Our Story

Smitten Merino -  international fashion business, manufactured in Tasmania, Australia. Husband and wife team Carl and Nicola had a dream to design lightweight merino clothing that was stylish, comfortable and practical, and get it manufactured locally. 

Moving from WA to Hobart we fell in love with the climate, the people, the whole island, and especially the sheep! We wanted to know where all the wonderful wool was going, because we were cold and wanted to wear some... So - we decided to make it ourselves.

It is very much a Family Business - as Carl is Main Marketing Man, Nicola is the Designer and Photographer, Holly, our daughter is the face of smitten and head of marketing and media. 

Supporting Tasmania and remaining local has always been our main priority. We wanted to create a unique brand, and offer the world a Tasmanian souvenir that they could wear for years to come.

We want people to think about where their clothes are sourced and produced. We support local manufacture and transparency in fashion. We want to support skilled Australian women to keep sewing our clothing. We believe in sustainability and ethics- and are excited to be a part of the Fashion Revolution because we want radical change.

Company Facts 

We have been running for 12 years and have a large national and international market via our online business. 

All of our manufacturing and designing is done in Tasmania.

Our Smitten headquarters are based in Battery Point, Hobart and co-located with our flagship boutique. 

Our range includes an entire women's fashion line with everything from pants, skirts, dresses, coats, tops, pyjamas, jumpers and underwear. 

We also have an entire active range for both men and women comprising leggings, tops, pants, jumpers, zip-necks, base-layers and more. 

We love working with superfine merino wool as we know we are selling customers more than just a 'fashion garment'.

It is longlasting, breathable, body temperature regulating, odour resistant, quick drying, wrinkle resistant, washable, no itch but rather soothes irritated skin, durable, non-allergenic, renewable, UV resistant and biodegradable. 

It is also a natural and sustainable fabric.

There aren't many fabrics that get that kind of introduction. 

Volunteer involvement and fundraising 

Being a Tasmanian made and owned business we wanted to support something purely Tasmanian hence deciding on the Tasmanian Devil. We were fortunate enough to have these incredible animals residing on our own property and want to do everything we can to save them from extinction from the facial tumour disease wiping them out. 

In June 2019 we raised $10,000 for them with this fundraiser being an annual occasion.We also have hand made devil toys lovingly created by our manufacturing team from smitten off-cuts with 100% if proceeds from these sales going to the Tasmanian Save the Devil Appeal. 


 In January 2020 we donated $11,000 from online sales to the Volunteer fire fighters during the horrific bush fires. 

In 2019 we raised $5,000 for the injured wildlife from the Tasmanian bush fires and continue to provide support. 

Awards and Recognition 

Winner of the 2022, and 2019 Tasmanian Export Award for creative industries. The Tasmanian Export Awards are the state’s highest recognition of excellence for companies exporting goods and services.

CEO and designer Nicola shortlisted as Women's Weekly women of the year in 2018 

Shortlisted in the Tasmanian Design Awards 2019 

Part of the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival on the Identity Runway by the Fashion Advocate 2019 

Featured on the NBN video for successful Australian business powered by the internet