Maternity Wear

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be an uncomfortable time for many women. Let our merino wool maternity pieces provide you with comfort during this important time. Lightweight, breathable, and super stretchy, Smitten’s pieces will support you throughout your pregnancy, with flattering shapes and styles to ensure that you’ll always look fabulous. Merino wool is hypoallergenic and naturally elastic, supporting you and your baby’s safety and comfort.
Merino wool wear from the first few months of pregnancy through to full term and after your baby is born!

Smitten Merino's superfine merino fabric delivers fashionable clothing that is lightweight, crush-proof, fully machine washable, ideal for layering and perfect for travelling.

Our superfine merino wool maternity dresses are fully machine washable, don't require ironing and are light to keep you cool during unsettling warm weather and are fantastic layering garments for the cool winter months.

Brittany writes ""Many mothers might not initially want to justify spending on a dress they think they will 'only need for a few months' ... However the value of these items for the whole pregnancy and breastfeeding journey (and beyond) results in fantastic value for money!""

Smitten Merino’s range of superfine merino wool maternity wear will seamlessly transition you from life as you know it, into one of the most exciting times of your life - right from the first few months of your pregnancy through to full term and the months after your baby is born!

Merino Wool Maternity Wear | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.