Winter Wool Sweater Dresses (USLP - TBD)


Merino wool clothing is well known for keeping you warm in Winter and lovely and cool in Summer and our Smitten sweater dresses are no exception! Constructed from superfine merino fabric, they are lightweight, crush-proof, fully machine washable, ideal for layering and perfect for travelling.

Merino wool breathes more than cotton to keep you cooler for longer. Wool also has the amazing quality to conserve heat to keep your body temperature regulated and warm in cooler climates. A Smitten Merino sweater dress made from natural wool is the perfect trans-seasonal item due to the flexibility and ability to layer as much, or as little, as needed for the changing climate.

During winter, we suggest our favourite long wool coat over the top.

Winter Wool Sweater Dresses | Made in Australia. Inspired by Nature.


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