Fashion Testimonials

Read some of the opinions and overwhelmingly positive reviews of those driving Smitten innovation & fashion. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in every piece of feedback we receive and consistently highlight four key strengths:

  • Exceptional Quality: Our merino wool products stand out for their unparalleled quality and comfort. Customers love the durability and feel of our garments, emphasising that our clothing is an investment in enduring style and comfort.
  • Superior Customer Service: Customers frequently mention our quick shipping, attentive customer support, and the personal touches that make each order special.
  • Ethical and Sustainable Practices: Our commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices resonates; Being Australian-made is particularly valued, reflecting a shared desire for responsible consumption.
  • Versatility and Practicality: Our clothing is adaptable for various climates, occasions, and personal needs. Whether it’s for travel, fashion, or comfort during challenging times, our garments provide practicality without compromising on style.

Megan - May, 2024 - NSW, Australia

My fleece leggings arrived a few days ago, thank you. While I knew they would be great, they are truly amazing! The 2XL is a great fit, so comfortable, and so warm... I will definitely have to get another pair one day. They arrived in enough time for me to wear them around the house as well as out and about, they will be perfect for my rare break (which starts tomorrow, but who's counting?!).

Mum's fleece leggings arrived today, thank you. What a treat for her Having had mine for a few days, I already know they will keep her so warm over winter. (have to get her a second pair at some stage too!)

My clothes luggage for my break is predominantly Smitten, all fits in a small suitcase, and light enough that I can actually carry it without a problem.

On so many levels, converting slowly to a Smitten wardrobe has been the best investment in my health and comfort (and Mum's), despite the financial challenges I face being a carer at home thesedays. I am a fan/customer for life. Thank you to the entire team for all the great work.

Mary - May, 2024 - New Zealand

Smitten is class from start to finish. I live in urban Christchurch New Zealand. I placed order for my dressing gown Monday 13 May. It was delivered early afternoon Friday 17th May. All the way from Tasmania! It takes 10 business days for courier delivery Auckland to Christchurch, so Smitten has to be record fast! Not only that it comes superbly packaged in it own zippered keep bag. I am more than pleased with my dressing gown. I ordered a size up from normal & it is a perfect fit. It's great quality merino. Now I'm ready for the 6 degree frosts we've been having. I looked near & far for a merino dressing gown. Although NZ is a merino producer & we have award winning merino clothing brands, there is no merino dressing gown to be found here. So my only regret is that I didn't find the Smitten option sooner. It's a family owned company & you can tell, by the attention to detail & the personal messages which arrive at each point of purchase process. What a great advertisement for Tasmania. I'd love to visit there some day.

Erna - May, 2024 - NSW, Australia

OMG!! My Smitten pants arrived just now and They Are Stunning!!! My daughter recommended them after she bought some and she was SO right! I’m never going to take them off 😊. A great Aussie product - well done.

Linda - April, 2024 - FL, United States

I received my recent order and am in love. Thank you for paying attention to detail and creating top notch clothing.

Sally - April, 2024 - NSW, Australia

The gorgeous luxurious reversible wrap arrived today. Thank you very much for such a speedy delivery and great customer service.

Lynda - April, 2024 - ON, Canada

I am delighted that I discovered Smitten. The quality of your garments exceeded my expectations and I am very impressed by your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. You have been especially helpful in ensuring my [personal needs are met]. Many thanks to you and your packaging staff!

Kerrie - March, 2024 - NSW, Australia

Love my first purchase of the Lightweight Scarf. Picked it up at the Post Office at 4.00pm and threw it on at 5.30pm and went out. So cozy, soft and warm will definitely buy another colour. Love the fact it is Aussie made.

Meritt - March, 2024 - AB, Canada

I received my first order from Smitten yesterday and wanted to reach out and let you know how pleased I was with my new Milly Dress and Fan Dress.

I love merino wool clothing and the dresses I ordered are easily among the nicest quality I’ve come across. The designs and colours are beautiful and the fabric is just what I was looking for. I’ll definitely be ordering again soon and telling my friends.

Kate - March, 2024 - VIC, Australia

My first Smitten garment arrived today - I popped it on as soon as I opened it - it was beautifully warm and comfortable. It arrived within two days of ordering (I'm in Victoria) which is amazing. Packaging was beautiful. Website was easy to use.

I have been wearing [merino wool clothing] for years (merino is 80% of my wardrobe, cotton/linen 20%) - I am thrilled to discover another Australian made Australian merino brand. Your 360g crew is also warmer than [other merino clothing brand's] 280g range. :)

You've got some beautiful garments on your website.

I will definitely buy more products from you in the future - I am Smitten!! ;)

Susan - March, 2024 - NSW, Australia

Hello everyone at Smitten. Thanks for the prompt delivery of my most recent order! The garments are both stunning and functional. They draw many positive comments and I am an old lady (69 years young) I still like to be stylish and feel privileged to have the means to be so.

Be comforted by the fact that I still wear all of the garments purchased from you all, over years and they are still in original condition. What a testament to quality!

Kerry - March, 2024 - WA, Australia

In the early 2000’s whilst cycling around the south island of New Zealand I discovered [another brand of] merino clothing. It was 100% merino and made in New Zealand. Over the years I purchased dozens of pieces for both me and my husband.

Over time I began to become disappointed in the quality as production moved first to Vietnam and now some in China, and garments moved from being pure wool to a mix.

Thus, I went searching for, firstly, some good quality wool trousers, both for shlumpy wear and more dressy. Bingo!! I found Smitten. Made in Australia too. I am in love with your garments.

So thank you, thank you.

Wayne - March, 2024 - ON, Canada

Just a quick note to say thanks. Our order arrived in record time given that it was shipped to the other side of the world. It’s great that this is possible now. My wife loves your clothing for its style and warmth. She loved these pieces and they fit her perfectly. I wasn’t sure about sizing but I took a risk and it paid off. So thank you again. Maybe some day we’ll come to see your store in Tasmania. A trip to Australia is on our bucket list.

Eva - March, 2024 - VIC, Australia

Thank you very much for the very quick delivery of my gorgeous Florence dress. It fits beautifully, making the most of my mature figure. I just love it! Good quality is always the best way to purchase, as there are no buyer regrets. Thank you also for the swatches which I requested. Now, to make a further decision – which dress in which colour!

Jennifer - March, 2024 - VIC, Australia

I am currently on a 5 week tour of the UK and would be LOST without my Smitten High Waisted Leggings. They are warm, soft and have withstood everything that the Uk has thrown at me - including below zero days, hail and snow. And to wash them - l can just throw them in a delicate wash! Bliss!

Carolyn - March, 2024 - QLD, Australia

I just wanted to let you know what a difference your beanies and ponchos made to me during July right through to January on my chemotherapy hair loss journey. Whilst I purchased fake hair and multiple scarves, everyday I reached for one of my Smitten beanies. They are soft and were lovely and warm inside chilly hospital but not too hot outside on our Sunshine Coast. In fact my clothing choices started from the top down. I purchased 8 different colours, and I also used 3 neck buffs doubled over, which also matched my ponchos. Having a pic line in my arm made treatment days with the ponchos effortless in hospital so these were fabulous. I know once the weather up here cools down they will all get worn again. Knowing how comfy they are when I found out my specialist was having a baby I purchased the lovely aqua one shown on your website, and she was thrilled.

Nathalie - March, 2024 - WA, Australia

Thank you for my order of the ¾ sleeve flutter top, which I received in the post yesterday. The parcel inside was beautifully wrapped and presented, including that extra personal touch.

I have purchased a few items from you over the past few years from Smitten, and the quality and service has always been outstanding. I am looking forward to wearing the flutter top.

It is a pleasure to deal with your business, especially as the merino wool fashion is produced in Australia, a big factor for me when I am making any purchases.

Pauline - March, 2024 - ACT, Australia

Thanks very much for your prompt turn around of my exchange! Amazing service for a small company.

Bev - February, 2024 - WA, Australia

Thank you for my last 3 orders, cleverly consolidated into one parcel which arrived today. I just love everything, the trousers (Slim Leg Pants), which I had been waiting to be back in stock and the Rana top, which I probably should have ordered earlier. The cowl neck dress is great too and looks like it can be styled in many ways. Hope to get a lot of wear from it in our winter, it will be great for travel to cooler climiates too.

Helen - February, 2024 - WA, Australia

I love my new rana top in chilli red, beautifully packaged as always with hand written note. Thank you for your wonderful personal customer service. Just love your clothing and the ethics behind the brand.

Kelly - February, 2024 - VIC, Australia

Thanks for processing my exchange so effortlessly. My new Marion Skirt arrived yesterday and is perfect. Fits exactly right and love the colour. It’s always a pleasure to deal with everyone at Smitten. You make the transactions so very easy.

Heidi - February, 2024 - VIC, Australia

Delighted to get my order so quickly! Everything fits and I look forward to wearing the items soon and taking them on holiday. I can see why the Mary dress has been so popular - very flattering. I will get another color when I have my next splurge. The Indiana dress will be great for work and a navy Smitten cropped cardigan I already have will add to the outfit. I hope to wear the Kowloon stripe to a BBQ this weekend.

Lori - February, 2024 - Tennessee, USA

I have to tell you how impressed I am with customer service. I love the way every article of clothing listed on the site also comes with different ways to wear it, including shoes! It is so helpful. Thanks so much for always responding to my questions in such depth. My husband and I have booked a Viking cruise in 2026 and it comes to Tasmania. All I want to do is come to your store and SHOP SHOP SHOP! lol

Louise - February, 2024 - VIC, Australia

The Mary Anne Dress is my favourite go to dress (plus pockets are amazing). I wear it all winter in Melbourne and have even worn it in Bali in January. Only difference is layering for the cold!

Shelly - February, 2024 - QLD, Australia

I love the couple of products I have purchased from Smitten, even though I live in baking hot QLD. I tell everyone about your product being 100% Australian made and that we need to stop encouraging fast fashion and poor working conditions and no environmental policies from other products made abroad. Keep up the great work.

Carolyn - February, 2024 - NSW, Australia

I recently returned from a 6 week trip to Europe in their chilly winter months. I was layered with all my Smitten purchases and I was SO warm and comfortable - it was actually enjoyable to be outside (I feel the cold intensely!!)! They were also so helpful in keeping our luggage light, as I didn't have to take so many other clothes with me. Keep doing the great work!

Christine - February, 2024 - NSW, Australia

Currently in the UK at the moment about to go to breakfast and you guessed it - a magenta Mary dress is the code of the day… I live in your dresses when travelling in Europe… Just perfect.

