Heavyweight Leggings 360g
Women's Merino Wool Heavyweight (360g) Leggings

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Colour & Size: Steel Grey
Steel Grey

The ultimate legging for warmth. With these leggings you can go out in winter in a skirt or dress and stay warm. You can look fashionable and stylish but be warm at the same time.

If you are an outdoors person and want to stay warm when around the campsite in winter or heading out into extreme weather then these leggings also come into their own!! (Tasmania, Australian Search and Rescue helicopter crews wear these leggings on winter searches) 

People have worn there leggings sea kayaking around Greenland and hiking to the Poles or just visiting the Arctic .

Super heavy weight for combating the most extreme conditions. 

Inner leg length measures approx. 85 - 87 cm

SIZING- 2XS - 4-6, XS - 6-8 , S - 10 , M - 12, L - 14, XL - 16 , 2XL - 18

You can also try our fleece leggings which feel lighter to wear, are very warm, fluffy on the inside, and stretchy, and hold their shape after days of continuous wear. For general fashion ,daily wear and wear-at- home, or walking the dog on a freezing morning fleece leggings are probably preferred by most women as so light and warm!

100% superfine merino wool
100% superfine merino wool

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