Black Friday Clothing Deals

This November, Smitten Merino is offering a sale on a great range of quality merino wool clothing. Get an amazing deal on premium superfine merino wool garments to complete your year-round wardrobe. A large range of sizes, styles and categories at discounted prices with our Christmas Sale.

Merino wool garments are longer wearing and more durable than other textiles, meaning your coat, jacket, dress, leggings can be enjoyed for many seasons. Getting high quality, ethical and sustainable fashion that can be worn over and over again at a discounted price is amazing value.


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Black Friday falls on November 25th. This year, we’re running our Christmas Sale from Tuesday and extending through to Friday. In our sale you will find Black Friday Sale dresses, tops, our famous leggings, and more. Don’t hesitate to make the most of this sale - once our sale items are gone - they’re really gone!

Find some clothing gifts for Christmas that are sure to delight your fashionista friend, sister, mother or aunt, or pick up a little something for yourself!


What is merino wool?

Merino Wool is sustainable, luxurious, superfine and soft textile that comes from Merino Sheep. There are manybenefits of merino wool, including non pilling, regulating body temp, and even improving eczema! For some tips on styling your chosen merino wool clothing pieces, be sure to check out ourblog.


Who are we?

Smitten Merino is a family owned & operated business based in Tasmania, Australia but shipping worldwide. We’re passionate about producing high quality fashion that is kind to animals, the earth, and your skin! Sustainability & ethics are at the core of what we do - your garments are made of the wool of ethical non-mulesed sheep, and arrive in biodegradable packaging.


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