I get comments where ever I go… Was just in Germany for 3 weeks as my eldest daughter just had her first baby and yes I wore the dresses every day… Love, Love, Love…

Alis - February, 2024 - Hawaii, USA

I don't wear a lot of dresses, I'm not fashion conscious, and I definitely don't spend large sums of money on dresses. But recently, as I've been slowly adding a few carefully chosen merino wool pieces to my wardrobe (in a process of downsizing from all my cheap tops) I fell in love with the Flo Dress, with its incredible skirt and practical sleeveless top, but figured it was just too expensive. Yet I kept checking back in over the months...

Then I discovered the Chocolate and I threw caution to the winds. When the package came, I admit I had doubts: I'm in the USA so the shipping will be a lot to send it back if it doesn't look great, and why keep a dress this expensive if it doesn't look great... but it looks great! It's a fabulous dress, well made, with a perfect length and flow for my height (5'8"), enough room in the top (I'm a DD), and the brown is flattering on my older skin.

Well worth the risk. I love it. Thank you.

Jan - January, 2024 - VIC, Australia

I have just received my order (the day after ordering) and I am so delighted. My Lightweight Scarf is perfect. I Love the colour. What a delight to receive my package so lovingly wrapped and so environmentally friendly. 🤗

Cathy - October, 2023 - MB, Canada

Smitten should offer a course in customer service! Most companies could learn a lot from you!

Susie - October, 2023 - QLD, Australia

I would just like to convey how amazing your customer service ALWAYS is. Buying clothing online is tricky, but I've always received excellent guidance and support from Smitten. Thank you so much.

Kaye - October, 2023 - VIC, Australia

I ordered a dress and scarf on Tuesday afternoon and received it via mail on Thursday - I cannot believe how efficient and speedy your service is. My new Ellie Dress and Luxury Scarf are lovely and I really appreciated the personal note. Thanks Smitten Merino 😊

Susie - October, 2023 - SA, Australia

Thank you for being so efficient!! Not only are your products THE BEST, so is your customer service 🙂

Jan - September, 2023 - NSW, Australia

Smitten pre loved is brilliant. It uses items which may otherwise (perish the thought) end up in landfill, it provides a new life for a garment which may otherwise end up in the back of a drawer, Win, win, win. Congratulations.

Geraldine - September, 2023 - QLD, Australia

We recently visited Tasmania for the first time and when I noticed your beautiful clothing items in the Country Style I thought I would try them. I love my beautiful product that arrived in a short time after purchase. I love the communication that you provide in ordering, the packaging note and your follow-up email.

I love that you are a family owned operation and are a beacon for others in this space. This is the reason I commit to supporting you and your beautiful products going forward. Congratulations to you and your family business operation. Thank you.

Gary - September, 2023 - VIC, Australia

On my 60th birthday last August my wife bought me a Smitten classic merino brown zip neck jumper which I treasured. Unfortunately it was stolen at my work 2 weeks ago and I was devastated as not only was it very sentimental but wonderfully made. Yesterday my children gave me a blue jumper from Smitten which was wonderful. They said your company was really responsive and mailed it just in time for Father’s Day and that was very special. I was thinking today that I wanted to let you have my thanks for that and thank you for making such wonderful Australian made products which will not only last but will be treasured.

Joan - September, 2023 - VIC, Australia

I am overwhelmed by your service. I ordered my jacket yesterday and today it had crossed Bass Strait and was delivered in Melbourne today. Thank you! It fits perfectly!

Diana - August, 2023 - VIC, Australia

Thank you for the information re your boutique location. We did visit last Saturday and bought several items, including a Black Mary Dress, which I am so in love with. We admire what you are doing and looking forward to seeing your cotton products. Thank you for the wonderful clothing you make.

Helen - August, 2023 - TAS, Australia

I received my order today (that I only ordered yesterday afternoon) and just wanted to say how much I love my poncho and headband. I am so lucky to have received a birthday gift voucher from my sister otherwise I would never have discovered your website. I also wanted to thank you for such sensational service... super, super quick delivery and beautifully packaged.

Ulana - August, 2023 - ON, Canada

Thank you!! My order was just delivered moments ago (here in Canada) and all my items are gorgeous – as I knew they would be!! 😊 Still warm and steamy here but cooler days are coming and thanks to you I’m beautifully prepared.

Mary - August, 2023 - VIC, Australia

I just wanted to say thanks for the Tilly Dress I bought from you a few months ago and recently took it to Europe. It was super hot in Italy and the dress was fabulous! I never felt sweaty and it was never smelly. Thank you so much for introducing me to merino wool for summer.

Sandi - July, 2023 - QLD, Australia

I received my parcel in record time! How did you do that to regional far North Queensland from Tassie??

Both the dresses are stunning, the cobalt blue Flo Dress and the French Navy Florence Dress both fit beautifully! Can’t wait to wear them out.

Thank you again for all your help, I am delighted.

Ingrida - July, 2023 - SA, Australia

Good Afternoon Lovely Smitten Merino People,
Wow! I’m really impressed with your speedy service. Thank you. I would also like to comment further on your excellent service. Before placing my second order yesterday I rang your office to check your return processes and it was such a delight to speak to someone over the phone so readily. Thank you for that too.

Lorraine - July, 2023 - NSW, Australia

My new Dressing Gown has arrived safely. Your customer service is amazing and that is why I deal with Australian made and Australian owned. Love your company and love your products.

Patricia - July, 2023 - NSW, Australia

I am in awe of you service! I only placed my order yesterday and it arrived this morning! Love the Marion Skirt - a perfect fit and gorgeous colour. Thank you.

Lynne - July, 2023 - NSW, Australia

Just wanted to let you know that my navy blue cardigan has arrived and I am thrilled with it. It was very well packaged and I am looking forward to taking it away with me when I go to the UK in October. Thank you.

Laura - June, 2023 - VIC, Australia

Thanks so much for your Smitten, beautifully warm wool leggings. Ballarat is freezing in winter and keeping my legs warm is no longer an issue! I had been looking at them for a while & Hoping this winter would be milder… the opposite arrived as you know in Tassie as well. Such a bonus to have Australian made clothes. Delivery was very quick also.

Sue - May, 2023 - NSW, Australia

My first order arrived 2 days after placing. Fantastic quick service to the mainland! Love the packaging and marketing material included. Very impressed. And, to top it off, my magenta drape cardigan fits nicely and the colour is great for winter.

Yuriko - May, 2023 - TAS, Australia

I received the Jenna Dress yesterday and I am so happy with the purchase and the whole experience shopping with you. I love everything about the dress, the colour is so chic, and the cut is beautiful, more than I expected.

The fit is perfect, thank you so much again for your big help to decide the style and size for me. It saved my trip from North even though I would love to visit your shop one day. I look forward to making the second purchase from you in future. I admire the ethics and effort of your company and the quality of your product. It is incredible that you achieved both sustainability and style equally well. I don't use social media but will recommend your company to people by mouth, to share the joy of owning the piece thoughtfly delivered.

Megan - May, 2023 - NSW, Australia

“WOW”. I have just received my order in the post, so quickly. The two items I ordered are absolutely superb. The quality and texture is second to none. The packaging and wrapping was so tasteful. I will definitely be placing another order with you as I don’t mind paying for top quality. Well done team xx

Julie - May, 2023 - QLD, Australia

I received my order today, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Thank you for your love of all things stylishly merino 🤗

Sarah - May, 2023 - NSW, Australia

I am just loving the items I bought previously: I love the warmth, quality and comfort. And the pieces have a very well cut shape. I love supporting an Australian sheep farming business! Looking forward to my newest cardigans.

Zoë - April, 2023 - NSW, Australia

Loving walking around like a warm fuzzy cloud in my new fleece leggings and scoop neck long sleeve top from Smitten Merino. I suppose I could be happier if only I'd bought two pairs! The leggings are incredibly warm and comfortable, perfect for chilly winter days. The top is cozy and soft, with a flattering fit that looks great on. I was pleased to find that the sizing was true to size. The videos online were exceptionally helpful when trying to decide what piece was for me. Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of Smitten Merino's line and am looking forward to splashing out for some more soon.

Catriona - April, 2023 - VIC, Australia

Just wanted to say thanks. The merino top (Fitted Fleece Hoody Jacket) and neck warmers both beautiful. Both so Warm but soft and of such good quality. And delivery was Amazingly fast.

Louise - April, 2023 - QLD, Australia

Oh my Lordy, got them (Fleece Leggings) and they slid on like butter, my jeans still fit over them (chunky thighs, represent!) and I started to cook so had to take them off. Hahaha thanks QLD weather.

Can’t WAIT to test run them this weekend before my Canberra trip.

110% worth it buying from people who know the conditions.

Thanks again for answering my questions earlier ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Margaret - March, 2023 - VIC, Australia

Thank you for sending my navy long line cardigan so promptly. I just wanted you to know it fitted me perfectly and I am thrilled with the quality of the garment.

I have read your wonderful story and it is a delight to find an Australian company who produces such fine clothing.

Helen - March, 2023 - WA, Australia

I received our order today, including the xs vest based on your recommendation. I wanted to say thank you, I love it, and it fits perfectly. You have the loveliest clothes and wonderful customer service.

Carolyn - January, 2023 - QLD, Australia

I am absolutely delighted to have found your online shop. It is the first time that I have bought clothes that fit!

In particular, the fabric and colours (purple and azure) of the pattern merino fan dresses and the top and skirt in azure blue vine are gorgeous. Everything is beautifully made and such good quality. How wonderful that they are made in Australia too.

I wish you every success with your business.

Ulana - December, 2022 - Ontario, Canada

I want to thank you for my order that has been delivered to me today, and for the previous 2 as well – I love your woolens and wish I could give the beautiful generous sheep who so freely give of their gorgeous merino, a big squeeze too.

Kathryn - December, 2022 - VIC, Australia

A big thank you for your concept, quality and personalised service.

Anna - December, 2022 - Germany

I live in Germany and love my Smitten items. My drape cardigan and cruise tops are favourites. I have Smitten items that are over 5 years old, constantly worn and still in perfect condition. Soft light merino layers are perfect for the ‘cold outside yet warm inside’ winters in Europe. Cost per wear, my Smitten items are a bargain. Thanks Smitten Team!

Lee - October, 2022 - SA, Australia

I just want to say thank you so much for the fantastic service you & your team provide. I have shopped all over the world & yours must the best service I have ever experienced.

Tina - October, 2022 - London, United Kingdom

I have been seriously buying merino since about 2015, as I cannot tolerate synthetics, and normal wool can be tricky for me too.

