Women's Merino Wool Skirts and Pants

We have a great range of warm wool skirts and wool pants. On a wintry day there's nothing quite like putting on your warm merino wool fleece leggings under a gorgeous wool skirt, adding boots and a scoop top and cardigan on the top (then probably a wool scarf and coat) and feeling like you are dressed for the conditions!

Historically, wool pants and skirts were made from woven wool, were often itchy and needed lining. Happily with our new- generation, circular-knitted merino the fabric has great stretch and comfort - and we can make skirts and leggings and pants without any lining, and with a wide soft waistband that is comfortable and very easy to wear.

This fabric is so lightweight that you can also wear that same merino skirt or pants on a summer day with bare legs and it feels as cool as cotton. Merino fabric breathes and is reliably cool in summer and warm in winter.

Women's Merino Wool Skirts and Pants | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.

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