Merino Wool Pants for Men

Made with superfine merino wool and designed to be highly practical and versatile, our collection of men’s wool pants and bottoms will keep you comfortable no matter the weather or activity. Many of the Tasmanian Police Search and Rescue Helicopter Crew choose our leggings to keep them warm and secure. On summer days, our stylish and practical shorts are the perfect choice for warm weather training.

Comfortable wearing and hard working superfine merino wool pants. Merino wool is easy care,  machine washable, crush proof and odour-resistant. Perfect for the everyday adventurer.

Comfortable Pants for Travel, Gym or Everyday Wear

Our collection includes a variety of pants that are perfect for a variety of activities. Whether you have an upcoming long-haul flight or are just looking for pants that are comfortable and look great for weekend errands and adventures, you can find the perfect pair of merino pants at Smitten.

Wool Pants for Every Season

Merino wool is an excellent textile for winter or summer fashion. Your Smitten Merino pants will quickly become one of the most worn items in your wardrobe due to their comfort factor, versatile style, and design that is great when worn in hot or cold weather

Men’s Merino Pants for Exercising & The Outdoors

Looking for a pair of wool pants for exercising? With just the right amount of stretch, your pants work with you without restricting movement. Our track pants are great for outdoor hiking, jogging or hitting the gym. Layer with a pair of thermal leggings on cooler days for extra warmth. Merino wool prevents overheating when exercising by dispelling heat, rather than keeping it trapped in. This helps you stay active for longer, without feeling sweaty and uncomfortable.

Merino Wool is Naturally Insulating & Lightweight

Some of the top benefits of merino wool that make it an excellent material for your pants are that it is: Temperature Regulating, Odour Resistant, Machine Washable, No-itch, Breathable, Biodegradable, Wrinkle Resistant.

Using a sustainable fabric to produce our garments means you get a quality product, but not at the detriment of the environment. Read more about our commitment to being asustainable and ethical clothing brand.

Men's Wool Pants | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.