I have never found any merino fabric that comes close to yours, both in drape and convenience. Other merino garments have to be produced in rib to get a stretchy drape, and are always affected by machine washing regardless of what they claim. They relationship to moisture is different too, behaving like classic wool fabrics - yours is completely different. It blows my mind that I can just throw my Smitten dresses in the machine and they come out great.

Alice - September, 2022 - VIC, Australia

I just wanted to say, thank you so much for sending me the Blush Cashmere Dressing Gown.

I absolutely love it, it's so well made and so warm. It probably sounds over the top, but it feels almost life-changing to be able to walk around my apartment from room to room, including rooms that aren't heated and not feel cold, it's revolutionary! Particularly considering that heating is so expensive at the moment, not to mention far from ideal from an environmental perspective.

I'm wearing my dressing gown as I type :-)

Kerrie - August, 2022 - VIC, Australia

Wow, my beautiful new boyfriend cardi has just arrived three days after placing order. Many thanks for the speedy delivery. From a longtime & very satisfied customer, just love it!

Olivia - June, 2022 - QLD, Australia

Thank you so much for my beautiful merino items that arrived recently. It doesn’t get so cold in Brissy but my dressing gown arrived just in time for the arctic blast. It’s beautiful and because it is light and breathable I will be able to wear it well in Brisbane during the cooler months.

I also love that you are a family business and are waste free. Well done. That is not easy to do in today’s world. I try as much as possible in my daily urban busy life to recycle and compost, and to buy from a responsible company is very inspiring.

Roslyn - March, 2022 - SA, Australia

Yesterday dressed in a Smitten long red frilled cardigan, a red Marion skirt and your black leggings I had the misfortune to trip down a drainpipe crater falling heavily on my elbow. I suffered bruising to both ankles as well as jarring my back and neck. All this just before flying from Hobart back home to Adelaide. Now I'm waiting on scan results for my wrist and ankle. You ought to be congratulated because I was concerned I had ripped my beautiful clothes - but actually only pulled a few threads!

Please put this in your reviews- people tell me your things are expensive, but I know they are well worth it!

Melissa - March, 2022 - ACT, Australia

My lovely cardigan arrived in lightning-fast time. It is just gorgeous and I have been wearing it already as things have begun to cool down here in Canberra. I can tell it will give me years of pleasurable wear. Thank you all very much for such a wonderful product.

Anne - March, 2022 - VIC, Australia

I am a new customer and have just received my pyjamas thank you they are very nice and very well made I’m intending to buy as many of your beautiful wool items as I can, I’m 82 now and I just want to have lovely soft warm and comfortable clothes against my skin.

Thank you and good luck to you all I’m so pleased to have found you 💕

Dee - March, 2022 - Waikato, New Zealand

I love your sleepwear range - it is absolutely first class, in terms of the quality, design and range of items. Yours is the only company I have been able to find in Australasia that still makes good old-fashioned top-quality woollen dressing gowns and robes, pyjamas and sleep sets. Once you could find these everywhere - but alas no longer. (I'm no longer young, as you can guess!) So I was overjoyed when I came across yours online, after a lot of searching. And such amazing choice.

I decided to remove polyester and other man-made fibres from my wardrobe because of the environmental impact, and while I've been able to find natural and sustainable replacements locally for most items, finding a woollen dressing gown / robe (necessary for our cold NZ winters!) was proving impossible - until I discovered yours! I really hope you will never stop making these fantastic items.

I also really appreciate your company ethics and the fact that you are a small local family business.

Giselle - February, 2022 - NSW, Australia

Not only are your clothes top quality and a beautiful style (even make a bigger girl like me have a great silhouette) but your customer service is superb and second to none! Both instore and online you go above and beyond. Thank you for your wonderful clothes and service.

Helen - January, 2022 - NSW, Australia

You certainly can wear wool in summer, even in steamy Sydney!

I’ve been wearing my Smitten all through summer. I wear my cap sleeve t-shirts when I’m walking in the morning, my loose t-shirts during the day, and when I go out, I wear one of my Tiffany dresses. Now that we aren’t in lockdown, I take my light wrap when I go to the theatre (because of the air conditioning).

I used to keep my Smitten for special occasions but have decided that life is too short for that! Thank you for your wonderful products!

Susie - December, 2021 - Highlands, Scotland

I've been blown away by your excellent customer care, truly outstanding - thank you. I won't forget.

Evguenia - November, 2021 - Lausanne, Switzerland

The articles well received. My husband tried them, they are very pleasant to wear for sleeping. We are happy to have chosen pure Australian merinos for this, was worth waiting for it. Thanks for a wonderful product.

Michele - November, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Thank you so much for the gorgeous red wrap! I have been cautious about ordering red online, as colours sometimes seem different in ‘real’ life rather then on the screen. The red is simply gorgeous and I look forward to wearing it with my increasing SMITTEN wardrobe staples.

I love that when I invest in SMITTEN merino products that I am purchasing for all seasons (double dipping) and can be snug and warm with layering up. Even better natural fibres comfortable, breathing wicking which means less washing too!

I am a happy SMITTEN customer.

Katherine - November, 2021 - Surrey, United Kingdom

That Merino Wool Wrap from Tasmania is the single most beautiful, practical, luxurious and most importantly, versatile thing I have bought in a very long time. Exceeding my expectations on all counts, and something everyone should own. It will be used and loved for years, and help my minimalist approach to clothing! I'm so happy I persevered with the purchase...😍

Martina - October, 2021 - Kauai, United States

Happy Birthday!!!! To say "Thank You" for being such a fantastic company and making my daily style choices easy, I’ve just put in my order!! Wow, 14 years that’s something to celebrate! Well done!

Carol - September, 2021 - VIC, Australia

I received my Indi dress last evening and I love it. Perfect fit and I can't wait to wear it. I previously purchased the Ava dress for my son's wedding and it was perfect. I have loved wearing it since and receive many compliments. I am sure it will be the same for this dress.

Karen - September, 2021 - VIC, Australia

My Order for the Teal Green ‘Florence’ dress just arrived here at my place in Victoria amazingly only exactly 24 hours after me ordering & paying for it online yesterday! If I mail a letter here to only a few suburbs away I am lucky if it arrives in a week or so. The dress fits beautifully, looks lovely and feels so cosy & warm. I will get so much use and pleasure out of it in the years ahead. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

Margaret - September, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Your parcel arrived today with my Margo dress and to say I am delighted seems inadequate. The style, colour and quality fabric are so right for my ageing frame. Thanks so much, I love your work and wish Smitten every success.

Sophia - September, 2021 - NSW, Australia

Thank you again for your amazing product, record speed customer service and despatch.

I LOVE my new dress, and look forward to wearing it very much. A reminder of a simple normal in amongst the chaos and grind of long lockdown in Sydney.

I genuinely couldn't believe when it arrived today - you must have good contacts in Australia Post!!

Leonie - September, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Thank you for sending me my gorgeous Mary dresses so quickly and well packaged! They are a great style, perfect fit and are typical of your high quality garments. In this Ballarat climate I am sure that I will get to wear them very soon!

Susan - August, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Thank you for such efficient service and beautiful product. Truly. What a spirit lifter for a lock down weary old girl like me!

Anne - August, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Just received my dress. I am a very happy Lady. Now I have 3 pieces of your wonderful clothes. Thank you for your quick service. I shall be back for more.

Sheldon - August, 2021 - SA, Australia

I'm in awe of your customer service and processing times.

P.S. Your products are pretty good too. 😆

Sandra - August, 2021 - NSW, Australia

love my recent purchase. I've already told my family how happy I am, thought you might like to know too.

  1. Here I am in central NSW and the order was at my closest PO 2 days after ordering.
  2. The fit of the Round Neck Top is great and... I love the generosity of length in body and sleeves.
  3. The feel is good.
  4. The colour is exactly what I ordered.

Great job people!

Carolyn - August, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Thanks Smitten Team for the excellent customer service. I’m happy to be supporting such a great Australian business and love wearing my beautiful, sustainable, merino clothing.

Aurora - August, 2021 - NSW, Australia

Thank you and Smitten for the great products- Ive never written a review before as I can’t pick a favourite, but want to convey my thanks. Ive got many items from Smitten over the years and they have been absolutely fantastic! They are durable, comfortable, machine washable and look good!! Especially the round neck tops I have several, the fleece lounge pants, fleece leggings and the mini drape cardi! They are super for hiking and general travel as well. Ive been hiking in Tassie, NT and S Amercia/ patagonia in the tops 👍👍 My dad loves the beanies and fleece leggings and the short sleeved Tshirt. And you’ve all been really helpful when I write to ask about products.

Natalia - August, 2021 - WA, Australia

I received my dressing gown today and I LOVE IT. Thanks for such a great product and l will let all of my friends and family know how wonderful my gown is - so warm and perfect and perfect length (I am tall). I am so chuffed to own a well made - attractive - well priced - pure wool dressing gown. Keep up the great work.

Renee - August, 2021 - NSW, Australia

I LOOVVEE my gorgeous merino cardi, thankyou so much!! 😍😍 I also loved the handwritten note that came in with it, that is such a super sweet & personal touch, thankyou 😊.

Louise - August, 2021 - VIC, Australia

I am so impressed both with the speed of delivery and with the product. Although this is not my first purchase, and I LOVE everything I have bought from you, I received this product within 24 hours of ordering! Wow! I am already wearing it.

Margaret - July, 2021 - VIC, Australia

I am currently in SVH recovering from full hip placement. I’m not telling you this go get some sympathy but rather to let you know how brilliantly my Smitten pieces have worked for me.

My 2 organic cotton t-shirt dresses and woollen underwear (daggy but breathable) worked well during my recovery time in bed. They were very suitable for walking with "crutches in the passageway", giving freedom of movement and a bit of style. Love the versatility. Later when I am more recovered, the delectable button down woolly PJ’s are available.

Of course, the precious long lightweight dressing gown was packed and giving much needed love. Rehab tomorrow and I will be wearing my old and loved Smitten pants, tracky daks and various tops when I’m working with the physio to get my body moving again.

Your clothes are comfy, easy to wash, dry quickly, stay fresh and have provided a source of comfort during these dark days. Keep up the good work and thank you for your amazing trust in your product. It’s perfect.

Ellen - July, 2021 - SA, Australia

I shouldn’t be surprised, but can’t help it, my parcel arrived so promptly! Excellent customer service! Thank you for doing what you do so well.

Julie-Ann - July, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Well, I don’t understand how that works – my pants are delivered here this morning after ordering yesterday afternoon!! THANK YOU – this just fits in with your great customer service I guess.

Jane - July, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Thank you for the wonderful customer service. My order was placed less than 24 hours ago and arrived this morning. The dress is beautiful and goes well with the sleeveless cardigan I bought years ago when I first encountered Smitten while holidaying in Tassie.

