The Smitten Team

January 14, 2020

Carl and Rachael

Our staff are what make Smitten tick; they are the ones who are answering your calls and emails, helping you style your outfits and wrapping your orders up beautifully to send to you (in our biodegradable packaging)

They are passionate about working in a business dedicated to being ethical and sustainable and bring their own ideas on how we can keep getting better as a brand.

They use their own body shapes to bring design ideas to the table and are honest with our customers about style and advice as if they were dressing their own best friend.

It’s the Smitten team that make Smitten what it is and we wanted to introduce you to who is behind the phone and computer and who is waiting for you in our Smitten boutique.

This month we are going to meet Carla and Rachael. Our superstar sales women who you will find in our boutique and picking and wrapping your gorgeous order. They are the ones who answer your phone calls and go above and beyond to make sure you are the happiest customer ever. They are always chipper and smiley and we adore them.

Carla has an amazing eye for style and design. For many years she has been merchandising stylish stores and is ALWAYS in the most amazing shoes. She manages to make Smitten into her own look by pairing two items together we would never have thought of and they look amazing.

We love Carla’s honesty and up front approach so you know exactly what she thinks and believes. Plus she is always making us laugh...

You will find her dancing a couple of nights a week (salsa and tango in her Smitten dresses for their amazing swoosh) and she is also in the process of building a house (We don’t recommend you ask her about it as it’s been going on for a long time now and they haven’t actually built anything yet!)

This style icon is confident and knows how to make you look amazing!

Now here is the gorgeous and sweet Rachael. One of the friendliest and most gentle women who can never do enough for anybody! She is like the mother of the Smitten team, often baking delicious treats and snacks and ready to listen to anything you want to talk about (customers included- she makes so many new friends in the change rooms you will probably find yourself exchanging numbers).

Rachael is an incredible talented knitter and can make absolutely anything (not kidding she recently made a vikings hood for a friends child)

She is also a mother to the gorgeous Rennie with golden hair whom we all love and is a solid ambassador for the kids range.

For honesty and solid advice on how to dress for any body shape Rachael is amazing and knows what to put on everyone from a 6 to an 22 and make them look and feel amazing.

We hope you liked meeting these gorgeous girls and you will find them in the boutique each week and together on a Saturday!

All our love from the Smitten team and thank you for your ongoing support! It’s not just a brand you are supporting but a community xx

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