Women's Merino Wool Beanies and Gloves

Soft and warm fitted skullcap style merino wool beanies- great for walking, running, skiing and bike riding, these beanies fit under helmets for comfort and warmth paired with your safety.

Smitten's super-fine Australian-made merino wool beanies are chic and durable

Keep your head warm in style in a Tasmanian merino wool beanie.

Choose a beanie in the perfect weight and colour for your next adventure. There's nothing as comfortable as a climate-controlling breathable wool beanie. Light-weight beanies are perfect to wear even under a hood or helmet. For really cold days you might reach for a mid-weight or heavy-weight style.

Silky smooth merino wool beanies feel as wonderful as they look

Our outstanding range of colours, patterns and weights of beanies make them a popular accessory for people who expect style + comfort. Throw them into the washing machine and they'll be as good as new.

Choose your own adventure: running, biking, kayaking, snowboarding.

Whatever you're up to, your portable and light-weight merino wool beanie can be ready at a moment's notice in your bag or pocket. Smart enough for your urban adventures and technical enough for your bushwalks – this will be your favourite winter head-warmer.

Beanies made of ethically sourced wool

You can feel good about your choice of Smitten. Our beanies, gloves and other wool garments and accessories are made of wool that is grown sustainably from non-mulesd sheep on responsible, local farms. The ultra-fine merino wool in our wool beanie undergoes an intensive quality control process before it touches your body, which includes cleaning and spinning, colouring, design, machining, construction and quality control. The end result is stunning sustainable, warm, natural fibre beanie that has been tested in all weather.

Smitten wool is a distinctive, super-soft fabric with incredible temperature regulating properties, so you can wear the same garment in layers to keep you warm on cool days without bulk, and on its own in warm weather to give you breezy, comfortable style. Merino wool is a beautiful, natural option for sensitive skins, with the convenience of being machine washable. Our products are sewn and put together by a team of talented women.

Women's Merino Wool Beanies and Gloves | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.