Summer Maxi Dresses

Stay cool and look effortlessly fabulous all summer long in a Smitten merino summer maxi dress. Our summer maxi dresses can easily be dressed down for casual days, or dressed up with a jacket and pair of heels for night-time dates and events. It may surprise you that merino wool is an excellent textile to wear in warm weather, due to its light weight, breathability and natural temperature-regulating qualities.

Choose Comfort This Summer 

Lightweight and machine washable, maxi dresses are the perfect choice for braving the summer heat. 

Smitten’s collection of summer maxi dresses are made from breathable superfine merino wool to keep you cool and comfortable. Their ankle length will keep you from getting sunburnt from UV exposure without clinging to your skin. 

Showcase your wool maxi dress this summer and experience the luxury of material that floats on your skin.

Flatter Your Figure 

Smitten’s maxi dresses are designed to make your figure appear taller and slimmer. This is due to the waist being placed higher than regular dresses, making your legs appear longer. Even when paired with flat shoes, your wool maxi dress will work its illusionary magic. 

Turn heads this season with a wool maxi dress that compliments your profile. 

Our Ethics & Standards 

Our maxi dresses are made from merino wool sourced only from non-mulesed sheep. The wool is harvested in a pain-free process to avoid cruelty to the animals. Ethically sourced in pristine Tasmania, our summer maxi dresses are knitted only with premium wool which passes our stringent quality checks. 

Once you’ve experienced merino wool this summer, you’ll wear nothing else.