Robert - July, 2021 - Australia

Very good to see merino being locally promoted, manufactured into clothing etc. I used to buy merino some years ago when there were outlets especially in the country. I still have 15 year old garments and still going strong. Your website is easy to use and top notch photography! I am now retired and such treats are less frequent - but will work on getting a pullover as a treat! Keep up the good work guys - we desperately need innovators like yourselves.

Shannon - July, 2021 - VIC, Australia

I’d like to thank you for an amazing product. I received wonderful service over the phone regarding the length of your high waisted fleece leggings, and I continued to purchase them. I live in Melbourne and suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I have trouble regulating my body temperature and can be very sensitive to the feel of clothing whilst needing to rest (omg the no elastic waistband is genius) and look after children respectively. I am also 6”1 which definitely leaves me on the tail end of the market.😂 Your product is warm, comfortable and comforting to wear. After only a few hours today I knew I had to have another pair of leggings so I would never be without them. Purchased complete! 🤗 Thanks again for great service and a product that I know will make a big difference to my day. I am already saving up for a zip neck! 😍🤣 Keep doing what you’re doing

Alison - April, 2021 - NSW, Australia

Just wanted to say how totally happy I am with my beautiful new clothes. The quality and workmanship is outstanding. Also feel good about supporting an Aussie business with good ethics.

Rosemary - March, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Please say thank you to all your employees who make Smitten knitwear, I love this cardigan, it is beautifully made and feels and looks terrific. I also like supporting small Australia businesses using sustainable practices.

Anita - February, 2021 - TAS, Australia

I am writing to you today to express my deep satisfaction, comfort and joy on having purchased the wool fleece lounge pants, the wool fleece hooded fitted jacket, and the pyjama set. I acquired the items last April (2020) and have really only taken them off (some days, with great reluctance!) to launder them.

These items have proven to be incredibly durable, and honestly, much better quality than many expensive well-known active/outdooor brands. Daily yoga, long dog walks on the beach during the brisk winter mornings, rainy, muddy, snowy bushwalks, lugging firewood, yardwork... all this and more on a daily basis, and Smitten doesn't pill, or tear or Iook worse for all the wear. I am always cozy and functional. And then the fact that it is all Tasmanian made is a feel good plus about where one's money is going. Thank you for all that you do!

Mary - February, 2021 - VIC, Australia

Just to say how happy I am to receive my new Margo dress (Navy Blue size 6) and that it feels lovely to wear and fits so well. I love the natural fabric and the workmanship involved – adds to the pleasure of wearing it. All I need now is a colourful belt/scarf that will enhance the style of the dress!

Thanks also for the speedy delivery as I received it only a few days after I placed my order; and of course the style of packaging and eco friendly materials used. Well done to you all and the hard work and care you put into your garments. It really shows!

Rachel - January, 2021 - QLD, Australia

After buying online from Brisbane for quite some time, I finally got to Tassie to come and visit as my lovely hubby treated me to a shopping spree for my 50th birthday! I just wanted to let you know that your boutique was AMAZING and made it such a special experience for me. Thank you so much to the lovely Smitten family xxx

Suzanne - January, 2021 - NSW, Australia

I just love your pieces so much. My farmer husband runs merinos so it is very important to me (& him!) to buy fantastic clothes made from wool. I have to admit I rarely buy anything else now, you are my favourite designers with wonderful service & very fast shipping. Smitten washes beautifully & lasts forever! I’m still wearing clothes I bought from you back in 2014, they are on constant rotation. Thank you again & I am always planning my next purchases!

Cathy - December, 2020 - VIC, Australia

Each of my Smitten items are beautiful. The weight of knit fabric suits each style and the colours are just fabulous. I am certainly a committed client, now and for the future, having found styles that suit for all occasions.

Angela - December, 2020 - ACT, Australia

OMG - thank you Smitten!!! Loving my new dress. So glad to have come to Hobart and now have you in my life! Beautiful fine quality Australian made clothing.

Rebecca - December, 2020 - Oatlands, TAS

Thank you to all of YOU for making such BEAUTIFUL CLOTHES!

Prior to COVID, I was on holiday in Italy. I took half a dozen of your beautiful clothes & scarfs, and wore at least 1 piece every day. So many Italians came up to me to feel the quality of these items. (Unnerved me the first time - I was on a crowded bus in Rome, and thought I was about to be robbed! Ha!) I received a LOT of compliments on the cut, design, and quality. And was so proud and happy to say they were made in Tassie.

Now working from home, it's wonderful to have clothes that are super comfy to sit around in, but stylish enough to go to a cafe at lunchtime, or have the camera on in a Zoomie.

When we can all travel again, it will pretty much be just Smitten items coming along with me.

Tricia - November, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

My aunt and I love your products and whenever we are in Tassie, always visit to try and buy. The cardigan, skirt and scarf/wrap that I bought many many years ago, are still wearing well - they’re my go to - and are the first to be packed when travelling.

Thanking you for what you do, the philosophy and ethics behind your business ... everything.

Wendy - October, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

I just love love love the Ava dress. It is so wonderful to buy such a beautiful garment made here in Australia from Australian wool fabric. I try to purchase as much of what I need from aussie growers and manufacturers. Keep up the great work you and your team are doing. Keep the great designs coming.

Cathie - October, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

Thank you for your prompt deliveries and your beautiful clothes. Thank you for your fabulous sale, which enabled me, for one, to go overboard. I love the Amelia dress, the Rosie dress, the Russian coat and still, after a lot of wear, the fan dress... I hope your business flourishes, you've got me for life.

Richard - October, 2020 - Canberra, ACT

Dressing Gown - This wonderful garment arrived in Canberra on Friday 9 October just two days after I bought it from Smitten’s website on Wednesday 7 October. It is truly a remarkable dressing gown! So soft, yet strong and finely woven. Far, far superior to my last two dressing gowns - both wool - which I’ve worn until both wore out. One was from Derek Rose; the other from Henry Bucks. The new one from Smittens is much better made; better quality wool; a denser, heavier fabric; and so comfortable. Thanks for making the effort to have such an outstanding garment for sale for such an affordable price.

Roxanna - October, 2020 - Texas, United States

Just want to let you know the order arrived, and each of the items fits perfectly. I am really appreciative for the phone follow up with the fellow who called me and talked about the sizing because I would have ordered wrong sizes. I've been wearing pants for a while, but you have effectively gotten dresses back into my daily wear.

Thanks for being the best wool clothes that I've been able to find.

Elizabeth - October, 2020 - Hobart, TAS

I received my parcel and am SO excited, I love the Yellow scarf and can't wait to wear it and my black t-shirt will be my staple piece this summer Thanks you so much for your discount, gorgeous products and prompt delivery!!!

Dee - October, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

The very beautiful Smitten items I ordered have arrived. I am delighted with quality, the fit and design of all the items and just wish to express my appreciation for such excellence and beauty. As the saying goes, 'a thing of beauty is a joy forever.'

Being a person who prefers to have and wear clothing for many seasons, the classic styling and design are just spot on. I will now plan more purchases and items for presents which gives me pleasure especially in these very trying of times.

I found watching the youtube videos of beautiful Holly showing how to layer the various pieces most helpful!

May you and your family prosper and may the jobs and wellbeing of people in Tasmania be secure.

Dianna - September, 2020 - Adelaide, SA

Thank you for the care you took with my order (which was for my mum's 70th birthday), with the lovely wrapping and handwriting the card. It was a step over and above and I really appreciate it - and so did my mum! She loved the dressing gown too, it was beautiful :)

Sandra & Joyce - September, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

We are absolutely delighted with the dressing gown and top. They are both extraordinarily comfortable to wear and they look amazing. I will certainly be looking to find some more clothes from you, a dress next time I think.

Sarah - September, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

Just wanted to say thanks for your advice on scarves, and on pants earlier in the year. I’m thrilled with my purchases. I am definitely now a devotee of the crop pant, which a great 7/8 length for me. They hang so beautifully and will be perfect for trans seasonal wear.

Also the scarves, such beautiful colours that work with such a lot. Now I’ve now got a couple of your scarves and will enjoy trying a heavier weight next winter and perhaps a jacquard wrap (or two) through other seasons. So pleased you’re there.

Rebecca - August, 2020 - Brisbane, QLD

I want to tell you just how much I love your wool clothing. The fabric is incredible. It is soft, light and washes beautifully. Wearing natural fibres has always been important to me and Australian made is even better!

It has been a pleasure shopping with you. Congratulations on developing such an amazing product.

Sarah - August, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

I just wanted to say thank you to your team. I cannot fault your customer service. I received my coat a couple of days ago and it fits beautifully, and is gorgeous. Thank you again for all of your assistance.

Leslee - August, 2020 - South Coast, NSW

Your customer service has been excellent and I highly recommend you to family and friends.

Cathryn - August, 2020 - Perth, WA

Please send my thanks to the team at Smitten. I am greatly looking forward to wearing your new products, and I’m especially looking forward to introducing my very closest friend to Smitten Merino when I give her the beautiful poncho for her birthday. I know she will love your products as much as I do.

Thanks again, Smitten. It is so rewarding to support a homegrown Australian company who clearly love their product and are keen to champion the many benefits of superfine merino. Well done!

Rachel - August, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

Your efficiency, delivery speed and communication all stand out a long way from the crowd! The quality was beautiful, so I ordered again and again. All my Smitten items have already become winter staples and I've been grateful for their warmth, design and lovely colours during our recent cold snap.

Nikki - August, 2020 - Capital Country, NSW

I just want to say I love your products. I love to be able to support local by buying Australia made. Looking forward to future purchases.

Jacqui - August, 2020 - Sunshine Coast, QLD

I received my order yesterday. I can't believe how quickly you get your orders out, to Australia Post, and then how quickly they can deliver them. I have ordered twice from you and both times my parcel has arrived in record time. I love how beautifully soft your products (ponchos) are. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and they are a perfect weight for our winter.

I am so happy I found you online and have been able to support your products. Thanks for the wonderful service.

Julie - August, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you so much for your excellent service and beautiful pieces. A win/win for me as I like to support Australian made (especially from Tassie) and I love the quality of your work. Keep up the good work and stay safe.

Carol - July, 2020 - Geelong, VIC

I just received my Merino Dressing Gown & to say I am smitten is an understatement. Your product is exactly what I have been looking for for over a month, something luxurious & comfortable. It gets so much better being Aussie made & from beautiful Tassie. Thanks to you all for making such a beautiful garment, I can’t wait for my next purchase.

