Merino Wool Maxi Skirts for Women

Find maxi skirts for any occasion online at Smitten Merino. Our merino wool maxi skirts include a variety of styles, from sophisticated a-line skirts suitable for the office, to flowy and light summer maxi skirts. All of the maxi skirts you find in our collection are made of 100% superfine merino wool - a premium textile which is kind to your skin and super breathable, perfect for summer or winter!

Winter in Style 

Showcase elegance this cold season with Smitten’s collection of wool skirts for winter. The thermal properties of merino wool at ankle length will keep you warm with only a single lightweight layer. Choose a no-fuss premium winter skirt that can be machine washed without any special care. Merino wool is the perfect choice for dry, sensitive skin types to brave the chillier weather. 

Stand out in a crowd and look sensational this cold season. 

Maxi Skirts That Compliment Your Profile 

Forget layering tight, bulky clothing to escape the cold. Choose to look slim and stylish with merino wool that never clings to your body. Our maxi skirts are designed to hang and comfortably flow with your figure. 

Create the appearance of taller, leaner legs with the illusionary magic of our merino wool skirts for winter. 

Ethical Wool Sourced From Tasmania 

All Smitten merino wool is sourced from non-mulesed sheep in the wild Tasmanian midlands and a few select regions across Australia. The harvesting process is cruelty-free with no pain inflicted to the animals. All steps of the creative process meet our high standards and quality checks to ensure a premium end result.