5 Reasons To Wear Merino Wool Pants For Yoga

July 26, 2023 3 min read

5 Reasons To Wear Merino Wool Pants For Yoga

Yoga Pant’s Dark Past 

Yoga pants have gotten a seriously bad rap over the years. They’ve been synonymous with daggy, unflattering layers of fabric that simply hang over the skin without any attempt to flatter. But something has changed. Yoga pants have become fashionable. Following this reinvention, we are setting a new standard for yoga wear. And we are setting the bar HIGH. Here are our five fantastic reasons to partner with merino wool pants for your next yoga class.

Stretch Without Compromise 

When it comes to working out, you’ll need a material that’s going to perform with you. Merino wool has a natural elasticity that allows it to easily stretch without deforming its original shape. Meanwhile, those who suffer in polyester yoga pants will meet heavy resistance with a material that has absolutely zero elasticity. That’s why other synthetic materials are thrown into the mix to give it a little stretch. Yoga requires complete movement of the body and you certainly don’t want to be stuck with pants that refuse to move with you. Downward dog pose anyone?  

Complimentary Yoga Pants  

Who wants yoga pants that are only fit to be worn on the yoga floor? We say ‘no way’. Life is too short for workout clothes that don’t flatter! Consider how our merino wool Slim Leg Pants taper in a way that elongates the legs, or how our Midweight Yoga Pants beautifully skims curves without hugging them. We present to you pants that can be worn both on the yoga mat AND to your lunch date afterwards. No one will be the wiser! 

Soft & Non-itchy Yoga Pants 

We’re not going to lie, there's a lot of skinship involved with your yoga pants. So don’t waste your dedicated moment to destress thinking about how incredibly itchy or confined your legs feel. Superfine fibres like merino wool don’t itch or irritate the skin – it’s no wonder that some of the world’s most luxury fashion brands also have their eye on merino wool. And the best part? Their warm yet lightweight design means you don’t have to drown yourself in down puffer jackets to beat the cold. Like you, we’re all about warmth without the weight. 

Your Best Friend for Bikram Yoga

Pumped for a hot yoga workout? Welcome to the world of Bikram where your merino wool pants will be your hidden ace. Whether you’re a first-timer or a pro, you’ll be sweating out those toxins in a seriously wet workout. So you’ll need yoga pants that are moisture-wicking, keep you warm even when wet, and dry quickly. With our merino wool pants, you definitely won’t be joining those shivering in the cool down after Bikram! You only need to throw your merino wool yoga pants in the washing machine & they’re ready for your next Bikram workout. 

Best of All Worlds 

Merino wool isn’t just a winter wonder, it’s a trans-seasonal sensation. With superior temperature regulation, it’s the whole package – catering for the warm up, workout, and the cool down. When you’re getting hot on the yoga mat, your merino wool pants will regulate your heat to cool you down. Simply watch your fellow yogis sweat in their polyester and smile. And when you’ve reached the cool down, your merino wool will keep you warm and insulated. TOP TIP: pair with our Coatigan for an extra layer of fashionable warmth after your workout! 

For chillier days, our Midweight 230gsm High Waisted Leggings will be your fave. Whip out our toasty warm merino active socks for even more protection. For warmer weather, be sure to make a date with our gorgeous Knee Length High Waisted Leggings