Heather - July, 2020 - Yorke Peninsula, SA

Haven't yet written to Thank you for my beautiful red duffle coat... so thrilled for prompt delivery... and it fitted like a glove... so cosy and comfortable ...and I was instantly titled "little red riding hood" ... brightened up my winter ...and many to come no doubt! Excellent service and quality...!

Danijela - July, 2020 - Toronto, Canada

I got my new order today and I love it!!!! It is perfect in every aspect! The feeling when I tried them on was incredible. This is my second order and I will can't wait to buy more. Thank you so much for making these great clothes!!!

Rachael - July, 2020 - Goldfields Region, VIC

I just wanted to write to let you know how happy I am with my order. Everything fits beautifully and has very much lifted my spirits. All of your clothing is such beautiful quality and I am so happy with everything that I just had to order some more!!!

Robyn - June, 2020 - Northern Rivers, NSW

Thank you Smitten for my parcel. The tops fit perfectly and the fine wool is brilliant! I am so impressed with your garments. I just love your gear and live in northern NSW and find the thickness perfect for our climate and for travel. Thank you for making my day a bit brighter.

Sophia - June, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

I have just received my order and so promptly too. I just wanted to say how much I love my new dress, it is exactly what I have been looking for. I don’t often give feedback for online shopping, but wanted to let you know how happy I am with the product and service. Keep up the good work, and all the best for your business.

Jacqui - June, 2020 - Brisbane, QLD

I received my online order for a couple of tops; As I thought, they are wonderful - thank you so much! Just love them. I first saw Smitten Merino when we stayed at Freycinet Lodge a few years ago and I purchased the Classic Poncho. I quite regularly get comments on it when I wear it. It’s perfect for our climate here in Queensland – so warm but not big and bulky to wear or pack in a suitcase when going away.

Michelle - June, 2020 - Brisbane, QLD

Just received my order today and I am so impressed with the quality of the garments, beautiful fabric and cut, with the added bonus they came in a compostable bag.

Lynlea - May, 2020 - Perth, WA

Thank you for your clothing range, your easy to navigate online store and your prompt service. Since retiring I have struggled to find comfortable, natural fibre, Australian made, stylish clothes that I can stay at home in but also wear out without having to ‘change’ outfits. Clothing that packs compactly for travelling in our caravan and that is warm on chilly nights in the outback of Western Australia. Clothing that is easy to care for and keeps it shape. Your clothing fits the bill perfectly, so thank you.

Peter - May, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

I’ve just had my Smitten Merino track pants delivered and I couldn’t be happier with your prompt service, delivery and, the trackies are just fabulous. Congratulations for having such a brilliantly warm, light weight and supremely comfortable product. I’ll be back!

Trish - May, 2020 - Launceston, TAS

Yesterday I ordered a Cardigan online and it arrived today It is perfect fit, so soft and feels luxurious. Thank you for such great service. I will pass your address to my friends and tell them of my successful shopping experience with you. Look forward to shopping with you again.

Amanda - May, 2020 - Hobart, TAS

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for your continued good service particularly in these difficult times. I have recently had a couple of purchases that needed exchanging. I received excellent service, above & beyond! Not to mention a great locally made & designed product! Very happy so thanks Smitten people!

Lia - May, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

Just wanted to say what great customer service I have received. I had a personal message to update me on the status of my order and had such personalised service all the way through. It was a lovely experience, and I'm sure I'll be back!

Christine - May, 2020 - VIC

Thanks for being so accommodating. I’ll definitely recommend your clothes to friends - beautiful fabric and great styles and outstanding customer service. Thanks so much.

John - May, 2020 - Adelaide, SA

Please accept my most deeply felt gratitude and respect, for your stewardship of high art in the crafting of fine garmentary, by the good ladies and gentlemen of Smitten Merino. I am humbled by the privilege of enjoying the excellence created by your family and faithful fellows. The quality of the textile and tailoring have transported me to a luxuriating reverie, which I am certain would have provoked Louis XIV to a furious envy. Sun King he may have been, but wearing the items which you provided, I feel like an emperor.

Thank you for your gracious guidance to commence my order cautiously, with a single 2XL Fleece Hoody (1st of 8), to ascertain sizing. Your wisdom in this proved sage. You were correct in wondering if I might have overestimated my ability to fill a garment. I confess to distraction by recollection of my sturdier-built youth. And yet I wear the hoody as I write. I simply cannot bare the thought of removing it.

Marshall - April, 2020 - Cooma, NSW

I'm pleased to tell you how satisfied I am with the quality, fit and design of the items recently received. It's really good to see locally made wool products available. Finding Australian made products of any description gets more difficult every year. Thanks for being an exception!

Elisa - April, 2020 - Melbourne, VIC

Just wanted to let you know that I received my chunky sleeveless wrap today and I absolutely loved it :0). Top quality, design and so comfy.

Diane - April, 2020 - Mildura, VIC

It’s such a pleasure to support a team of incredibly helpful and patient staff in a company that sells the most beautiful, timeless, comfortable garments that can be worn year round and is locally sourced and made.

Gabriella - March, 2020 - Canberra, ACT

I just wanted to say a big thank you and I hope everyone keeps ordering your beautiful items. I recently purchased the Potter coat, the oatmeal roll neck and my poncho just arrived today - I absolutely love them!!! Beautiful quality and so wonderful to wear - a silver lining in these crazy times. Bring on Canberra winter!

Sandy - March, 2020 - Sydney, NSW

What a wonderful breath of fresh air you are. No complicated procedures! Good on you and Smitten! If only the rest of life was that easy! I’m a customer for life with this approach to your business. 😉 Many thanks for your thoughtfulness.

Margaret - March, 2020 - NSW, Australia

I want to thank you for your careful selection of packaging and maintenance tips too. The use of more natural products and fibres is so important for the future of the planet. I love the fact that you are a family owned business too. I always try to buy local and to support our Aussie producers.

Kerrie - February, 2020 - Victoria, Australia

Many thanks for the speedy arrival of my lovely Jacket. As always BEAUTIFUL quality and perfect fit. You are delightful to deal with.

Gai - February, 2020 - Orana, NSW

Just received my new Zip Neck Top order and just letting you know I am very pleased with it. The fit and quality is perfect. Thank you!

Jessica - February, 2020

I was given a beautiful red smitten scarf for my 60th last year and I love it. It went to Uluru in June & kept me warm on some very cold desert mornings & evenings.

Kylie - February, 2020

Thanks to you and your family for providing such quality, well loved garments, that are so home grown!

Stephanie - February, 2020 - Adelaide, SA

Guys I just had to tell you how much I love the straight leg pants and cowl neck top that arrived today. Since I bought my dress a few months ago I have done nothing but live in it, it is that versatile and comfortable. These pants and the skinny legs that are coming are going to be my work staple and I'm super excited.

Thank you for being such an awesome company, from the personalised notes, to the compostable bags, express shipping, outstanding design....please never get bought out and please stay are simply amazing in everything you do.

Anthea - January, 2020

My beautiful order arrived yesterday. I enjoyed my shopping experience with you very much. Thanks for your great help and efficient service. I look forward to wearing these lovely garments.

Justine - January, 2020 - Adelaide, SA

I was in Hobart recently so made my way to your store to try on a few things with plans to order online this year and met your extremely delightful staff members who were so helpful and patient pulling out multiple dresses for me to try on. They introduced me to the lots of things (that I now own, or have just ordered online). Your team are one of the best I've met in retail in a long time.

Min - December, 2019 - QLD

After a recent holiday in Hobart and a visit to your market stall and later your beautiful shop where your lovely sales lady helped me with some purchases for myself and my daughter & daughter-in-law. During chemotherapy treatments my scarf/wrap and beanie keep me warm, cosy & looking very stylish! And wrapped in love - thank you!

Jacinta - December, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

I love your products and look forward to further purchases in 2020. It is fantastic to be able to buy Australian made clothing that is ethically made and environmentally friendly from a family business that provides local employment. I am amazed and really pleased that your summer range is so comfortable to wear even in the heat of summer. I am a fan!

Thanks so much once again for the fantastic service. I also love the messages you pop into orders even though I am sure you are super busy Best wishes to all of the team for 2020.

Liz - December, 2019 - Minnesota, USA

I recently received my Smitten Merino order, and wanted to tell you THANK YOU so very much! I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of my items. Each piece is so well made, comfortable and lovely. Thank you, and best regards from the other side of the world.

Kristen - December, 2019 - Massachusetts, USA

Thank you! I received my order (SO very fast from Tasmania to Massachusetts), and I just wanted to let you know how much I love my new Smitten clothes. In addition to the excellent quality and fit of both the skirt and pants (your size guide is spot on), the packaging was exquisite!. I have been telling all my friends about Smitten Merino, and especially as I'll need to wear the heavyweight pants later this week when our temperatures in Massachusetts plunge below freezing! Thank you again and I look forward to ordering more items in the future.

Vicki - December, 2019 - Gold Coast, QLD

I need to say a HUGE THANK YOU… your clothing is the perfect present for me…

I am constantly advising people to buy from Smitten Merino, you are my favourite shop and I tell everybody about you and to buy from you, especially for 3 reasons, Australian Made, Australian owned and the best clothing in the world… Again, a tremendously, enormous THANK YOU!!!

Laura - December, 2019 - Newcastle, NSW

As always the outstanding Smitten customer support is appreciated.

Corinna - November, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

I just received my order and let me just say: wow! The fit is perfect and the quality outstanding. Only one problem: I’m hooked now and already thinking of ordering more. Thanks again a pleasurable experience ordering from you. As an animal lover it is also good to know you care about the sheep.

Gail - November, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

Thanks for

  • your generosity
  • your beautiful clothes and fab magnets;
  • your swift delivery system; and
  • using compostable bags.

I really appreciate being able to support a family business making product in Australia.

Marc - November, 2019 - Michigan, USA

Just love, love, love your goods. Thanks for caring so much about what you do - it makes a difference in lives 9,871 miles away. My 84 y/o parents are each wearing their hoodies tonight and I am lounging in my new h/w track pants. Pure delight all the way around. It’ll be 5 degrees Fahrenheit here overnight and we are grateful for Smitten.

John - November, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

Thank you for the fine wool clothing you produce and for the privilege of being able to wear something that feels so nice, is uncomplicated, is light yet protective whether it is cold, cool, warm or hot.

Roslyn - November, 2019 - Perth, WA

I am in love with the Smitten products, its all I wear now! No other merino brand even compares....!

Mary - November, 2019 - Wollongong, NSW

I'm more than impressed. My new order just arrived and in a non-plastic compostable postage bag. Good on you Smitten. I'll be promoting your garments and matching amazing customer service.

