Merino Wool Sleepwear, Pyjamas & Dressing Gowns

Our wool pyjamas act as a second skin providing comfort, protection and breathability giving you the best nights sleep whilst looking good at the same time. Invest in your sleep with Smitten sleepwear.

Are you ready for the best nights sleep of your life? Transform the way you sleep with superfine merino wool pyjamas and sleepwear.

Wearing superfine merino wool pyjamas has been proven to make you fall asleep faster and also improve the overall quality of your sleep by regulating your body temperature. In order to ensure a good night's sleep we need to keep the right temperature and avoid overheating or getting too cold and superfine merino wool does this for us allowing for a seamless nights sleep and therefore improving quality of life.

Our merino wool sleepwear range also includes luxurious merino wool dressing gowns which have the same great temperature regulating benefits whilst also keeping you snuggly and cosy.

Superfine merino wool sleepwear also has antibacterial qualities and skin healing benefits making it the perfect natural fibre to have up against your precious skin whilst you sleep.

Invest in your sleep with Smitten sleepwear.

For a better night's sleep in supreme comfort, spoil yourself in superfine merino wool. It's science!

If you would like some personalised advice on what styles might suit you please feel free to give our lovely team a call on (03) 6212 0197 or pop into our Boutique on 47 Sandy Bay Rd, Battery Point (Tasmania). We'd love to see you!

The little touches to houses make them our homes. We appreciate the virtues and high quality of superfine merino wool in our day to day outfit choices, so why not enjoy that same merino wool luxury in every aspect of life?

Merino Wool Sleepwear, Pyjamas & Dressing Gowns | Made in Tasmania. Inspired by Nature.