Smitten Merino Pre-loved

Purchased something but didn’t end up wearing it as much as you hoped? Perhaps it just wasn’t your size, your colour, your shape, or an unwanted gift.

Never fear! What wasn’t right for you could be perfect for someone else. Post your pre-loved items back to us and you’ll receive a store credit towards your next Smitten purchase.

  1. Step 1 — Clear out your wardrobe, decide what isn’t quite right for you.
  2. Step 2 — Complete the downloadable form and prepare your pre loved items for return.
  3. Step 3 — Post your items to us
  4. Step 4 — Wait … for your store credit.
  5. Step 5 — Shop away and be SMITTEN!

Smitten branded clothing items (see exclusions below), in like-new condition. Unworn or undamaged. Items/styles do not have to be part of the current range.

Items must have an original RRP/purchase price of $100 or more.

Items must be clean and laundered.

For health and safety reasons we don’t accept pre loved Pyjamas, Leggings, Boy Leg Shorts, Boxer Shorts, Knickers, Socks, Mittens, Gloves, Beanies, Headbands, Neck Warmers, Camisole Tops and Crop Top Bras.

Seconds, samples and items previously purchased as pre-loved cannot be returned.

Sorry, we can’t accept items that have been altered in any way. Each clothing item must have an original RRP/purchase price of AUD$100 or more. To be accepted, an item must have no holes, no signs of wear and tear, no strong smells, no ripped seams and no marks or stains.

Due to customer feedback we have updated our pre-loved tiers. Items will now be credited as per the table below for items returned 20th November 2023 onwards.

Credit notes are calculated per-piece and will be provided as a single code (even if more than one item is returned).

Excellent > 30% of price paid
Like new, no visible signs of wear

Very good > 20% of price paid
Barely worn. Some light wear likely visible

Good > 15% of price paid
Only minor wear is visible.

Fair > 10% of price paid
Normal wear visible.

Garment condition is determined by our team when your item is processed.

Alternatively, accepted items that are returned without proof of purchase (invoice/order number) will be credited $20 per piece.

These figures are calculated on estimated times for our team to finalise the re-homing process.

Once processed, your credit note will be emailed to you as a gift voucher. Simply enter the gift voucher code when shopping online (or bring in store).

Credit notes can be redeemed for any item/s purchased through the website or our flagship boutique in Battery Point.

Yes! If you do not wish to receive a store credit let us know on the pre loved returns form.

Your items will still be rehomed through our website or donated to a local charity of our choosing.

If an item is returned with holes, signs of wear and tear, strong smells, ripped seams and marks or stains we will donate it. Please note, items cannot be returned to you and no credit will be provided for these items

Please post your return items to;
Smitten (PRE LOVED)
47 Sandy Bay Road,
Battery Point TAS 7004

Please include a copy of our pre loved return document.

Alternatively send us an emailwith an attached copy of the form.

Pre loved items are re-sold through our website and boutique according to condition.

Items that do not meet the returns criteria for re-sale are directly donated to a local charity of our choosing.

Please email us at