Lightweight Patterned and Striped Skull Cap Beanie
Unisex Merino Wool Thermal Beanie

Size Guide
Colour & Size
Emerald Pinstripe
Blue Grey Abbey Floral
Pink Abbey Floral
Black Keyhole
Combat Stripe
Mint Green Pink Multi Stripe
Black Grey Multi Stripe
Blackberry Multi Stripe
Autumn Multi Stripe
Aubergine Multi Stripe
Bloom Multi Stripe
Hot Coral Check
Royal Blue Check
Kalamata Dandelion
Raisin Keyhole
Ocean Blue Keyhole
Grape Mixed Pattern
Grape Purple Multi Stripe
Teal Chilli Red Multi Stripe
Blue Multi Stripe
Coral Charcoal Mini Check
Summer Multi Stripe
Barberry Paprika Multi Stripe

These beanies are not only great for being active as explained below but are so fabulous looking with many unique patterns so they can also be worn as street wear!

Our Lightweight tight fitting fine merino wool Beanie is ideal for outdoor adventurers and thrill seekers. Super lightweight ensures your head stays warm but it wont get too hot like most beanies so you can perform at your best. This is the ULTIMATE beanie for wearing under helmets bike riding and snow boarding but also just as good for running and kayaking in cold weather- warmth without bulk!

"I recently returned from a river cruise in Europe and they had an historic arctic cold blast whilst I was there. I’d slipped my Smitten beanie into my jacket pocket - just in case. I wore it constantly and it was great. So small, light and most effective. You can pop it into your purse or handbag. I love it." - Thanks Cheryl!

Being a handmade and natural item there can be slight variation within the fabric - making each piece unique!

Our Fabrics

All our superfine merino wool fabric is sourced from 100% Australian farms whose sheep are non-mulesed. We ensure that our wool is of the highest quality and is sustainably and ethically grown.

Our cotton fabrics are all 100% organic and sourced from Australian farms.