Joanna - October, 2019 - Ontario, Canada

I received my first Smitten item (Wave Top) and I love it. The shipping was super quick to Canada - so quick in fact that I was unsure what was waiting for me at the post office. As a Tassie gal I love that your garments are Tassie made - I will certainly be ordering more and will pop in on my next trip home. I also love the personal touch with the message attached.

Avril - October, 2019 - South Gippsland, VIC

Just wanted to tell you how beautiful all your merino clothing is and your service is next to none. Wish I could afford to buy everything in your shop. The quality of all clothes is amazing.

Jo - October, 2019 - Southern Tablelands, NSW

I think it’s great what you are doing for the Australian wool industry, which is such a wonderful industry to be involved with.

Kathleen - September, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I love your product.

The added factors of being Aussie made and environmentally thoughtful make it a perfect buy.

Kaye - September, 2019 - Hobart, TAS

I just wanted you to know how wonderful your clothes were and are- even in Greenland in the middle of the non-existent night!! And Iceland as well!!

I was just so warm!! And cosy and not scratchy or itchy!! Just a total joy and I could enjoy the scenery(including ice caves and climbing glaciers) both in Greenland and Iceland and not be weighed down by heavy clothes but wonderful light layers of Smitten Merino!!

Annette - September, 2019 - North West Slopes, NSW

Just wanted to let you know my Cardigan arrived and it is divine !!!!! I am wearing it every day to show it off! This is my first Smitten purchase by mail and the way it was presented was exceptional. Congratulations on your beautiful products.

Roslyn - September, 2019 - Perth, WA

All I can say is WOW!!!! Thank you so much for such a quickly delivery, and such amazing clothes. I must say, I spent a LOT of time on your website, going through each item and deciding whether I'd take the plunge. I prefer to shop Australian and reviewing your instagram page as well, I thought that the colours/cuts/styles etc would suit me. And I certainly wasn't disappointed! The quality of the fabric is amazing, you can really tell time and effort (and love!) has been put into the design and making of each piece. I'm absolutely thrilled! I'm already planning my next purchase...... Thanks again!

Miranda - September, 2019 - Ulverstone, Tasmania

Thank you once again. You are incredible. I adore your garments, your super fast response to an order, and your beautiful environmentally friendly packaging. 💯 percent proud to wear and brag about ‘our Tassie Smitten’. Thank you 🙏

Liubov - September, 2019 - Moscow, Russia

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived safely here in Russia without any problems. Thank you for your help and the awesome product!

Kathleen - September, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Lovely product and a good service. Much appreciated.

Nikki - September, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

Over the last couple of months, I have purchased lots of Smitten items to take overseas -I have done my best to showcase Smitten products in every corner of the UK! It’s so versatile, non-crush, & dries quickly. OMG All the items are really comfy, especially the dresses with pockets... Thank you for all your advice - you were unfailingly patient, helpful & gave the exact right advice with what items to choose. Phenomenal service. Your team does a wonderful job!

Cindy - September, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

A note of appreciation for your products, ethics and general niceness!!! It’s always a pleasure shopping with you!! Oh and of course your merino clothing is the most comfortable to wear!!!!

Alex - September, 2019 - Canberra, ACT

Thank you for your advice - it is such a pleasure to wear such well fitting and beautiful items... When I'm overseas for work, I'm especially glad to be wearing Australian made... and its perfect for cold/hot Canberra everyday! How lucky am I?

Shona - September, 2019 - Perth, WA

We were literally on top of Mount Royal, and my Smitten leggings were worn the whole time ( and Smitten smalls :) ). They were magic.

Lynda - August, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and patience with my questions.

My gorgeous items are just perfection - exactly what I had in mind as a layering pieces for when we travel in the winter at Christmas! I can dress it all up or down so many ways for day or night. Bonus is that it will fold down to nearly nothing in my suitcase - a key consideration as we are travelling with carry-on only to make the intercity trains more manageable.

I’m super thrilled to be supporting Aussie business - slow, conscious fashion is absolutely the way to go. I will definitely be back for more.

Linda - August, 2019 - Napier, New Zealand

It’s been such a pleasure shopping with you. Keep up the great customer service :-)

Eva - August, 2019 - Alberta, Canada

Greetings from Bow Lake in the Rocky Mountains!! I am decked out in my Smitten (top, cardi, scarf) because in spite of the sun it's chilly in the mountains. I just love my Smitten!!

Megan - August, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Thanks very much! Parcel arrived safely today. So quick and fits perfectly! A very positive experience for my first ever on line clothing purchase. Great to be able to buy locally designed and made clothes out of wool.

Catherine - August, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I just wanted to thank you for the fantastic service.

My new scarf is a wonderful colour and it’s very warm. It will be joining me on a trip to Canada and New England to see the fall colour.

Thanks so much for the amazing response to my order.

Leanne - August, 2019 - Central Highlands, VIC

My Drape Cardigans will be coming overseas with me (along with some other favourite items of the Smitten family!) in a few weeks’ time.

I just love your beautiful clothing and the fact that it is Australian grown and Australian made and a family business. Smitten is central to my wardrobe now and I wouldn’t be without it after I first discovered it in Hobart all those years ago. We live in Daylesford in the central highlands of Victoria - a climate much suited to layers and layers of woolly clothing.

Long may you thrive and thanks again!

Nancy - August, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

I am going to place yet another order when I get back from my holiday in Spain. I've taken my Smitten dresses with me and they've been the best. Honestly they don't smell even after the plane trip and multiple wears in the heat with me sweating away. Should've brought all my Smitten stuff with me!

Cate - August, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you so much for your very personal approach to your customers and for sorting things out so quickly! It is wonderful having such direct contact and feeling like a person and not just an order number! I'm waiting eagerly for my new order - cannot wait!

Thank you again for your friendly and prompt service! I will certainly recommend you to friends!

Linda - August, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you for your wonderful assistance. Appreciate that you made my order so easy. Looking forward to receiving it!

Barbara - August, 2019 - Southern Highlands, NSW

Thank you for your comfortable, gorgeous, ethical and sustainable clothes.

Gabriele - August, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

You have great service and may I just say every time I wear my Smitten, it feels so nice on my skin and I find always more ways to wear the garments. I am looking forward to what's new. Thank you.

Yolanda - August, 2019 - Southern Highlands, NSW

I received my lovely tops this morning - thank you! I also wanted to tell you how HAPPY I was to receive them in a composting bag!!!!! Kudos to you!

Ann - July, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you all at Smitten, my order arrived this morning. Perfect!!

I am 72 years old, and am delighted to discover your quality merino clothing. The fit is just right for me. I’m short, quite slight, and am just loving all that I have purchased from you. For years I have been making my own clothes, so that I can have a garment that actually fits me!

Jennifer - July, 2019 - Perth, WA

Thanks once again for marvelous customer service. It is the icing on the cake of the fabulous Australian Merino clothes you produce.

Donna - July, 2019 - Northern Tablelands, NSW

I love Smitten clothes – beautiful quality and Australian – wonderful! Thank you for your impeccable customer service – what a team 😊

Kitty - July, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Thank you so much for the friendly and prompt service :) I adore your leggings! So warm, thanks again.

Gwen - July, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I love my Smitten tops and never travel anywhere without packing several of them. They are warm for those unexpected cooler days but also cool on the warm ones. I am packing at the moment for a trip to Cairns in Queensland where it will be warmer weather, but I am still taking many of my Smitten tops. Smitten clothing is excellent quality and I often receive compliments. A lady recently commented on lightweight top, but when I told her where it was from, she already knew about Smitten. I love “Smitten Merino”. 💕💐💕

Rebecca - July, 2019 - Canberra, ACT

My sister put me onto Smitten and she said that your customer service is first class. I won't buy merino from anyone else now. I used to buy Icebreaker but it is all made in China now and your wool is softer. Amazing company. Keep up the great work. I am ordering some other goodies shortly.

Joan - July, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Many thanks Smitten for your great service and courtesy.

Samantha - July, 2019 - Alice Springs, NT

I am a Smitten convert – I have several pieces already and love them so much! Thanks for making such beautiful and ethical clothing

Carol - July, 2019 - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

My order arrived today - in a word, "wow!". Beautifully made, fitting perfectly, and true to colour. Most impressed, love them. I will be ordering more! Thank you so much!

Mary - July, 2019 - Phillip island, VIC

My parcel arrived safely and all in such good time! Thank you for the prompt service and I love my new poncho. It’s just what I wanted and will go in my pack on my overseas trip next month! It’s perfect – so soft and elegant. As was the packaging and care you take in presenting your beautiful garments. It’s so nice to know that we are wearing a natural, home grown material that will last the test of time. I often tell my friends to check your website!

Lynn - July, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

My order has just arrived and I love it! Thank you for your amazing service, and for your lovely note and care.

Rebecca - July, 2019 - Ontario, Canada

I have been travelling in South/Central America now for two months in my new Smitten clothes and they have held up amazingly well. I have only needed to do laundry 1-3 times for my garments! I am really pleased with my choices! Thank you so much!

Valerie - July, 2019 - TAS

Thank you so much for the personal touch!

Katrina - July, 2019 - VIC

I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising my exchange and for the first-rate customer service - you do an amazing job! :D

Kathryn - July, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

A big thank you to all of you for your wonderful clothes and amazing customer service!!

Anna - July, 2019 - Mid-Coast, NSW

Received my new coat today it is a perfect fit. Looking forward to placing my next order soon. Also your spectrum of colours and designs are absolutely fabulous. Thank you for your prompt service.
Kind Regards
Anna (a happy customer.😀)

Jane - July, 2019 - NSW

My beautiful clothes have arrived and are fabulous!!!! Thank you very much. I shall definitely be a regular customer.

Jen - June, 2019 - Atherton Tableland, QLD

Thank you very much and I just simply love your clothing. It is stunning in every sense of the word. Please keep up the fabulous work and I look forward to my next purchase.

Karen - June, 2019 - TAS

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such prompt service, thoughtful packaging and a beautiful garment. I am just thrilled with the quality and styling. With much emphasis placed on local and sustainable food here in Tasmania there also needs to be a shift in the way we view our clothing purchases as well. Smitten ticks the boxes in embracing this ethos. I plan from now on in purchasing a few items as needed and supporting my state and the people who put so much passion into what they do.

Karen - June, 2019 - TAS

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for such prompt service, thoughtful packaging and a beautiful garment. I am just thrilled with the quality and styling. With much emphasis placed on local and sustainable food here in Tasmania there also needs to be a shift in the way we view our clothing purchases as well. Smitten ticks the boxes in embracing this ethos. I plan from now on in purchasing a few items as needed and supporting my state and the people who put so much passion into what they do.

