Women's Jumper Dress

Browse through Smitten’s range of trendy jumper dresses in a wide variety of styles to find something to suit your unique style and personality. We have knit jumper dresses in elegant and flattering form-fitting styles, in addition to more relaxed and flowy forms. Merino wool jumper dresses will get you through the entire year in the best comfort and style.

Knitted Jumper Dresses For Any Occasion 

Smitten’s collection of jumper dresses has your wardrobe covered all year round with long sleeve dresses, knit midi dresses and short sleeve jumper dresses. Our superfine merino wool jumper dresses are breathable, don’t cling to your figure and are machine washable. There’s no need to give your new merino pieces special treatment to maintain their luxurious feel. 

Pair your knitted jumper dress with scarves, handbags and complimentary jewellery to upstyle your look. 

Jumper Dresses for All Seasons 

Merino wool has exceptional thermal properties during the cooler months. Even a single, thin layer will keep you cosy, even when wet. For summer, choose from our collection of midi knitted jumper dresses that are lightweight and don’t hug your body in the heat.

Experience the warmth of merino wool in winter or wear a loose knitted jumper dress to stay cool and comfortable in summer. 

Smitten’s Knitted Jumper Dresses Are Ethically Sourced 

The superfine merino wool used in Smitten’s collection is harvested from non-mulesed sheep in a pain-free process. Sourced from the wild state of Tasmania, our merino wool passes the highest quality standards. 

Live in luxury and comfort with Smitten’s knitted jumper dresses.