Button Down Pyjama Set - Three Piece Set

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Colour & Size: Navy Blue

Made in Australia.

Now available in a gorgeous 3 piece set so you can choose what you want to wear depending on the season. These are the perfect winter pyjamas for women!

These classic style merino winter pyjamas are ideal if you sleep too hot or too cold because they will help regulate your body heat. And if you suffer from night time sweats (hello hormones) they don't get cold and clammy. Merino absorbs 1/3 of its weight in moisture and is naturally stain and odour resistant.  

Long sleeved collared button through shirt with piped collar and cuffs and breast pocket with matching elastic-waist shorts and elastic waist long PJ loose-fit trousers.

Merino fabric weight is 180-200gsm 

Wearing merino winter pyjamas helps you fall asleep quicker and more easily. What's not to love?

Being a handmade and natural product there can be slight variation within the fabric of our women's winter pyjamas - making each piece unique!

100% superfine merino wool (170gsm jersey fabric)
100% superfine merino wool

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All our superfine merino wool fabric is sourced from 100% Australian farms whose sheep are non-mulesed. We ensure that our wool is of the highest quality and is sustainably and ethically grown.

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