Sharyn - June, 2019 - VIC

I've just picked up my order from local post office. I've never bought clothes online before and was a little worried about choosing sizes. I spent a long time on your website deliberating about whether or not to purchase. All that worry for nothing. I'm so happy with the quality of the product. Nice thickness for winter. Very happy with the fit of the long sleeved T's. Lots of room. Thank you. I'm sure I'll be ordering again.

Janette - June, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I appreciate your business ethics very much.

Margaret - June, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Just wanted to say how impressed I am - my parcel arrived in less than 24 hrs since I ordered it. You were so very helpful on the phone, my friends are very jealous of my new Straight Leg Pants which are perfect for the weather we are having at the moment here in Melbourne.

Ulana - June, 2019 - Ontario, Canada

This is just a little note to say “Thank You” for my gorgeous cardigans that arrived to me today here in Canada. I have to say, I can easily see how a person could become ‘smitten’ with the quality of your goods and of course, the beauty of merino.

I’ll be very sure to ‘visit’ in the shop again before too long.

Deborah - June, 2019 - Geelong, VIC

Thank you. The Florence Maxi is truly an amazing dress. Perfect fit and length. Fabric drapes to compliment. Simply ladies, I just adore my new dress. I have already accessorised with your Autumn scarf and Mason hat. Feeling sassy. I appreciate your help and kindness. Looking forward to my next garment already.

Janice - June, 2019 - Gippsland, VIC

I just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how much I enjoyed wearing my Smitten scarves every day whilst travelling overseas. Your fabulous team suggested 2 colours, guava and grey pinstripe, and they worked perfectly with my various tops and Essie hat. Much appreciated and thank you so very much.

Maureen - June, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

I love the Smitten products I bought when in Tasmania - they are ideal for Brisbane winter weather.

Suzanne - June, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I purchased the large striped lightweight scarf and I love it. Keep up the good work. The quality and design of Smitten are most appreciated by this shopper - proud to buy Australian.

Erin - June, 2019 - Albury, NSW

I absolutely love your beautiful knits (I love my black oversized poncho and my classic poncho in stone)!

Zoe - May, 2019 - New Zealand

I love your stuff. I am literally dressed top to toe in Smitten.

Anna - May, 2019 - Adelaide, SA

It’s so wonderful to purchase a high quality locally made product that is made from natural materials. I’m so glad I discovered your company! Thanks for all your work.

Fiona - May, 2019 - Goolwa, SA

I am a very happy Smitten customer (aren't we all?) and continue to take great pleasure in supporting a company with strong values for how they conduct business. My mother was a dressmaker (just for us at home) so it is nice to think that each garment I buy was hand made by local employees, and created from sustainable fabrics and materials.

I really enjoy the mix and match(!) In fact I love how the colours all interact so well - makes it so easy to enjoy creating an outfit.

And I have to say I just LOVE my striped leggings - for yoga and etc they are just fantastic and ... cheery! And no doubt the Californian poppy red heavyweight zip top I just ordered will look just FAB with them on those cold winter mornings as I make my way to class.

Cheryl - May, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

Thank you. My items arrived in today’s post and I’m already wearing them! It is freezing in Melbourne and it is so light snug and warm. I recently returned from a river cruise in Europe and they had an historic arctic cold blast whilst I was there. I’d slipped my Smitten beanie into my jacket pocket - just in case. I wore it constantly and it was great. So small, light and most effective. You can pop it into your purse or handbag. I love it.

Elizabeth - May, 2019 - Brisbane, QLD

I really am happy when I wear anything blue so I have decided to order another pair of blue pyjamas. They are so comfortable and I love supporting the wool industry. Continue the good work.

Janette - May, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Wonderful to receive such a quick delivery. Thank you for your great customer service and beautiful clothing.

Bee - May, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

I absolutely love Smitten clothes, they are so comfortable to wear and stylish too. I have trouble with body temperature regulation and wearing Smitten clothes is a breakthrough in comfort for me.

Ann - May, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

My order arrived today and so quickly. Impressive! Thank you for your advice regarding sizing, both garments fit perfectly. I now look forward to wearing these beautiful garments!

Marette - May, 2019 - Adelaide, SA

I opened my new dress last night, and am so proud to say I purchase your products. Presentation is spot on, it is like receiving a treasured gift. My Florence dress fits perfectly on my tall (180cm) plus size body (size 18). And as always I love, love, love the Smitten products and service.

Wendy - May, 2019 - South-East Coast, NSW

Thank you for my very first Smitten order - it is a perfect fit and so lovely and warm and comfortable, not to mention very stylish! As I have arthritis in my knees, I crave wool on them whenever it's even slightly cold.

Thank you so much and I look forward to trying some more Smitten designs and visiting the shop in future,

Kate - May, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Just want to say a huge thank you for shipping my items so quick. Love that you use a compostable bag - it’s a massive tick in my eyes and your packaging didn’t have any unnecessary plastic. Glad to have bought locally, your products feel amazing and I can’t wait to wear them properly. The sizes I got were perfect! And, a handwritten note is always a lovely touch. Thanks again!

Judy - May, 2019 - Launceston, TAS

Got my parcel today. Loved it loved it loved it Thanks you so much. I will be ordering more from you. Size was just right.

Diane - May, 2019 - Mildura, VIC

Just wanted to let you know the parcel arrived safely and everything fits - yay! My beautiful aubergine scarf, which I've already worn with my aubergine cardi, is the very thing and winning me some lovely compliments. Happy, happy Smitten customer and very grateful for all the help received from you.

Jeni - May, 2019 - Castleamaine, VIC

Well it didn’t take long to decide what else I needed from your fabulous Smitten collection. And your cosy PJ’s arrived in the nick of time, as winter here has suddenly started in earnest.

Thank you again for your super service.

And now that I am totally Smitten-ed from head to toe – feel that I am finally fully equipped to face the worst weather which Winter can deliver to our Central Victorian Goldfields.

Suzanne - May, 2019 - Riverina, NSW

Thank you for providing the most gorgeous clothes ever, they are amazing.

Jenny - May, 2019 - Lithgow, NSW

Thanks so much Smitten. Your diligence at getting orders out promptly was commendable as well as your detail to packaging. Many thanks again

Margaret - May, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

Love, love, LOVE all my gorgeous new items! The fabric is soft, the drape is lovely and they are all beautifully made. I’m set now for decades of cosy warmth.

Lyn - May, 2019 - New Zealand

This morning I received my new Smitten garments. I compliment you on the beautiful way it was wrapped and packaged. We have recently had a two month holiday in Tasmania and I saw your stall at the Salamanca markets but I rushed past. Fortunately I had your pamphlet and trusty Google - problem solved and I am really pleased with my goodies.

Natashia - May, 2019 - Melbourne, VIC

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your ethics. I am trying to buy only ethical clothes and shoes, and only natural fabrics. Smitten ticks all my boxes for ethical clothing that is locally made.

While your clothes are expensive (for my personal circumstances) they are great quality, and I would prefer to invest in a few pieces in my wardrobe that are ethical and will last years than heaps that are poor quality and exploit others.

Thank you for caring. I wish you all the very best in what you do.

Bev - May, 2019 - Perth, WA

So love the Kimono coat after being here in Japan and seeing all the fashion. I tended to live in the red Holly dress with leggings, short boots and either red or black swing cardigan and paprika scarf. Kowloon dress was handy for dinner with scarf or silk square. It even visited Kowloon!!! Love it so much that I have ordered black one, yes black, but will cover it with other bright accessories. Both Kowloon and Holly disguise the overeating for one month on the ship. Home tomorrow and the diet begins.

Fiona - April, 2019 - Hobart, TAS

I received my Smitten package in the mail last week with much delight. I just wanted to thank you for it being sent so promptly, for everything being so beautiful and for sending my order in a compostable bag! I was thrilled that I could put the mail bag into my compost with my other food scraps! Such a good idea and so welcome!

Jenifer - March, 2019 - Castlemaine, VIC

Thank you so much for your very prompt, particularly informative help!

My order started out small but I've added some more base layers based on your advice - to keep me even warmer over the chilly winter months ahead 😋

And I am greatly looking forward to receiving more gorgeous Smitten goodies very soon 👍

Carolyn - March, 2019 - Bendigo, VIC

So lovely to receive my new Smitten order this morning - and so quick! I ♥️ them both, of course. I’m heading away down near Daylesford and very cold weather is forecast so these will be perfect. Thank you so much.

Helen - March, 2019 - Sydney, NSW

I just wanted to say thank god for Smitten ponchos! I had a baby on Friday and it's been my wardrobe staple so far. I can feed while wearing it because it's easy to keep it out of the way but I stay warm. I look and feel better walking around the hospital ward because it's as comfy as pjs but it isn't. I also sleep in one… well, forget sleep, that's all in the past… I have six minute naps in it!

Maree - March, 2019 - Queensland, Australia

Many thanks for your terrific responses to my questions - wonderful news that it the scarf I was after was available! It will look gorgeous with my black woollen Holly dress, black and white hat, black gloves and pearls. I will be wearing the outfit at a special dinner in Edinburgh, Scotland in a couple of months time. I’l be very proudly showing off aussie wool (and Broome pearls!!)

Cheers and thanks again for beautiful products, gorgeous colours and lovely classic modern styles.

Christine - March, 2019 - ACT, Australia

I just picked up the new dress I ordered online and just wanted to say it fits great and thanks for all your advice, it was so good to get such wonderful help!

Connie - February, 2019 - Colorado, USA

My order arrived safely, and I am so thrilled to have yet another pair of your leggings! Thanks for your attention to detail, even in the packaging!

Deborah - February, 2019 - Perth, WA

Thank you for such wonderful, quality Aussie made products! Recently, I took a trip with my fiance to visit his sister in Canada. As luck would have it the airlines lost our bags on the way there for the first 2-3 days. Fortunately I was decked out in my Smitten fleece leggings and scarf. What life savers! Comfortable, easy to wear and match with anything... quick dry too! Kept me warm and happy in Vancouver's winter until our bags finally showed up! Thank you for supporting the Wildlife Bush babies and snake rescue charity too... such a great company. I'm smitten with Smitten and will keep adding to my ever growing collection and telling my friends and family where I got these amazing merino items from!

Terese - January, 2019 - Toowoomba, QLD

Just got back from NZ & wore my Smitten outfits a lot… Am loving just how cool wool is in Summer… fab!

Marion - November, 2018 - Sydney, NSW

I'm currently in Italy, then my skirt, Smitten high waist leggings and fleece leggings and I are going to visit Austria, Estonia, Finland and Germany.

