About our fabrics

Spun from super-fine merino, our wool is sourced from Tasmanian and Australian premier wool growing regions. It’s our passion to provide you with garments that are natural fibre, sustainable, and environmentally aware. All Smitten merino wool is sustainably grown and non-mulesed. Our manufacturing procedure undergoes a stringent process before it touches your body; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result, a product that looks and feels better, lab tested in our own Tasmanian backyard.

Smitten wool is a distinctive fabric that is super-soft and generates warmth for those cooler occasions, plus is lightweight and favourable for those warmer months with its breathability allowing you to layer without uncomfortable bulk.

It is soft on your skin but also tough enough to be washed in the washing machine – throw it in and go.

Let yourself experience a little piece of luxury that will stand up to all conditions.

How do I care for the fabric?

Wool is a hard wearing, natural protein fibre and all of our products are manufactured using machine washable yarns. We do strongly recommend that all our garments are stored appropriately, and washed on a wool specific program using a Woolmark approved detergent at a maximum spin speed of 600 rpm. Dry out of direct sunlight, fold or hang garment, warm iron if preferred.

Never use biological detergents or stain removers

Remember: Never use biological detergents or stain removers on wool fibres because the enzymes contained in these products will literally digest the fabric.

Non biological products which contain bleach will lead to progressive fading and may weaken the fabric, leading to holes in the garment… scary but true. A regretful customer writes:

"I just popped my super favourite swing dress in with a quick 30 minute load using Bio-Zet without thinking. My previously perfect dress now has at least seven holes in it. Can't believe that stuff is so powerful."

Can I wash the garment in the washing machine?

Heavier, Smitten Chunky Knits are not recommended for machine wash. Hand wash only.

But otherwise, yes you can! – on a gentle cool wash with an approved wool garment powder or liquid. Do not bleach.

For your convenience, excepting our chunky knit range, all of our knitwear is fully machine washable. So many other makes of knitwear are hand wash only; we hope this makes your life easier! Please however ensure you use an appropriate spin speed and temperature setting. Fast spinning can stretch your jersey and temperatures over 40 degrees can matt and shrink the wool.

What kind of detergents can I use?

Wool specific detergents are available at all supermarkets and many sell Wool mark approved own brand products.

Will it shrink in the wash?

No – our merino wool is a stable product, therefore it should not shrink.

Can I iron it?

Yes you can - using a warm iron is fine, but often creases disappear when drying or fall out with body heat.

Can I put my Smitten in the dryer?

No – definitely not recommended.

How long does it take to dry?

Superfine merino dries very quickly. Once washed gently squeeze and hang out to dry. Can be dry in 30 minutes, great when travelling.

Will the wool itch me?

No - new generation superfine merino is super-soft and luxurious to wear, and shouldn’t itch or scratch.

Does it smell?

The beauty of superfine merino is that it breathes exceptionally well, thus minimising odour.

What about pilling/bobbling?

During initial wear all knitwear will shed some of its fibres and create small balls on the surface of the fabric. This is normal and a temporary issue and not a sign of poor quality yarns. The small balls that may appear are easily removed with a safety razor or a pilling comb. In time they will naturally drop off during washing and wear.

What's eating my Smitten?

This season is proving particularly bad for silverfish and moths, and as frustrating as it is, these little critters can cause damage in a small amount of time, often only targeting one item of clothing initially, and often the super fine merino that Smitten is known for may be the tastiest option in your cupboard!

Having other wool clothing in your collection untouched and intact does not mean silverfish and moths are not busily at work, moths and silverfish both love to eat wool as it is a protein. If you suddenly discover a few tiny holes that were not there previously, there is a good chance there are moth larvae or silverfish, and they can just target one part of one garment. This is a common problem many people experience.


Buy a Herbal Anti-Moth Clothing Protector

Hang this sachet in your cupboard to subtly perfume and freshen your clothing while naturally repelling insects.

Keep the moths away. Store your woolens in sealed containers. If the insects cannot lay eggs, they will not eat your clothes. A drawer may not offer enough protection. Cedar chests, and cedar balls have a reputation for deterring moths, but this has not been proven--many people like the smell, however. We recommend that you store precious smitten in a ziplock plastic bag - and even sprinkle with black pepper - as this is also a deterrrent.

Freeze your woollens overnight in the freezer to kill off eggs/larvae.

Lavender essential oil is the absolute best oil for keeping moths and silverfish out of your cupboards and away from your woollens.

Benefits Chronic Skin Conditions

If you suffer from dermatitis and eczema, did you know that the Superfine Merino used in Smitten's products has been proven helpful and to even improve these conditions?

Read more about the study in Beyond the Bale