Warm Vs Cool Tones

May 31, 2017

Warm Vs Cool Tones

When you learn what colours work for your complexion you will start getting a whole lot of compliments. The right colouring against peoples skin has the ability to enhance their looks, add colour, bring out their eyes and make them look younger. It can be as simple as adding the right tone of scarf around your neck that can make a world of difference.

So lets get started... and figure out what kind of colouring you have so we can determine what colours will suit you best.


warm tones

If you have warm colouring, it is likely that you will have one of the following hair, eye colour and skin tone combinations:

  • Your natural hair colour is coppery-brown, chestnut, charcoal brown, dark golden blonde, red, light or dark auburn
  • Your eye colour is brown, hazel, light green or light blue (perhaps with yellow flecks)
  • Your complexion is yellow-beige, golden-brown, yellow, peachy, golden undertones. Tan easily.


cool colours

If you have cool colouring, it is likely that you will have one of the following hair, eye and skin tone combinations:

  • Your natural hair colouring is black, dark brown, medium brunette, ash blonde, silver grey, salt and- pepper or white,
  • Your eye colour is dark brown, dark green, dark hazel or dark blue.
  • Your complexion is black, olive, fair, rosy or pale. pink, red or bluish undertones
  • If you have white skin, it very often burns in the sun, freckly


Now that you have established if you should wear warm or cool colours, the first thing you will notice is how obvious this has all become.

Warm shades are predominantly colours with a yellow undertone - shades of brown, tan, green, teal, gold, burnt-orange and warm red.

If you suit cooler colours, stock up on pinks, purples, lilacs, grey, burgundy, blacks and blues.

We hope you have found this information helpful and start getting the compliments you deserve by showing off what you've got. If you have any further questions regarding colouring or what items might work for you please don't hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our stylists.

We have made sure to stock both warm and cool colours in our range and are more than happy to help you with them.

Happy dressing :)
Love, The Smitten Team xx

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