Wear Wool To Stay Cool

January 14, 2020 2 min read

Our model wearing white Ava dress

There is a myth associated with merino wool where people believe it is a winter only fibre. That it is too hot to wear in warmer climates and often laugh merrily and tell me they live somewhere hot and humid and would have no use for merino. If we are talking a chunky merino wool scarf I couldn’t agree more (and you would look like a complete fool sashaying down the street wearing that in 40 degree temperatures) but if we are talking about superfine merino wool then I couldn’t agree less..

Wool fibers have a naturally rippled structure which allows body heat to be stored in air chambers, allowing optimum insulation. (This is why merino wool clothing is so effective when it's layered)

These air chambers, which as an insulating layer, are proven to be just as effective in the summer as they are in winter. This is due to the wool being able to absorb more than 35% of its own weight in moisture (without getting damp). So if the surrounding air is warm, the moisture dries faster, resulting in refreshing evaporative coolness on the skin.

PLUS merino wool had natural UV protecting properties so throw it over your shoulders when you are sitting back in the sun or use our merino wool mittens as sun protection on the hands whilst driving.

A perfect example of merino wool being worn in warm temperatures is this testimonial from one of our gorgeous customers Martina who lives in Hawaii:

“I can not tell you how much I love my Smitten items! I have purchased a complete new wardrobe from you since discovering your boutique last December. Wearing Smitten in a tropical climate is a pleasure as the fabric breathes and leaves me comfortable; and I love how warm and snug my dresses, pants, tops, cardis etc. make me feel over evening and early morning in the hawaiin winter months. I mix and match my outfits every day and always look fantastic. You have truly bought some light and happiness into my life!”

So basically- the merino wicks moisture making the product feel cool and breathable against your skin in the warmer months and then traps in the body heat when layered in the colder months.

So next time you start packing away all of your winter clothes for the summer (you very organised and efficient people) keep those superfine merino items in reach… with their added ability to drape and flow so nicely and some weights as light as silk, wearing merino on your skin in warm weather feels soft and refreshing whilst the product breaths and remains cool.

Oh! The versatility! ;)