Merino Wool Thermal Hooded Tops for Men

Whether out for a hike in the mountains, camping with the family, heading to the gym or simply out doing everyday errands, a Smitten Merino thermal hoody will keep you warm and comfortable no matter what the conditions. Made from super-fine 100% merino wool our technical fabrics are naturally low odour and completely machine washable, making them the perfect adventure travel partner. Convenient and comfortable, Smitten Merino thermal active wear can take you from the gym to the great outdoors – and everything in between.

Merino wool is the world's highest performing natural fibre and we spin it into a product that works as hard as you do. Our super-fine merino wool thermals are great for an extra layer of warmth while still being lightweight and breathable. Super-fine merino wool fabrics wick, breathe, dry fast, are low odour and fit your body perfectly for serious technical performance. Enjoy the outdoors in style!

Fashion Clothing Made From Superfine Merino Wool

Merino wool comes from the fleece of the Merino Sheep, introduced to Australia during the 19th Century. The fibre is natural, sustainable, durable and renewable. Fibre diameter is measured in microns which are determinants of quality and use. It’s breathable, naturally antibacterial, flame resistant, lightweight and soft.

Smitten Merino's Superfine Merino Wool is wool with a fibre diameter measuring between 15.6 and 18.5 micron.

Fibre of this standard has the amazing range of natural qualities as all merino wool but is also highly sought after by the world’s leading fashion houses for its softness, fineness and versatility.

Merino Wool Thermal Hooded Tops | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.