Women's Merino Wool Jumpers and Chunky Knits

Our collection of wool jumpers and chunky knitwear is the epitome of warmth, luxury, and style. Australian made with 100% merino wool, our gorgeous jumpers will keep you warm throughout the cooler seasons. Our beautifully soft wraps are a versatile addition to your wardrobe, offering stylish coverage. Our chunky scarves will be your best accessory through autumn and winter. 

Smitten makes contemporary Australian pure merino wool jumpers for women who want warmth and style

Express your style in a high-quality knitted merino wool jumper in a stunning colour.

A Tasmanian-made superfine merino wool jumper in a stand-out colour is an easy and elegant accessory. And, since they don't crush, you can pop one in your bag in case it gets cooler. Choose a colour and style and weight that will suit your wardrobe and your life.

Experience the incomparable look, fit and feel of a real merino wool jumper

Your body will love the smoothness and natural climate-control of our super-fine merino fabric. Merino wool breathes more than cotton, so helps you to regulate your temperature. We've refined our styles over time, with expert Tasmanian garment workers ensuring they're tailored for maximum comfort, flow and flattery. Our jumpers are machine washable, so they look superb for years without any special treatment.


Need some give-and-take from your clothes? Smitten jumpers have you covered

The stretchy, high-quality designs and luxurious wool fabric of your Smitten jumper will adapt to body changes as well as changes in the weather.

Ethical wool, sourced from Tasmanian and other Australian producers – caring for animals and caring for you

All Smitten merino wool is sustainably grown using non-mulesed sheep here in gorgeous Tasmania and other select regions in Australia. The ultra-fine merino wool in our jumpers undergoes a stringent process before it touches your body; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result is stunning sustainable, natural fibre garments that have been tested in all weather.

Smitten wool is a distinctive, super-soft fabric with incredible breathable, thermal properties, so you can wear the same garment in layers to keep you warm on cool days without bulk, and on its own in warm weather to give you breezy, comfortable style. Merino wool is a beautiful, natural option for sensitive skins, with the convenience of being machine washable. Our products are sewn here in Australia by skilled women, and sold by our proud Tasmanian family business.

Women's Wool Jumpers and Chunky Knitwear | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.