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Smitten Merino - Tasmanian Export Awards 2022 Winner
September 30, 2022

Smitten Merino, based in Hobart, has been honoured once again with the 2022 Tasmanian Export Award for Creative Industries. Tasmania is increasingly developing a reputation across the globe for goods and services of exceptional quality, and these awards pay homage to that. Smitten Merino goes on to represent Tasmania at the Australian Export Awards in November.

About the awards…

Nicola and Carl Mason holding the creative industries award
Nicola and Carl Mason holding the creative industries award

Feel smitten this winter 

Wild magazine, #3 2020

Smitten Merino uses pure Merino wool to make clothing so soft it feels like you're being hugged by a cloud. We speak to founder Nicola Mason and find out more about her Tasmanian-based family business.

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Pure-bred Tasmanian | Australian Country Magazine #232
Apr/May 2020

The Mason family’s clothing brand rides proudly on the back of sustainably and ethically grown Australian superfine Merino wool.

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Smitten Merino - Tasmanian Export Awards 2019 Winner
September 20, 2019

Smitten Merino, based in Hobart, has been honoured with the 2019 Tasmanian Export Award for Creative Industries. The Tasmanian Export Awards are the state’s highest recognition of excellence for companies exporting goods and services.

About the awards…

Nicola and Carl Mason holding the award
Husband and wife team Nicola and Carl at Tasmanian Export Awards 2019

Good for Us, Good for Our Farmers - Ruth #27
Ruth Magazine Winter, 2019

When Nicola Mason started Smitten Merino she wanted to create timeless garments that flattered women of all shapes and made them feel beautiful. But she also wanted to make sure the business would be good for Australian far mers; especially the merino sheep farmers of Tasmania.

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Completely Smitten - Peppermint #41
Peppermint Autumn, 2019

After falling in love with Tasmanian Wool in 2007, Nicola and Carl Mason started Smitten Merino - a family-run brand that continues to champion sustainability and community connection.

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Peppermint Magazine #41 Cover
Peppermint Magazine #41 Smitten Feature

Smitten with Merino - Beyond the Bale
Beyond the Bale June, 2017

Ten years ago, husband and wife team Carl and Nicola Mason had a dream to design lightweight Merino clothing that was stylish, comfortable and practical – and have it manufactured in their home state of Tasmania. A decade later, their business is flourishing. Read the article…

A Local Hero with Global Reach
Australasian Textiles & Fashion Magazine September, 2013

Smitten Merino products have been given as gifts for royalty while its outdoor performance wear is in demand from peak athletes around the globe. Dawn Adams reports. Read the article…

Agfest 2012

Catriona Rowntree wearing our bestselling stripey orange Wide Merino Scarf at Agfest 2012

Merino in Pole Position
Beyond the Bale September, 2011

Polar adventurer Eric Philips has recently returned from guiding Pat Farmer in the Arctic on the first leg of Pat’s “Pole to Pole Run”. Both of them wore Merino wool baselayers to provide protection from extreme cold. Read the article…

Young adventurer smitten with Merino
Beyond the Bale March, 2011

2009 Australian Young Adventurer of Year, Lachie Carracher, battled the Asahan River in Sumatra while wearing one of his Merino tops. Lachie is a new convert to the natural benefits of Merino wool apparel, which he now takes on all his expeditions. “My Merino gear is definitely getting a lot of use!” Lachie says. Read the article…