Merino Wool Pyjamas For The Warmer Months

October 18, 2023 2 min read

Merino Wool Pyjamas For The Warmer Months

Merino Pyjamas 

We know, ‘wool to stay cool’ sounds like a contraction. But merino wool ticks all the boxes. Breathability, moisture-wicking, non-itchy, lightweight . . . what’s not to love? So when the warmer months arrive, let merino wool pyjamas be your secret weapon to getting in your 7 – 9 hours of beauty sleep. 

P.S. You may want to spread the word to your red-eyed office neighbours who didn’t sleep a wink in their synthetic pjs.


Keep your options open with our classic 3-piece Merino Pyjama Set that comes with shorts AND long pants. These are a gorgeous lightweight alternative to our heavier winter merino pyjamas, plus you get that mood boost when your pjs match! (Seriously, it’s science). The looser fit still flatters while giving you enough wiggle room to not feel like you’re tightly gift-wrapped in your pjs. Our 3-piece Merino Pyjama Set comes in sophisticated navy and soft lavender for a more feminine style. Loving lavender? Forgo the hassle of pants with our comfy & stylish Button Down Nightshirt

Psst: Take a peek at our post on Sleeping in Merino Wool for tips on how to get quality Zs. 


Hotter nights call for our sleeveless Tank Merino Pyjama Set. Made from 100% merino wool jersey and designed with a looser fit for comfort under the covers. Fans of a pastel palette will adore our Bloom variation, or go bold with our delicious Grape Purple striped set. Waking up bubbly and optimistic is guaranteed with this fun merino pyjama look. No morning coffee needed.

Tip: Olive skin types will look best in the warm tones of our Bloom pyjama stripes, while paler skin types will suit the cooler tones of our Grape stripe variation. 


Our Cami Top & Long Pant Pyjama Set is a favourite for those hot and humid nights. The Cami top features elegant white piping and gives you maximum ventilation and breathability. But why only break out your pink pjs for warmer weather? Use one of our Throw Rugs to get away with summery merino pyjamas any time of the year!

Tip: Use colour psychology to get the best night's sleep. Carnation pink is a soothing and warming colour that has a calm effect. Perfect.