Our Four Cardigan Styles Explained

August 21, 2023 2 min read

Our Four Cardigan Styles Explained

One Cardigan, Four Styles?!

I know right, where to begin? We love how versatile and expressive cardigans are. Ever since their popularisation by Coco Chanel, cardigans have taken the world of women’s fashion by storm. So let’s break down the four main styles of cardigans for those new to the cardi – or back for more!   

¾ Sleeve Cardigans

Our ¾ length sleeve cardigans feel most at home in trans-seasonal wardrobes. They completely conquer the drama of dressing for changing seasons by keeping you cosily in the Goldilocks temperature zone. ¾ sleeves are also extremely flattering in the way that they expose the most beautifully contoured part of the arm. We typically reach for our merino wool ¾ sleeve cardigan on laid-back days, but you can easily elevate your look with heels and accessories.

Crop Cardigans

Our merino wool crop cardis are a classic showstopper, featuring a hemline which sits between your bottom ribs and hips. Reach for your crop cardigan when wearing high-waisted skirts or jeans to flatter your waistline – don’t be afraid to play with colour! If you’re preparing for a night out, the crop cardigan is the ideal choice that provides bulk-free warmth without distracting from your elegant dress. Button up our merino wool crop cardigan for a formal occasion, or leave our Brooklyn Cardigan unbuttoned and draped for more casual styling.

Drape Cardigans

A best-seller and Smitten tribe favourite – the drape cardigan pairs well with almost anything! With no zips, buttons, or fastenings, drape cardis make the easiest fashion statement. You can even wear them at home for your online work meetings and still look the part! Whether it’s coverage from the sun, wind, or cool breeze, the drape cardi is luxuriously comfortable. We love to wear the Mini Drape Cardigan with our maxi skirts and wide-leg pants

Long Cardigans 

Make your figure appear taller and slimmer with the illusionary magic of the long cardigan a.k.a the coatigan. Long cardigans can easily make an outfit look chic and trendy without feeling like you’re wearing long lengths of heavy fabric. For a more fitted finish and an accentuated waistline, pair it with your favourite belt.   

Designed to be worn over just about anything, the coatigan looks exceptional with jeans and tees, maxi dresses, as well as a skirt and top ensemble. Match the colour of your Smitten clothes for seamless layering, or go wild with colour with our limited edition Hooded Coatigan