How To Layer Thermals For Hiking

April 21, 2023 2 min read

How To Layer Thermals For Hiking

Merino Layers For The Best Hiking Experience 

Seasoned hikers will testify that merino wool is your ultimate companion for outdoor activity. Because when you’re on the move, you’ll need a material that’s lightweight, warm, non-itchy and odour resistant. Breeze past those who still suffer in polyester and look the part on your next hike! 

Before You Set Out 

There are two main things to consider when you’re out on the trail: the shifting weather and the changing environment. You could know the weather forecast inside out before your trip - but don’t rely on it. Our top tip for a successful hike is to have your merino wool layers at the ready and be prepared for anything. Smitten tribe, you’ve got this!

You’ll also experience a variety of conditions with the changing environment. The temp will drop if you’ve trekked downhill to an area of damp rainforest, and chilly gusts of wind can hit you as you crest a mountain. Expect the unexpected. 

So how do you master the art of the layering system? 

Cosy & Comfortable Base Layer

Your base layer fits snug against your skin and is designed to be your partner for the whole hike. This layer of merino wool will wick moisture - drawing sweat away from your body to avoid you feeling damp & cold. Even if you get soaking wet from head to toe, your merino wool base layer will keep you toasty. 

So where to begin? For a warm hiking ensemble without the weight, take a peek at our fitted Zero Waste Cami with adjustable shoestring straps. Each piece is unique so look forward to opening your parcel! For bottoms, you’ll love the feel of wearing our thermal 210g leggings under your hiking pants (they’re so light, we’ll understand if you forget you’re wearing them). For an even comfier & secure fit, choose our sensationally popular high waisted version. Base layer: check! 

Versatile Mid Layer

With your base layer covered, let’s trap that heat! Your mid layer is what will stop your body heat from escaping - retaining it and keeping you from cooling down. You’ll need something light and not too fitted for easy movement and moisture management. Want to know the secret to the perfect mid layer? Go with a zip neck so you can easily switch between a turtleneck fit and an open design for ventilation. For the cooler months, check out our 220g zip neck top in four gorgeous pops of colour. Mid layer: check!

Outer Layer & Accessories 

Let’s talk about your main line of defence against the elements: the outer layer. You’ll need something windproof, waterproof and durable. This is the layer you’ll be taking on and off so go for something that packs up tight and light. But the really fun part is the accessories! We’re talking scarves, wraps, beanies, gloves . . . you name it. 

Choose from our fun patchwork Zero Waste Neck Warmers and fluffy warm Merino & Possum Gloves (trust us, these are heaven!). Our extremities need love too so don’t pass up on our midweight merino Hiker Socks and heavyweight 360g thermal beanie in EIGHT colours. You’re ready to hit that hiking trail! 

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