Wearing Neutrals

March 21, 2023 2 min read

Wearing Neutrals

Do you wear neutrals? Because neutrals are NOT all Boring and Beige. Neutrals are actually the non-colours like black, grey, white, olive, camel, and ecru. They're a series of colours that all work together, so are perfect for layering, and building your capsule wardrobe. And they all work so well with denim.

Personally, I am a head-to-toe Neutrals Girl, I love an all-Cream look (hello Ivory Florence Dress with a Camel coat), but it's not the most practical style! There is something about how effortless and understated wearing lighter neutrals can make you look and feel- especially in the cooler months when our default is often black.

Three Easy Ways to Wear Neutrals in Autumn

1. Highlight with Jewellery and Accessories

Add colour to a monochrome outfit (head to toe Beige, black, grey or navy) by choosing accessories or jewellery in your favourite colours to highlight your hair and eyes. With a light-coloured outfit (like Oatmeal Top, Ivory Jeans), put on a bright scarf - like Guava, Deep Green or Periwinkle. Or add colourful earrings, or a statement necklace. Maybe red shoes- somewhere add something unique that shows your personality and/or favourite colour.

2. Add Interest with Texture

When you pair different neutrals together, for example the structured Navy Ponte Ava Dress with a creamy white rib merino scarf, then layer a cashmere coat, or wool felt hat, or leather jacket. If you're wearing all one colour, different fabric textures are visually appealing. Ivory denim jeans and a Cream Cable Jumper with a soft cream cashmere beret - 3 lovely, varied textures creating contrast but all in one tone.

3. Patterned Neutrals

Adding in a stripe or subtle leopard print to your outfit again adds individuality and interest. A striped scarf over a monochrome outfit, or leopard bag or boots with an all-black look, Neutrals don't have to be plain. But the beauty of neutrals is their versatility - which is why they're a perfect basis for your capsule wardrobe, and why so much Smitten is designed in those neutrals.