The Perfect Winter Dress

July 12, 2022 3 min read

The Perfect Winter Dress

Baby it's cold outside! And the idea of wearing Smitten wool fleece trackies and positioning oneself next to the crackling wood fire with a book seems far too appealing..! Life, however, gets in the way of such grand plans, and so if we must leave the house let's do it in style and WARMTH.

Fortunately Smitten designer Nicola has designed a range of comfortable, warm and snuggly DRESSES that will make you the envy of the office- or just the general population.

But before we get too excited about which dress to choose lets talk base layers. I continue to be shocked when I hear that not every soul wears merino leggings daily in winter. Why deprive yourself of such a luxury and leave your poor body vulnerable to the elements? If you do one good deed today, inform people of this winter life saver. If you are one of these chilly uninformed friends- we recommend heading straight for the wool fleece leggings (Thank us later)

Holly wearing wool fleece leggings
Holly on the phone telling her friends to hurry up and buy some of these amazing leggings!!! These babies are available in four colours... get a few and layer ;)

Now before you get sidetracked and find yourself popping that snuggly fleece hoody in your cart, I better steer you in the direction of dresses...

Whether you like long sleeve, short sleeve, A-line or straight we have you covered. But if you don't know where to start we will run you through a few fail safe options that will leave you wanting them in every colour.

Plus.. it is not JUST a dress. The brilliance of superfine merino wool means the garment will self iron, they regulate your body temperature breathing in summer keep you warm in the winter when layered, the merino drapes beautifully, is machine washable, non pilling and lightweight. Did we mention all of our products are made locally in Tasmania? Let the temptation begin...


New to the Smitten range this baby has made her mark. For added warmth put a cami underneath and of course your wool fleece leggings and then layer a drape cardigan with a scarf to complete the look.

Available in 3 colours this dress can be easily dressed up or down and just take all the layers off and use it as a nighty ;) Versatile!


This favourite has been around for a while and isn't going anywhere. Named after the iconic Audrey Hepburn who we admire for her classic style this design oozes sophistication and class. Available in a range of colours with 3/4 sleeve, this shift style dress has a wide hem that sits just above the knee, and an elegant boat neckline.


The name already sounds cozy and thats exactly what it is. With long sleeves and and a high neck, this favourite is the epitome of stylish. Smitten use such superfine merino with the product feeling like silk and has absolutely no itch or irritation (speaking from the perspective of somebody who suffers from Eczema I can certainly vouch for this).

This dress comes in a similar design with a cowl neck which is also very gorgeous! An absolute winner for that office to dinner dress... and comes in sleeveless and long sleeve to allow for extra layering. This dress is also ideal for travelling- rolled up in your carry-on, you'll look great when you pop it on at the other end!

I hope you are now ready to conquer winter in style! Who knew winter dressing could be so fun.

If you want more help or style advice make an appointment at our styling suite in Battery Point, Hobart on 03 6212 0197.

Happy dressing and keep warm,
Love, The Smitten Team xxx