What To Wear For Yoga

March 16, 2023 2 min read

What To Wear For Yoga


We saw them everywhere last year, so it’s no surprise that leggings have catwalked their way into 2023. Whether you’re crunching numbers at the office, breaking a sweat at the gym or dining out, leggings are a versatile number suitable for most occasions. Ladies, welcome to the world of ‘athleisure’.

Our Smitten tribe have long since discovered the exquisite feel of merino wool leggings for yoga. The heavyweight 360g merino leggings are the perfect yoga clothing for women, along with our BEST-SELLING 210g high waisted leggings that are so cosy in winter they feel like a warm hug on the yoga floor! The fitted design gives you comfortable coverage and the elasticity of merino wool means that your leggings will move with you - forget fitness gear that fights back when you stretch!

And when your yoga sesh is over and you start to cool down, the full length will keep you warm & cosy - no costume change required. Ready to look & feel fabulous at your next yoga class? Make breathable, lightweight and warm merino wool leggings your go-to yoga wear. 

Comfortably Casual 

While we’d love to sport that professional yoga look, some days call for a more snug alternative. Something that still flatters the figure and looks the part for your next group class . . . Say hello to our organic cotton lounge pants. While merino wool truly is the bee’s knees, it’s not the only material suitable for yoga clothing. Remember, the foundation of yoga is breathing. Not just for your lungs, but your skin too! Cotton will regulate your body temperature so you don’t get too toasty when working out. 

For colder occasions, showoff our fleece lounge pants. While yoga enthusiasts will testify against baggy pants, Smitten’s lounge pants are fitted enough that you can focus on your movement without fussing over your outfit. Our lounge pants also gather at the ankles so you won’t be inventing new yoga poses while tripping over yourself!

True Yoga Look

If you’re really looking to blow your fellow yogis out of the park, then the merino wide leg yoga pants are for you. So what’s to love? They’re seriously flexible and allow for more breathing room and movement. Wide leg yoga pants are the name of the game on warmer days when you want a little more air flow, not fabric hugging every inch of your skin. For cooler days on the yoga floor, our best-selling fleece pants are the answer. Just check out its raving reviews for a million reasons to own a pair. 

Leggings and comfortable yet stylish yoga pants are taking the spotlight in 2023. As the saying goes: diamonds were once a girl’s best friend . . . then yoga pants happened.