Understanding rib versus jersey fabric

October 05, 2021 1 min read

A merino wool top

We are often asked what the difference between jersey and rib fabric is as we offer both in our range. They are both merino wool just different knits which affects how the garment hangs on the body and the way it fits.


Rib fabric is a looser weave and has a lot of stretch. It is a very forgiving and relaxed fabric and we recommend always sizing down in items made from rib. We make all of our cardigans out of rib for their relaxed look and incredible drape of the fabric. We now also offer a range of dresses in rib which are less figure hugging. 


Jersey fabric is a much tighter weave and has an almost silky sheen to the fabric. Jersey has hardly any texture in the fabric like rib does however it still has a lot of stretch it just snaps back tighter. Jersey is great for fitted tops/dresses but is also great for slightly more structured styles. This fabric also has amazing drape capabilities.