Women's Winter Skirts

Stay warm and fashionable all season long in Smitten's gorgeous winter skirts! Various styles, patterns and lengths to choose from and fill your wardrobe with. Shop online today.

Premium Winter Skirts 

Forget what it feels like to be cold this winter with Smitten’s collection of merino wool winter skirts. Superfine merino wool is designed to keep you warm while not feeling like you’re smothered in layers. Lightweight and smooth, invite a slice of heaven into your winter wardrobe. Even when wet, your merino wool knit skirt will maintain its thermal properties and shape.

Set a standard with merino wool knit skirts this winter. 

A Winter Colour Palette 

Don’t be afraid to bring colour into the cooler months with our merino wool winter skirts. Look trendy in French blue, burnt sienna, burgundy and heritage green for a classic ensemble. Bursts of colour are not only reserved for summer and spring. 

Choose Sustainable & Ethical Merino Wool 

Smitten’s winter skirt collection is produced with only the highest quality wool from Tasmanian merino sheep. Harvested from non-mulesed sheep, no pain is inflicted to the animals in the extraction process.  

Experience the epitome of comfort this cold season with Smitten’s merino wool winter skirts.