Women's Tank and Cold Shoulder Tops


Merino wool is well-recognised as a great performance fabric for active wear and thermals due to its great heating and cooling properties, as well as being lightweight and breathable.

Our tank and cold shoulder tops (sleeveless or with shoulder straps) are comfortably cool and yet the thermal propertis of natural wool will help maintain a steady core body temperature. When exercising in your Smitten Merino, it keeps you warm even when wet, if you're active in the rain, or getting hot and sweaty. It's also odour-resistant - unlike polyester pieces, your Smitten tank and cold shoulder tops won't get smelly.

Smitten Merino wool tops are perfect partners for your next yoga, pilates, running, adventure or trekking expedition. All are machine washable, easy to travel with - and designed to layer.

Women's Tank and Cold Shoulder Tops | Made in Australia. Inspired by Nature.