Merino Wool Coats & Jackets

Our luxurious merino wool coats will get you through even the chilliest days. Breathable and splendidly warm, our selection of coats will ensure you stay comfortable and ready to brace the cold days. Stay rugged up in style when out and about for lunch, morning work commutes, or shopping trips. Browse through our range of short and long coats, which include a variety of flattering silhouettes and colours to keep you looking fabulous throughout winter, and the rest of the year.

Smitten's contemporary women's merino wool coats and wool blend cashmere coats come in classic black, and gorgeous seasonal shades.

Shop in our online boutique to find the fabulous merino wool coat that'll allow you to express your signature style for years to come.

Stay warm and effortlessly chic whenever it's chilly in a high-quality Australian-made wool coat or wool blend coat from Smitten. Let us help you to find the style that suits you – something shaped that fits close to your body, a versatile style you can wear different ways, or one with playful movement. A coat you love will love you back. Throw it on and feel more polished whether you're dashing down to do a school pick-up or meeting someone special.

Fabulous vs sensible? Why choose when you can have both?

Your outer layers are what people see all the time in winter. We've designed beautiful, warm coats in sumptuous neutrals or colours that will brighten up your skin, eyes and hair. Our quality wool coats are designed and stitched by our Tasmanian makers to fit over your layers without static, coordinate with your wardrobe and allow you to move with ease. Our range includes a mix of luxurious alpaca, cashmere and merino wool blend coats.

Take the guess-work out of choosing a merino wool coat that will look and feel sensational for many years

It's an important decision to choose the high quality wool coat that you'll enjoy wearing for years. Take a look at the coats in our online store and see which ones make your heart skip a beat. We've tried to describe all the features of each coat, however, if you want more info and some personal guidance, one of our stylists will happily help you to find your new signature merino wool winter coat.

Ethical wool, sourced from local farms – caring for animals and caring for you

We believe the future is in slow fashion. All Smitten merino wool is sustainably grown using non-mulesed sheep. The ultra-fine merino wool in our wool coat goes through a thorough quality control process before being delivered to you, which includes; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining and construction. In the end, you receive a stunning, sustainable, natural fibre coat that have been tested for all-weather.

Smitten wool is a super-soft textile with incredible breathability and temperature control - warm in winter, breathable when it gets a bit warmer. You can enjoy wearing the same garment all year round. Merino wool is an excellent natural option for sensitive skin, with no-itch and the extra convenience of being machine washable. Your coat is sewn  by a team of talented women, and is sold by our proud family business. Thank you for support Smitten.

Women's Merino Wool Coats and Jackets | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.