September 20, 2021

Holly wearing Mary Dress in Purple

1. Leggings and a cami as a base layer

Our advice is wear leggings and a cami under everything. Happily we now have leggings in Red, Green, Grey Marle, Magenta and Ivory, as well as Black!

2. Add your favourite dress

Over that base layer, put on your favourite dress, as you now have a skin tight insulating layer, then choose a cardi. The trick is WHICH cardi with WHICH dress?

Short dresses

We suggest with the shorter dresses (Rhianna, Tiffany, Audrey, Ellie) to wear the Drape cardi, or Boyfriend Cardi as those proportions just work well.

Longer dresses

With our longer dresses, Marion Skirt or waisted dresses (Florence, Mary, Sofia, Zoe) we suggest the Long sleeve or 3/4 Crop Cardi, or Celeste jacket. The Coatigan is perfect over the Florence Dress. Of course you can wear any Cardi with any dress that you like, that's just how I've designed the dresses and cardis to work together...

3. Socks and boots

Next you need wool socks (we have some great ones) and long boots to complete your winter outfit!

4. Scarves & accessories

Finally if its REALLY cold (it was -1° here in Hobart this morning!!) wrap yourself in a scarf and wear a woolly beanie or fedora to keep your head warm.

Remember... merino wool breathes, regulates your body temperature, is odour resistant and needs minimal washing or ironing — it really is the perfect fabric!

For more tips on surviving winter, check out our full Layering Guide

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