Chunky Knits

May 31, 2017 2 min read

Chunky Knits

It is that time of year we start pulling out the big guns in the merino fashion world- AKA our chunky knits. Fortunately Smitten have just released a whole new range of chunky knits just in time for winter. Even though these products look a whole lot thicker they are still made from superfine merino which means, just like the rest of our range, it will have no irritation on the skin.

The key to mastering your chunky knits outfit is to have it act as the 'hero piece' of your look. Be sure not to wear too many chunky items as it will add bulk. In the pic below you will see we have paired bare legs and a mini tube skirt with the indigo chunky roll neck knit. This is a great option as the weather is starting to cool down but you don't yet need full coverage. This look is also an example of the versatility of a chunkier style.

Holly wearing chunky knit jumper

Whether you are after the more classic roll neck style jumper or the funkier poncho designs we have you covered. Pair this with thick leggings/jeans and boots you will have the most comfortable and stylish outfit (this is a particular favorite for travelling.)

A newer alternative is our sleeveless chunky drape- this is the most versatile item you could own. It has the ability to be worn long sleeve, short sleeve, knee-length or hip length... certainly a solid investment to add to your wardrobe.

So time to start adding texture to your merino layers and pair a thinner under layer with something chunky. Don't let the cooler days get in the way of looking stylish and don't let looking stylish get in the way of being warm. With Smitten- you can have both ;)