Merino Wool Scarves and Wraps

Explore our collection of merino wool scarves to find the perfect addition to pull your outfit together. Merino wool is known for its versatility, comfort, and reliability. Our scarves can be excellent wraps, shawls, leg blankets or head wraps. With a large variety of colours and patterns to choose from, you can find the perfect scarf to jazz up any outfit.

An ultra-soft Smitten merino wool scarf is a versatile and luxurious accessory – loved by women all over the world

One stunning wool scarf can be worn so many ways.

Wear yours as a beautiful pashmina, scarf, wrap, beach towel, travel rug, shoulder protection from the sun, superwoman cape, turban, sarong, picnic rug, baby wrap - and so much more... A stylish scarf can complete your outfit. It's a versatile and stylish addition to your Smitten wardrobe!

A stylish merino scarf is portable and practical: for sun, wind protection or extra warmth.

The wide Smitten Merino wool scarf folds down small but opens up to measure around 2 metres in length, and approximately 60cm (striped) to 75cm (solid colours) wide in luxuriously soft 100% merino wool fabric.

Finally, an accessory that's functional and fashionable.

Our popular range of wool scarves comes in joyful colours, prints and fabric weights to fit your personality and your life. A luxurious scarf or shawl will add some effortless European chic to the simplest outfit.

Ethical wool, sourced from local producers. Feel good about your fashion

Your merino scarf is made from the wool of non-mulesed sheep. The ultra-fine merino wool in our scarves undergoes a stringent process before it arrives at your doorstep; cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result is a durable natural-fibre scarf that has been tested in all weather.

Smitten wool is a distinctive, super-soft fabric with incredible breathable, thermal properties. that's why you can wear the same garment in layers to keep you warm on cool days without bulk, and on its own in warm weather to keep you comfortable in style. Merino wool is a beautiful, natural option for sensitive skin, with the convenience of being machine washable. Our products are sewn by highly skilled women.

Women's Merino Wool Scarves | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.