Base Layer Long Johns, Track Pants and Thermal Underwear for Men


Smitten Merino loves the great outdoors, so we designed our thermal Long Johns and base layers with ultimate comfort and high performance in mind. We have a range of thermal merino wool leggings and boxer shorts to suit all activities. Keeping your legs warm and protected from the elements will contribute to your overall performance and ability to get on with the task at hand.

Our lightweight 100% merino wool base layer clothing has been put to the test in some of the wildest places on Earth. From the intense heat of the Mekong Jungle to freezing expeditions in the Arctic Circle – Smitten Merino has been a favourite with athletes and adventurers for years.

Merino Wool Base Layers

Whether you are hitting the gym, mountain biking on Tassie’s toughest trails, kayaking to Antarctica, heading out for a morning run, camping with the family, playing sport or simply enjoying the outdoors on the weekend, Smitten Merino will keep you comfortable and of course looking great. Our technical fabrics will keep you warm and dry in the winter while remaining lightweight and breathable in the summer. Super-fine merino wool fabrics wick, breathe, dry fast, and fit your body perfectly for serious technical performance! You'll wonder how you lived without them!

Base Layer Long Johns, Track Pants and Thermal Underwear for Men | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.


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