So far the skirt and leggings are fabulous together with boots, especially for going out for dinner when one is tired of walking shoes and travelling pants!

Mel - November, 2018 - Melbourne, VIC

I just wanted to say a big thank you for another year of supplying us with the most beautiful and unique products.

A special thank you also, for sending my last order so promptly. I look forward to shopping with you again.

Lorraine - November, 2018 - Ballarat, VIC

Thank you for such prompt and polite service.

Karen - November, 2018 - WA

I am slowly building up my Smitten wardrobe! I always feel so well dressed and comfortable in my Smitten just love it. Thank you look forward to purchasing my next addition. My dresses, cardigans and ponchos have received so many compliments. Wonderful.

Mandy - October, 2018 - QLD

What an incredible service and product you have created. I received my beautifully wrapped dress with a lovely note attached. I am completely thrilled with my purchase. I can't wait now to add new purchases for my family and as gifts with complete confidence. This is an Australian company to be proud of.

Linda - September, 2018 - Dubbo, NSW

Hugely impressed by everything. Mail order can be fraught even though I know the product! I'm a kiwi and have loved and supported the wool industry as a knitter and shopper since I first sailed away to New York as a 21 year old!! Again many thank yous and I remain a constant shopper...

Natalie - September, 2018 - Malaysia

I have just received my items which landed in Malaysia very promptly. I love the handwritten note and the bag it came in. I have my eyes on other pieces too. Well done as always on your exceptional service and products.

Raelene - September, 2018 - NSW

Thanks for creating such a soft, practical, reliable and versatile Australian product.

Glen - September, 2018 - QLD

Bought some of your range a few years ago when we were in Tasmania but living in Queensland didn't think to use them when we got back here. Then went to Iceland at beginning of this year and took them for the cold weather. Came back to a southern Queensland winter and just kept wearing them. Now I wear them most days and they are amazing in all climates. Will be adding more garments because of the quality. Love that it is Australian! Thank you!

Rhonda - September, 2018 - Newcastle, NSW

Thank you so much – love the Smitten service (and product of course!).

Sancy - August, 2018 - South Coast, NSW

Thank you! Such perfect items in lovely packaging, and quick delivery.

Rebecca - August, 2018 - TAS

I am thoroughly addicted to Smitten. Thanks for being excellent, all of YOU and all of EVERYTHING!

Annette - August, 2018 - Bundaberg , WA

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your clothing. I always feel comfortable, warm (and fashionable) when I wear it.

My son and daughter-in-law live on a historic property in western NSW that has been growing fine merino wool for 150 years.

I like to think that some of their wool ends up in Smitten garments, being Australian made!

Fiona - July, 2018 - SA

I continue to enjoy my wool garments and already have my list for the next purchase.

Noelene - July, 2018 - VIC

My experience dealing with Smitten has been an extremely pleasant with the very best of customer service. It is wonderful to be treated with courtesy, good manners and appreciation along with amazing products. Thank you Smitten it has been a delightful experience.

Carol - July, 2018 - ACT

The quality of the garments is wonderful and I look forward to purchasing many more items from you.

Noelene - July, 2018 - Shepparton, VIC

Thank you very much for my beautiful scarf. I look forward to receiving many future orders and I truly appreciate your excellent, polite service with lovely wrapping and explanation of the product. A few more businesses could take a few lessons from Smitten Merino. Again thank you and I will certainly keep your catalogue at my fingertips.

Prue - July, 2018 - Toowoomba, QLD

It is a pleasure to deal with you – fabulous customer service!

Margaret - July, 2018 - Narrandera, NSW

I have received my leggings that I ordered...what excellent service.

I purchased my very 1st garment in 2008 and am still wearing it! I have gone on to purchase numerous pieces and all still in pristine condition....I think on my last count I have reached 15....well worth the investment. Thank you again.....I’m Smitten 🤗

Megan - July, 2018 - Canberra, ACT

Beautifully made and beyond my expectation.

Anthea - June, 2018 - Bungendore, NSW

I so look forward to wearing my new Smitten clothes. I have admired a friends scarf that she bought at the Salamanca markets when visiting 2 years ago and it still looks like new and she wears it a lot!!

Linda - June, 2018 - Maranoa Region, QLD

I received my Smitten order in western Qld last Friday - very unexpected lovely and speedy service! There ended my question of what to wear that afternoon when w/e guests arrived... also to the Rugby Races in Roma on Saturday!! Received plenty of compliments! We have a merino stud so was pleased to be able to tell everyone they should be wearing wool as well!

Michele - June, 2018 - Launceston, TAS

As I like to travel with just carry-on luggage my favourite clothes to take away are my Smitten dresses. We have just returned from a tour of Egypt and a cruise, my three dresses were perfect for exploring the streets of Cairo to dinner on the cruise ship.

Thank you and hugs

Julie - June, 2018 - Adelaide, SA

I have been so wonderfully helped and am very very impressed with your excellent customer service. Thank you to everyone who has made my shopping experience with Smitten exceptional and of course my beautifully made garments!

Diana - June, 2018 - Bungendore, NSW

I love my Smitten, which is getting a good workout as we have pretty cold weather here. Really with the layering tricks means I live a comfortable winter both indoors and out. Have just opened my dressing gown and it exceeds my wildest dreams. So will be snuggled up in my jammies with it on tonight watching TV. Best of all it doesn’t go snap crackle pop (with static).

Jill - June, 2018 - Douglas, VIC

Received my order yesterday – fabulous as usual, I have just returned from a holiday in Scandinavia and I took 3 of your beautiful garments as gifts for friends of which they just loved. Keep up the great work – love from a Victorian wool grower

Marion - May, 2018 - Melbourne, VIC

I just wanted to let you know that my merino pieces arrived today, and it was as good as Christmas. They fit perfectly and look and feel absolutely gorgeous.

I am still amazed at the range of beautiful clothing you offer. I had been looking all over for travel clothes, and most of them were so drab (sometimes downright hideous) that I was almost ready to give up. I certainly couldn't imagine wearing any of them on the streets of Milan! I am so glad I found my way to your well-designed website. I am very impressed with both your stylish clothing and your caring service - congratulations!!

Lorrie - May, 2018 - Alberta, Canada

I am smitten with Smitten! Just received today my very first order from you as a customer. Well, You now have my life long business. I am so impressed with every aspect of the items, the customer service, speedy process and shipping. For quite some time I have been addicted to merino wool. I do not want to wear anything else. But to find the designs, styles, colours and exceptionally made items and in my fav Merino wool also, well, What more can I say. Very happy indeed.

Meredith - May, 2018 - Sydney, NSW

I'm so pleased to have discovered Smitten and your quality clothing that is made to last - I'll definitely be recommending you to my friends!

Bev - May, 2018 - Perth, WA

My Smitten Wardrobe had constant wear in Northern France (including at the dawn service at Villers Bretennoux where it got really chilly). Just so warm! It also got quite a workout, even in Venice where it warmed up considerably! We are off to the Red Centre on Sunday for 11 days photography where we are told it will be around freezing at dawn, when we start the day, so leggings, etc are all washed ready to go...

Andrea - May, 2018 - Gold Coast, QLD

I appreciate your fantastic service - the best around! I have, and will, return as a customer of Smitten in the future!!!

Claire - May, 2018 - Bilgola, NSW

My Smitten wardrobe is full of well loved favourites and I cannot resist adding more to my collection. My Smitten dresses and scarves take me everywhere - they always look great and with machine washing and being super fast drying they are so easy to care for.

I should also let you know Smitten scarves have made fantastic birthday presents for my family and friends and they are a fantastic way of spreading the word on Tasmanian high quality, ethically made fashion.

Sallie - May, 2018 - Singapore

I have to tell you that your fine merino clothes are ideal for wearing in the glorious heat and humidity of Singapore. Thanks to all the sheep that make my life in Singapore so comfortable.

Jo - May, 2018 - Melbourne, VIC

I bought one of your dresses about 2 years ago whilst visiting Hobart and I just love it. Have had so many compliments about it. Really looking forward to my new items that are on the way - and the many more to come!. Keep up the good work your clothes are beautiful.

Margi - May, 2018 - Adelaide, SA

I have bought so many of your lovely garments, I just wanted to send you a line and Thank you. The clothes all wear well and keep their shape: from the dresses, skirts and tops to the long drape cardi’s (I have 3). I received my lovely new Indi dress(in red) yesterday and just love it. The thing I like about your range is it’s classic, but also imaginative style which cuts through any age (I’m 59 and have been buying your garments for a few years now). Thankyou..and please keep on making! Margi..Smitten Devotee

Tanya - May, 2018 - Perth, WA

I have placed another new order last evening and cant wait to receive it. I have a new favourite shop!!! My orders are always beautifully packaged and such a thrill to open

Martina - May, 2018 - Hawaii, USA

I can not tell you how much I love my Smitten items! I have purchased a complete new wardrobe from you since discovering your boutique last December! Wearing Smitten in a tropical climate is a pleasure as the fabric breathes and keeps me comfortable; and I love how warm and snug my dresses, pants, tops, cardis etc. make me feel over evening and early morning in the Hawaiian winter months. I mix and match my outfits every day and always look fantastic. You have truly brought some light and happiness into my life! Thanks so much Nicola and the Smitten team!

Clare - April, 2018 - USA

I love your clothing. Tasmanian at heart, I now live in USA. Wear your tops and my lovely black poncho all the time - so good for layering over here when the weather gets really cold. Even wear the thin underlays skiing and turn into a fashionable apres ski very quickly!

Cheryl - April, 2018 - Melbourne, VIC

Congratulations on your great business, not only are you providing wonderfully comfortable and exciting fashion garments that are a joy to wear and suitable in all weather conditions, their manufacture is environmentally friendly.

Eva - April, 2018 - Alberta, Canada

Just got my goodies - oh my - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! I think I'm an addict!!! Thank you so much!! The sizing is perfect, the colours are divine!! I so love your products :) I will enjoy wearing them as I travel across Canada this summer!!

Susannah - March, 2018 - California, USA

I bought two of the drape cardigans and am thoroughly enjoying them now I am back In California. The perfect weight for our climate.

Helena - February, 2018 - Sweden

I had intended to write you for a while now to thank you for the very friendly and personal service I received when you sent those fabulous clothes I had ordered. I could quite easily exchange my entire wardrobe for your clothes and may well do so in due time.

Martina - January, 2018 - Hawaii, USA

LOVE wearing Smitten in Hawaii... it's perfect for those cooler Winter days... and when it gets too hot I love wearing your Jackie dresses! They keep me comfy even in hotel weather!