Women's Winter Coats

Find a winter coat that will be your best friend throughout the cooler seasons. Smitten designs winter coats for women that are flattering, effortlessly elegant and magnificently warm. Fall in love with a versatile Smitten winter coat, perfect for day or night wear.

Smitten's women’s winter coats are a favourite with cold weather fashion lovers in Australia, and all over the world

As the days start to get cooler, there’s one thing we always look forward to - updating our winter wardrobe. Our stylish Australian-made women's merino wool winter coats will make you look forward to chilly mornings.

A fabulous wool winter coat can be a core part of your signature style for years to come. No matter how low the temperature drops, in a high-quality, Tasmanian-made winter wool coat from Smitten, you will always feel warm, chic, and confident. We have styles to suit your unique taste;  from casual coats, to more formal wool trench coats.

Versatile Winter Coats for any Occasion or Event

Your wardrobe should be ready to adapt to your lifestyle. You need a winter coat that will be up to the task of accompanying you through weekend errands, school pick-up, date nights, brunch with the girls, or a winter getaway.

We’ve designed our collection with versatility in mind, considering the modern woman's needs from a coat. Many of our coats adapt from day to night, creating a cosy and oh-so-chic outfit for any of your plans.

Many people are searching forthe winter coat of the season, and we’re confident that you will be able to find just that in our collection. When you’re adorned with Smitten - every first impression you make will be a great one!

High Quality Merino Wool Winter Coats

Merino wool is an excellent material for making winter fashion clothing from. It's breathable, and adapts to the temperature. Trapping in heat and insulating you, and releasing heat when you start to get too warm. Compared to other fibers that cause you to itch and scratch, natural merino wool is soft and comfortable against your skin. A Smitten Merino winter coat lets you step out in the cold, not with fear, but confidence in how you look and feel.

We put each piece through a series of stringent quality control procedures and testing from the designing to construction phases, ensuring you receive a quality product in the end. 

Better still, merino wool is a natural fiber that is friendly to sensitive skin, and is even machine washable!

Ethically produced garments made from cruelty-free & sustainable merino wool

Here at Smitten, caring for our customers goes hand in hand with caring for animals and the environment. Your merinowool coat is made using the wool of non-mulesed sheep, grown on Tasmanian farms. Our talented seamstresses, all based in Australia, sew each piece with care. We’re always looking to add more sustainable practices along our supply chain. We reuse leftover fabric, and package your order in biodegradable packaging to help.Learn more about our ethics and sustainability practices.

Women's Winter Coats | Made in Tasmania. Inspired By Nature.

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