the warmth in, and gives a more defined silhouette.
  4. Business Casual - pair a Round Neck Cardi over a shirt, worn with a Marion Skirt or Straight Leg Pants
  5. Formal - when you're going to a wedding or the theatre, throw a contrasting Ruffle Cardi over your shoulders for an elegant warm layer.

Smitten wool cardigans are all pure soft merino wool, machine washable and Australian made.

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